Travel Insurance - A True Need or A Hoax?

It’s not just you. Over 40% of people are skeptical about spending those extra bucks on travel insurance worldwide. After all, what could go wrong on a trip mapped out to be super fun & relaxing, right?

Well, let us stop you right there. Travel plans, like all the other things in the world, are subject to alterations that go beyond our control. You may fall sick, face a robbery, or lose your essentials on a trip to a strange city! And even though the chances seem slim, are you ready to dive into that risk pool?

If not, listening to this episode of the Policy Project will give you a better outlook on what works for you and what won’t when it comes to insuring your trip. And, trust us, this doesn’t even cost a single penny!

What You’ll Learn:

  • The reality of buying travel insurance
  • Strategies to avoid scams and fraudulent activities during travel
  • What’s covered and uncovered in travel insurance?
  • Benefits of buying travel insurance
  • Things to keep an eye out for when purchasing travel insurance

And more…

As sunscreen is to your skin on a hot summer day, travel insurance is to your travel plans amidst strange cities! Don’t let the misguided guide you. This podcast episode is sure to be an eye opener for all those who have faced problems before and a safety net for future travellers. Listen to it, now!