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Health is undoubtedly one of the most precious elements of human life that need to be safeguarded and protected. The past couple of decades have witnessed a substantial rise in healthcare-related expenses which makes it extremely important for people to be prepared to counter any uncertainty.

There are numerous factors that are kept into consideration while calculating the rate of premiums in the UAE. One cannot deny the fact that a health insurance plan is an absolute must to build a well-versed protection portfolio.

However, most of us compare health insurance in Dubai and UAE to get the best price of premiums, but sometimes the premiums do not fit into our budgets. If you are looking forward to buying a health insurance plan along with saving some money, check out this thread where we will be sharing some of the best tips to save money on health insurance plans in the UAE.

The Earlier you buy, more you Save

The general thumb rule that is applicable to most of the insurance products is that one should try and purchase them when they are young, healthy, and physically fit. One of the primary factors that play a key role in determining the prices of premium for insurance seekers in the UAE is the age of the applicant.

The younger and healthier the applicant will be lower will be the prices of premiums. This is mainly because the price of health insurance plans is based on the probability of contracting a disease, leading to hospitalization and treatment which eventually ends up in the payout from the provider’s end.

Young and physically healthy insurance seekers have a very low probability of contracting diseases that would require hospitalization and intensive care in comparison to people in their forties or fifties. So instead of waiting when you are aged and ill, it is recommended that you purchase a health insurance plan as soon as possible to safeguard your health against strokes of uncertainties on the trail of life.

Focus on your Health and Lifestyle

Apart from the age of the applicant, the second most crucial factor that determines the price of health insurance products in the UAE is a lifestyle. Common lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, straight away increase the price of health insurance as there is a high probability of lifestyle diseases like COPD, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Furthermore, obesity also contributes extensively to an increase in the prices of health insurance plans in the UAE. In order to save money on the premiums of health insurance plans, insurance seekers should maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid consumption of nicotine and liquor in all forms.

A simple way to understand the interrelation between a healthy lifestyle and lower rates of premium is comparing health insurance in Dubai via premium calculators. Insurance seekers can make use of health insurance premium calculators and compare the payable premium for a smoker and a non-smoker keeping the coverage and policy period the same. After comparing one can clearly witness the difference in the prices of the premium.

Invest in a Family Plan instead of the Individual Plan

When it comes to purchasing health insurance plans in the UAE, a lot of people prefer getting their families and loved ones covered as well. The correct approach which will help you to save money is to get a common plan for your family members that will protect all of them at a lower premium.

When you purchase a health insurance plan for more than one member of your family instead of getting individual coverage you end up saving more money. This tip is probably one of the simplest yet quite effective when it comes to saving money while purchasing health insurance in the UAE. Family floater health insurance plans are not only cost-efficient but also highly flexible in comparison to individual health insurance plans.

Corporate Health Insurance Coverage

A lot of corporate houses and companies these days offer health insurance coverage to their employees in case some unexpected medical emergency strikes. In the case of corporate health insurance plans, employees of an organization are covered under an umbrella of the group insurance policy. These plans are mostly provided free of cost that not only saves money but also provides additional coverage.

The coverage for family members in case of corporate health insurance plans varies from company to company. Some corporate houses offer health insurance coverage for both the employee and their dependents while some of the companies provide coverage only for their employees and not their dependents. One of the distinct features that make corporate health insurance plans quite useful in comparison to an individual health insurance plan is that there is no waiting period.

Make use of Top-Up Coverage

The majority of health insurance plans in the UAE come with an additional option of top-up coverage which turns out to be quite useful when the sum assured is less than what you want. The option of top-up coverage is usually valid for both corporate and personal health insurance plans. In case the policyholder is not satisfied with the current coverage of their health insurance plan and want to enhance it instead of purchasing a new one, the viable option is to go for top-up coverage.

These top-up covers work by adding additional features and coverage over your basic plan without you paying for the entire policy over again. Top-up covers are one of those options that allow you to save on the insurance at the same time enhance your protection quotient by increasing the coverage of the plan. Especially in case of terminal illness and critical illness coverage, top-up coverages will reduce the burden on your wallet without making any sort of compromises.

Purchase Health Insurance Online

The insurance industry similar to various other lines of businesses and industries has inclined substantially towards online sales and marketing within the past few decades. The current market trend has reduced the price of online purchases in case of insurance products.

Apart from the pricing, there are various other factors that make online purchases of insurance better than offline. Insurance seekers can compare health insurance in Dubai and choose the plan that is suitable for them based on the budget and coverage.

Choose your Riders Wisely

Add-on riders are auxiliary coverage providing tools that enhance the protection quotient of health insurance plans in the UAE. While choosing and comparing health insurance plans in the UAE one should always look for necessary riders. Some of the most common riders that are available with health insurance plans in the UAE are terminal, critical illness coverage, accidental coverage, waiver of premium, etc.

In a Nutshell

The best gift you give your family and loved one is the gift of protection and security. With the mentioned points you can go compare health insurance plans in Dubai and choose for the best ones. Buyers should always keep in mind that comparing health insurance plans not only saves them money but also safeguards their future and health in case of any unexpected event. With the right health insurance plan and the right coverage protect your family and obtain much needed peace of mind so that you can live your life to the fullest.

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