How Do Insurance Needs Change at Every Stage of Life?

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When one is in his or her young years and has recently started the journey of its career, there is not an urgent need to opt for an insurance policy. One can still opt for this if he or she has family members that are financially dependent.

However, it is important for you to have a life insurance policy for any unfortunate occurrence such as an accident or permanent disability. A big advantage of opting for a life insurance policy at a younger age is the reduced premium charges. There are also term insurance plans in the market that are super affordable and can be opted for when one just starts to earn as well.

But, it is not practically possible for all individuals to opt for a life coverage policy at a younger age. So, the good news for such people is – you can opt for a life insurance policy at any time and any stage of your life.

To further explain this, below are some practical examples to help you decide the best policy for you, depending on your age.

Your Age is around 25 Years

This is a stage in one’s life when he or she is just starting with their career and have minimum liabilities and responsibilities. Of course, death and accidents are far away and opting for life coverage is the last thing that will worry you. However, one of the biggest advantages that youngsters have when it comes to life insurance is the low premium charges.

Yes, you got that right, the insurance providers actually take into consideration the fact that you are young and healthy and are holding a decent amount of savings. Considering you to be healthy automatically lessens the probability of your demise. This actually is a reason behind the direct link between premium charges and age.

Your Age is between 30 to 35 Years

This is the stage in one’s life wherein there are obligations and responsibilities. You must have entered the part of life with marriage, job switch, kids, mid-life crisis, home or auto loans, and promotion. All of these things do require a great amount of solid financial planning. Also, it can get slightly tough if you are the sole earner of your family since this means that your family members are more or less entirely dependent on you financially.

If something unfortunate were to happen to you, they will go through major financial distress. They might have to find another income source in case of an untimely demise. This is the biggest reason why it is important to opt for life insurance at this stage.

There are many plans in the market that come with guaranteed returns as an option of income replacement, along with many other additional riders to increase the scope of coverage such as accidental death benefit, total or permanent disability cover, among many more. If you are holding a policy with an income replacement option, your loved ones will be entitled to a monthly income after your demise.

To summarize, it is vital for you to buy a life insurance plan at this stage of your life.

Your Age is around 40 Years

This is a stage in one’s life where you might be having the burden of financial obligations as well as savings. Any existing auto loan you might be having in the past has mostly been cleared by now. However, at the same time, the cost of your child’s education might not have reduced. So, it is clear that you are in the middle stage of your life where it is possible for you to face an ailment. Keeping in mind that your financial plans have been pretty successful, you will still require a good amount of savings to ensure a future that is stress-free.

A good option to make this possible is a life insurance plan. You can opt for a lifelong coverage with the whole life insurance plans in the market. At this stage in life, it is very important to hold life insurance in your investment portfolio.

You should be leaving your children a legacy. If they have reached an important milestone, they might consider pursuing further studies anywhere globally. Also, you have to factor in inflation into all your financial plans. You can tackle all these life scenarios with a simple life insurance policy.

Your Age is around 50 Years

Last but definitely not least is this stage of life where you are looking forward to your golden years. When you have finally taken care of your responsibilities towards your children, you can finally think about your health and life.

This stage might also bring along some insecurity because you have lived quite some years of your life and you might find yourself reflecting back on the decisions you have made in your earlier years. You also may be considering living with your now grown-up kids. However, this can cause you to be dependent on them financially and you might just see yourself compromising on some things. The easiest way to entirely avoid any such occurrence is ensuring the financial independence of yourself and your partner.

You can easily secure the retirement goals you have by opting for a life insurance policy along with a critical illness rider. Under such a rider, many of the insurance providers offer a waiver of future premiums, and the lump sum payout in case the policyholder is diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses covered by the insurance provider. This is a good option when you have reached the stage in life when you are old and vulnerable to certain illnesses and diseases. It will also ensure that your partner is financially backed in case of your untimely demise.

The Bottom Line

Your family members are extremely precious to you and of course, you do not want them to face any sort of suffering. Given the cost of living in today’s age and inflation, it is important for everyone out there to secure themselves and their loved ones with some kind of financial coverage.

Just as your savings, it is important to build your emergency fund as you reach a new stage in life. If you successfully plan your finances, not only can you be covered financially, but you can also achieve wealth creation and growing savings.

All of this can be achieved with one simple thing – a life insurance policy.

In today’s generation, there are numerous options available under life insurance. From term insurance plans to unit-linked plans, you name it and it is there. A life cover policy can serve multiple purposes at once – from financial protection to enhanced coverage with riders, you can avail numerous benefits with these plans to live a secured life free of stress.

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