22 Karat vs. 24 Karat of Gold

The majority of us have bought gold at some point in our lives either for investment reasons or as jewelry. In case you have ever shopped gold, then you should be aware of different gold karats available.

Now, the question here is whether you know the main difference between 22K & 24K of gold? Which of them should be bought for investment in UAE ? If you seek answers to such questions, then you have come to the right place.

The table below shows the basic difference between 22K and 24K gold. Understanding the difference between the two will help you buy gold in UAE.

22K Gold

24K Gold

Includes 91.7% gold

Includes 99% gold

More durable and harder because it contains other metals too

Very soft for making any jewelry; hence, suitable for investing

Used to make coins and jewelry

Electrical and medical devices are a few applications of this pure gold

Less expensive in comparison to 24K

Costs the highest rates amongst the other karats

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What does Karats mean?

Before you understand how 22K and 24K are different from each other, you should what Karat or K means. Karat is a term that is used for measuring gold purity. The more is the value of Karat, the purer is the gold. Its measurement is done on a scale of 0-24. Accordingly, the purest gold you can get is 24K.

One must know that this precious metal in its pure form is malleable. Other metals like nickel, copper, palladium, silver are added in its composition for strengthening it and producing jewelry. Therefore, it can be said that karat also measures the ratio of gold to the other alloys or metals.

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What are the Different Kinds of Gold as per Karats?

Here are the common gold karats available in the UAE market. Knowing these karats will help you buy gold in UAE more efficiently.

24K Gold: This signifies 99.9% purity of the metal and is also known as the pure gold as it does not contain any traces of the other metals. You must know that 24K is the highest form of gold. If we speak of the 24K gold rate in Abu Dhabi, it keeps fluctuating each day. However, since it is the purest gold form, it is more expensive as compared to 18K and 22K. But it is best for the purpose of investment and not for the regular jewelry form because it is quite soft for the latter use.

22K Gold: This contains 22 gold parts mixed with two parts of the other metals like zinc and copper. Because of the other metal traces within the composition, it becomes harder as compared to a 24 karats pure gold and hence, is suitable for making jewelry. The gold in this karat is also called 916 gold because it includes 91.67% pure gold.

18K Gold: This contains 18 gold parts to 6 other metal parts. In terms of percentage, 18K gold is equivalent to 75% of gold and 25% of other metals like copper, zinc, nickel, etc. The other metals in the 18K gold make it harder and more durable as compared to 22K and 24K gold, making it the best option for jewelry.

14K Gold: This includes 58.3% of gold and 41.7% of other metals. As opposed to 18K, 14K is more economical as well as durable. The gold jewelry made of 14K gold is suitable for regular use and has more resistance towards wear and tear as opposed to 18K & 22K gold jewelry.

What is the difference between 22K and 24K Gold?

Listed below are some of the main differences between 22K and 24K Gold.

Durability: Although 24K is brilliant in colour the jewelry made with this gold will not be as durable as the gold jewelry made with 22K. The reason is that 24K is very soft to resist any kind of wear & tear. The other metals present in the 22K gold make the jewelry comparatively more durable.

Purity: 22K is around 91% pure gold along with the remaining 9% being other metals like zinc, silver, copper, etc. while 24K is 99.9% pure.

Cost: Being 99.9% pure, 24K is more expensive as opposed to 22K gold.

Which one should you choose?

If you wish to invest, then going for a 24K gold bar or coin is an ideal choice. The reason is that 22K gold bar or coin will not get you the same value when you sell it as a 24K gold bar or coin because the latter includes 99.9% gold.

But if you are shopping for gold for jewelry then 22K is an ideal choice as it is more suited to resist wear & tear and has more amount of gold in the form of jewelry.

What makes 22K more preferable over 24K?

In the case of jewelry, 22K is preferable. The reason is that 24K gold, in its pure state, is malleable and the jewelry made using this type of gold can be broken easily. Therefore, most of the people prefer 22K gold over 24K because it sometimes also helps them in getting better value at the time of selling.

Which one is better for Jewelry?

It is based on how frequently you would be wearing that jewelry piece or how intricate or simple you want that design to be. 18K or 14K gold jewelry is ideal for those who wish to wear gold jewelry regularly and want an intricate design at the same time. This isn’t possible for 22K gold pieces because they are too soft for holding gems (if any), or resisting regular wear & tear.

Which one is better for Investment?

In case you want to buy gold as an emergency fund or investment (or probably for diversifying your portfolio), then you should opt for 24K gold. It contains 99.9% gold while 22K contains 91.7% gold. When you buy a 24K gold bar or coin, make sure there it has hallmark certification for ensuring its purity.