Buying Term Insurance in the UAE? Avoid These 6 Silly Mistakes

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Term Insurance is gaining momentum in recent times in the UAE. So, what exactly term insurance is and how to buy term insurance in UAE.

Term insurance is a classification of life insurance that insures you an adequate cover and protects your family’s life goals even when you are not around to fulfil them. A good term life insurance policy offers you the peace of mind. This makes it apparent that investing a term insurance policy is worth all your hard-earned money.  

However, before you invest to buy term insurance in UAE here’s an article to help you. This article will discuss a few silly mistakes that people often make while buying a term insurance plan. Read this article to avoid those mistakes and buy the best term insurance plan in the UAE

Mistake 1: Not selecting adequate coverage

Needless to mention, but you are buying term insurance to cover your entire family from unannounced emergencies. So, if you select small or insufficient coverage, the funds offered will not last long and hence won’t be fruitful. Therefore, it is advisable to buy adequate coverage while keeping the needs of your entire family in mind. Experts say that your term plan coverage should be ten times more than your annual income. 

Mistake 2: Selecting a shorter duration plan

It’s often seen that in the pursuit of saving money by paying lesser premiums, people incline towards insurance for a short period. However, instead of benefits, short-duration plans often bring up losses. This can be understood with the following example: 

Consider a person who buys the policy for 10 years at the age of 24 years. Now, when the policy matures, he will be 34 years of age with more some additional responsibilities. Moreover, by this time the premium will also shoot up. And, in plight, is the person is not having good health, the insurance companies may even deny providing the insurance. 

This is enough to convince you that short-term insurance coverage could be rendered useless in the actual time of need when one’s financial responsibilities grow. Therefore, always buy term insurance in UAE with longer duration.

Mistake 3: Not comparing multiple options

Folk often tend to buy a term insurance policy from the provider they have known the longest. They do not compare different policies without knowing that comparing can actually help them get similar or even a better plan at a lower price. For you to buy term insurance in UAE you may seek assistance from online insurance web aggregators. They help choose the best plan by drawing comparisons between different plans offered by different insurance companies.

Mistake 4: Ruling out online or E-insurance plans:

People in the UAE are so used to buy insurance from traditional or offline insurance providers that knowingly or unknowingly they often rule out e-insurance plans. However, e-insurance plans are not meant to be ruled out as they help save you money, time and effort. Just choose the right insurance web aggregator portal and then select a plan in harmony with your specific needs.

Mistake 5: Not providing accurate information:

Incomplete disclosure is another mistake while buying term insurance in the UAE. Even if it demands higher premium always make true and full disclosures on the application of term insurance.  Consider a situation where you didn’t disclose your health condition thinking that condition is unlikely to manifest in a short period, say 5 years. However, in the worst-case scenario, if your family needs to claim that policy, your death claim will be affected when the cause of demise will be traced. Therefore, it is advisable to always submit accurate information.

Mistake – 6: Taking excessive riders:

Riders are insurance policy provisions in insurance policies that provide insured with some additional benefits. While it is always good to choose certain riders as per your needs, choosing excessive riders is a bad idea. It only adds to your expenses. Therefore, it is advisable to analyse all the riders and check if you actually need them.

Now you know all common mistakes that people do while buying term insurance. Make sure that you do not commit these mistakes and make a smart choice while buying a term insurance plan. After, all it is one of the most valuable assets for your family.

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