Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

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Diabetes is a condition that has been on a rise in the UAE and can prove very problematic if not taken care of properly, in time. Most cases of diabetes are found in the adult and senior citizen population of the country aging 20 years to 79 years. However, the more serious part is that almost 40% of the folks affected by Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes are not even aware of having the condition. Women are at a considerably higher risk of having diabetes and experiencing serious repercussions from the disease. However, the symptoms of diabetes in women can be harder to notice or identify.

The hormonal cycles, their effects, and inflammation in women are generally at a different frequency in women. This can make symptoms of diabetes in women may often seem like other inflammatory symptoms arising from conditions like PMS, etc. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to identify the symptoms of diabetes in women.

Signs and Symptoms to Lookout For

Following are the top symptoms of diabetes in women you need to look out for when tracking diabetes:

Yeast Infection – Vaginal and/or Oral

Yeast infection can surface in women due to the growth of fungus in the vaginal tract or oral tract. The high blood sugar level may increase the growth of the Candida fungus which causes yeast infection in women. Itching, soreness, vaginal discharge, and pain should be your trigger sign here.

Increased Micturition 

High blood sugar levels may lead to an increase in the basic urination frequency.

Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs are common among diabetic and pre-diabetic women. So, the sudden appearance of a UTI may be seen as one of the top symptoms of diabetes in women. Lookout for painful urination, itching, and blood to identify the infection.

PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome

Having PCOS could be one of the indirect symptoms of diabetes in women. PCOS increase resistance towards insulin which leads to diabetes. If you are experiencing additional alarming signs like sudden weight gain, unresolved acne, irregular menstrual cycles, etc. then you should have yourself checked for diabetes.

Chronic Fatigue

Diabetes interrupts the natural transfer of glucose from cells to the blood. Since glucose is what gives us energy, constant tiredness can be seen as one of the biggest symptoms of diabetes in women.

Increased Hunger and/or Thirst

The tiredness part directly relates to the increased hunger and thirst symptom. Since the body is low on energy due to no or low transfer of glucose, it feels hungry more often. The frequent urination for the removal of access sugar may lead to increased thirst which could be a sign of diabetes in women.

Some Less Noticeable Symptoms of Diabetes in Women

  • Relatively slow healing of wounds - caused by damaging of blood vessels and restricted blood circulation in the body
  • Numbness, tingling or/and pain in limbs
  • Skin infection and/or dark skin patches
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Blurry vision – caused by damaging of blood vessels in the eyes
  • Easy irritability
  • Sweet/fruit odor of the breath

Types of Diabetes

It is important to know what kind of diabetes you have to receive effective treatment for it. Following are the three basic kinds of diabetes:

  • Type 1 Diabetes: This type of diabetic condition when someone has Type 1 diabetes, their immune system starts attacking insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and tries to halt the production of insulin in the body. The causes of Type 1 diabetes are still not completely concrete. It is considered as the more lethal one out of the three basic types of diabetes.
  • Types 2 Diabetes: This type of diabetic condition develops later in life due to lifestyle choices. The body becomes immune to insulin being produced naturally in the pancreas in Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is considered to be the milder one as compared to Type 1 diabetes and can be controlled by a few lifestyle changes only. For example, exercising, change in diet, sleep cycles, etc.
  • Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes can come forward as a result of pregnancy. Pregnancy can introduce a certain level of resistance against insulin resulting in Gestational diabetes. It is often due to hormonal changes and can be spotted in the late or middle part of the pregnancy.

Remember that symptoms of diabetes in women are less noticeable in the case of Type 2 diabetes. So, make sure you keep a thorough check on them.

Health Insurance Plans – Perfect Fall-Back Options

Treating diabetes can come off as a financial fall for you depending on the seriousness of the disease. If it is mild Type 2 diabetes, a few simple changes can help in controlling it but if it is severe than that, you may require insulin shots and other treatments. health insurance plans can come in handy here. If you develop diabetes after taking the plan, you will be covered for it without a question considering your plan allows it from the beginning. Even if it is a pre-existing condition, you can have it covered by paying a little extra premium, which is better than spending a fortune on treatment. Almost all top insurers also offer health insurance plans for Type 1 diabetes to help lessen the financial blow of the treatment.


Catching a disease is often out of our control but early prevention can still do wonders. It is important to take care of your lifestyle and make necessary changes as soon as possible but, it is also a good choice to be prepared for the future. Make sure you keep an eye out for symptoms of diabetes in women and also be prepared with health insurance plans to tackle the worst-case scenario.


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