Step by Step Guide to Filing a Life Insurance Claim

  | Published: 12 June 2020 | Last Updated On: 04 March 2021

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Life insurance is an integral component of an individual’s portfolio. These plans are designed and developed in order to support the family members and loved ones financially in case of any unfortunate event that leads to the demise or disability of the sole breadwinner of the family.

With a suitable life insurance plan in place, one can ensure financial security for their family members and make sure that they don’t struggle for their basic needs, when you are not around to look after them. In order to receive the sum assured of the life insurance plan one needs to file a claim request to the insurance provider which is further processed and the death benefit is paid to the nominee.

Now the question arises, how does one file a claim for life insurance plans in UAE?

To answer all your queries and clear all your doubts we’ve put together the entire process of filing a life insurance claim in the form of a step by step comprehensive guide. We will cover different steps that are involved in claiming a life insurance plan along with some important tips and tricks that’ll make your job easier.

Steps to File a Life Insurance Claim in the UAE

The loss of a loved one is not emotionally traumatic and stressful but also financially. Very often the demise of the sole breadwinner of the family leads to financial instability which is hard to escape. In some cases, the demise of the policyholder may include legal angels that may increase the complexity of the overall insurance claiming process.

The right life insurance plan eases the financial burden and helps the family members of the deceased to cope up with the difficult phase by providing financial support in the form of a death benefit.

The different steps in the process of filing a life insurance claim are as follows-

Step 1: Inform your insurance provider

The first and foremost step in filing a claim for life insurance involves timely informing the insurance provider about the set of events that took place. In case the demise of the policyholder was accidental it is crucial to provide each and every detail of the event to the insurance provider as they can assess and guide you through the entire process of filing the claim for the life insurance plan.

Step 2: Submit the Claim Form with the Documents

The second step in filing the claim for a life insurance plan followed by informing the insurance provider is submitting the claim form along with the required documents. A claim form is an official form provided by the insurance provider that contains fields and columns where information about the insurance provider is to be mentioned.

Along with the claim form one needs to submit documents supporting their statements. The primary documents include death certificate along with other certificates issued by the medical institution in case the deceased had gone through medical treatment. Apart from the death certificate, documents from the medical institution identification proofs are vital in processing the claim further.

Step 3: Initiate the Process by submitting Claim Form and Documents

The claiming process officially begins when the documents are submitted to the insurance provider along with the claim form. The next step after filling the claim form and attaching all documents to it is to submit it to the provider so that the process can be initiated from their end. Once the insurance provider receives all the documents along with the claim form the reviewing process is started which is carried out by the insurer.

Step 4: Wait for the claim to be Processed

As mentioned earlier, once the insurer receives all the documents and the claim form the process of reviewing is started under which the insurance provider analyzes and assesses the authenticity of the documents and the claim. A team of doctors analyzes the certificates from the medical institution and the death certificate when given a go-ahead is transferred to the billing division of the insurance provider.

Step 5: Receive the Claim

After the claim file is reviewed and transferred to the billing division of the company the process is almost completed. The billing division calculates the total payable amount and provides the death benefit to the nominee of the plan.

In a Nutshell

The claim settlement is a battle if the nominee filing the claim is unaware of the nuances of the process. A small mistake made by the nominee while filing the claim of life insurance can result in the rejection of the claim. Therefore, it is vital to aware of all the inclusions, exclusions, terms, and conditions of the policy.

While you purchase a life insurance plan it is inevitable to inform and educate your family members about the claiming process, so they do not struggle while filing the claim of life insurance plan in UAE.


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