Benefits of Term Plans with Critical Illness Rider

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You will always be ready to go that extra mile to make things easier for your loved ones. However, in the process, you tend to forget yourself. With the daily hustle and bustle of work and life, your body might get prone to diseases that can lead to serious health and financial problems. Therefore, it is important not to ignore any early symptoms for anything in your health that seems irregular.

While getting regular check-ups can prevent or minimize illness, being sick can be a huge burden on your savings and your future financial plans. For such a scenario, a term plan with critical illness is one of the ideal options to help you be prepared for any unforeseen circumstance. However, not all term insurance policies come with a critical illness cover. Therefore, if you are opting for term insurance it is important to consider the critical illness rider among the other available term insurance riders.

4 Benefits of Including Critical Illness Rider in Your Term Plan

There are many benefits of a term plan with critical illness rider, some of these benefits are:

It Acts As an Income Replacement

The critical illness benefit as one of the term insurance riders provides you with additional benefits. It helps you in sailing through tough times. The payout availed in a term plan with critical illness can be used to cover any of the costs, from medical expenses to doctor visits to day-to-day expenses incurred due to the illness.

Benefits against Life-Threatening Diseases

In case of any unforeseen event or some disease, the term plan with critical illness cover will help you and your family by acting as a cushion to cover hospitalization as well as other expenses.

Avail Large Cover at Low Premium Charges

A term plan offers a large scope of coverage at affordable premium charges. The scope of coverage is enhanced with the help of the available term insurance riders.

Higher Survival Chances

Even if you are suffering from a critical illness, the right term insurance policy can help you achieve peace of mind. This reduces the risk of developing any further complications and increases the chances of speedy recovery and survival.

4 Term Plans Offering Critical Illness Rider

The term plans available in the market offering the critical illness as one of the term insurance riders are:

Salama Term Plans

Salama offers three types of term plans that eliminate the risk of financial loss in case of any unforeseen circumstance. Among the different term insurance riders offered, the critical illness rider that can be added to any of the plans. The three types of term plans offered by Salama are:

  • Hemaya Plus
  • Baity Plus
  • Hemayati Plus

Noor Takaful Pure Protection Plan

The Pure Protection Plan offered by Noor Takaful is a cost-effective term plan that is well suited to meet your short term financial goals, such as coverage to pay off a loan. The critical illness rider is an optional benefit offered that can be added to your base plan.

Union Insurance Sure Term Plan

The Sure Term Plan is designed to offer you peace of mind and financial protection for your loved ones. The biggest feature of the plan is that it is portable and provides global coverage.   

Alliance Insurance Term Insurance Plan

With the term insurance plan offered by Alliance Insurance, you get life coverage for a limited period of time. The exclusive features offered to the consumer with the term policy are the level term, executive term, convertible term, and limited payment term.

The Bottom Line

It is extremely important to hold a term insurance policy in order to provide a financial shield to your family in case of any unfortunate situation.

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