Indian Wedding Season A Blessing for Dubai

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The Indian wedding season kick starts and is complemented by the various auspicious festivities. A countless number of weddings take place in India on a yearly basis, and while all of them are unique in their own way, however, there are a few common grounds. One of them is – lots and lots of gold.

India is a large importer of this precious metal, and the demand for gold surpasses the gold mining industry of the country.  Gold is an investment, and a wedding day is the chance to shine the bride with all the gold that’s been accumulated over her lifetime.

Here are the reasons why the Indian wedding season gives Dubai a gold rush.

Rising Prices

The gold rate in UAE and all over the world has been rising. The Indian customers have been on a lookout for the options that help them cut costs. The buyers tend to be attracted to the ‘city of gold’ because of the supply and tax breaks. When you see the entire cost incurred in wedding shopping that takes place in the UAE, it always leads to a great deal of financial savings as a whole. Additionally, premium outlets can also be easily accessed in UAE for the other wedding shopping needs of the customers.

Since buying any form of gold is an important investment and holds great significance, it is important to properly compare the gold rate in UAE and choose the retailer that offers you an attractive gold rate in UAE.

Holds Great Value and Symbolism

Gold plays a key role in the typical Indian wedding. This is because it represents a symbol of wealth, security and prosperity. It is considered to be the most precious metal, especially for Indians. In times of need, it can also be used as a secure currency. The reason why gold became so popular in the past was that it acted as a symbol of wealth, and was the most cashable element. If you gifted someone gold, it could be immediately exchanged for cash. Although over the years, the trend of trading gold for money has declined, the importance of gold for Indians remains the same.

Considering the high-value gold holds for the Indians and their weddings, UAE’s tax break is one of the many incentives for Indian buyers.


Many of the buyers who visit Dubai for their gold needs, often ask around for customized jewelry – some piece that can be prepared quickly. Customized pieces of jewelry are a big added advantage for the Indian buyers this is because the brides these days prefer wearing pieces that are one of a kind and unique rather than the common traditional jewelry pieces, be it necklaces or earrings. With the increasing demand, there is a wide range of options available in the market in order to meet the customized needs of the buyers.

It’s Time to Head to Dubai!

In any typical Indian wedding, the bride is incomplete without the gold Indian jewelry. The spark and shine of gold enhance the bride’s beauty. This precious metal also adds value in the ceremonies of the Indian weddings. Gold is an auspicious metal that the Indians consider to bring wealth and prosperity along with the blessings of God.

You can ask around for the best souk that offers the best gold rate in UAE and the name that you will come across more than often is Deria Gold Souk. They have a large collection of jewelry and it is visited by a large number of tourists and investors. Few of the other largest souks in the region are Al Raffa, The New Gold Souk, and The Gold Diamond Park.

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