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You know, financially mature individuals would usually do two things pretty well.

The first would obviously be forming a rational long-term financial objective.

Can you guess the second one?

It is ensuring a financially secure future for their family from unforeseen conditions such as death.


If you are not naeve enough, you would know just how to do that. For those who don’t know, term life insurance policy is the easiest way to do the second bit. It is the purest form of life coverage that offers comprehensive financial security to your family.

But here’s a question or two,

What exactly should be looked for in a term plan? How to know for sure that the plan you are considering will be suitable for you?

Since there is a huge range of options available, it is only smart to be well-informed before diving in. Here are some of the things you must look for in a term life insurance.

Payout is an Important Factor

If you come across an advertisement on your TV that says easy and quick coverage without any medical examination, it is probably from some provider that offers simplified life insurance. Since there are only a few questions in the application and there is no medical examination, qualifying for these policies is a piece of cake.

However, usually, there is a 2-3 year waiting term after buying the policy before they pay out 100 percent proceeds after the death of the insured.


If you are looking for coverage that starts immediately, this one is not suitable for you obviously. Hence, you must stay away from the simplified life policies unless of course it is your last resort.

Auto-Payments is an Attractive Feature

There are a few bills that you would want to pay manually. However, term life insurance is amongst the recurring expenses that would be convenient if set up as an automatic credit card charge or bank draft. Since the premium remains the same there won’t be any mess.

Wondering what makes auto-payments the best option? The answer is simple- in case you forget about your insurance bill and fail to make a timely payment, your policy might get canceled. In this situation, your provider may not let you pay back the premiums you missed, and may not reinstate your insurance policy too.

With automatic payments for insurance, you will never have to stress about missing an insurance bill or policy getting lapsed.

Affordability of the Policy

Money is an important factor in almost everything. The term life insurance policy is no different in this case. Getting an affordable policy is not just important now, but it is also important for your future.

If you purchase an affordable policy, there will be more chances of you being able to maintain it in case you will have to cut on your budget.

The bottom line is,

You should plan on a premium that will be affordable for you even in the long run.

The Benefit of Policy Conversion

If you are buying a term plan, stay away from the policies that do not let you convert your term policy into a permanent life cover.

This feature basically lets the policy owners exchange their term plan for a permanent life insurance policy such as whole life coverage without having to prove that they are still healthy.

Most of the term plans these days come with this conversion feature, but there may be exceptions. Hence, keep your eyes open to find out.

It’s Your Turn Now!

So, are you all set to buy a suitable term life insurance policy? We hope you are.


The very first step is knowing what to look for in a policy and conducting due diligence before settling for the one.

Go ahead and secure your and your family’s financial future.

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