Smartest investment and life plans in UAE

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    Smartest investment and life plans in UAE

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    The recent years have seen UAE develop as a business hub catering to the needs of global investors and thus, UAE has quickly emerged as a place where business opportunities are booming. This has made the country a desired destination for making investments and starting businesses. The primary reasons behind this is the investor friendly policy of the government along side economic stability, market sustainability as well as a tax free regime for foreign investors in the country.

    MetLife and RAKBANK have come together to offer the following plans that provide a comprehensive life insurance solution to their customers:

    Legacy Pro

    MetLife’s Legacy Pro can be synonymous with peace of mind. It aims to free one’s mind of any worries about the uncertainities of the future. Choose this life insurance plan to safeguard the health and future of your family and live life stress-free!

    1. No medical tests up to USD 1,250,000 Life cover
    2. Free Second Medical Opinion from the USA
    3. Up to 50% off with MetLife Medical Discount Card
    4. Optional Hospital Care with a weekly income up to 52 weeks

    Invest Pro

    Hard work earns money and it is therefore vital to invest it carefully to build your wealth as well as your future. Choose this versatile and short-term investment plan to yield long-term results!

    1. Construct your own global investment portfolio
    2. Switch between funds at no extra cost
    3. Access your savings with up to 4 free partial withdrawals
    4. Cost efficient investing with no hidden fees

    Lifetime Pro

    This policy is a one-stop solution to one’s investment needs while also securing the future against all unpredictability. Get the best of both worlds with a flexible and high-paying plan.

    1. Up to USD 50 million in protection cover
    2. Up to USD 2 million for critical illness with Health Cover Abroad
    3. Free withdrawals so you always have access to your savings.
    4. Easy fund switching using a managed fund portfolio

    Accelerator Pro

    Secure your savings without worrying about your investments plummeting with Accelerator Pro. This plan offers great incentives for saving money for your future goals!

    1. Take charge of your savings with world-renowned fund managers
    2. Access to investment strategies: Conservative, Balanced or Aggressive
    3. Easy and unlimited fund switching, anytime, for free
    4. Built-in regular bonuses for consistent premium payment