10 Tips to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

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Choosing the correct health insurance plan for yourself as well as your loved ones is an extremely important decision because at the end of the day, your health is the only wealth and it also offers you a peace of mind and also a sense of security for both you and your family members. It helps in providing assurance that you are capable of always offering them the best chance of getting healthy and well in case anything unfortunate occurs.

Many of us neglect the importance of buying a comprehensive health insurance plan. Did you know: more than 80% of the financial crisis starts because of a medical emergency and can hamper one’s expenses to a great extent? Any medical emergency that might occur will not only require you to spend money on the treatment but for many of us, it will also hamper the ability to earn income – having twice as much as an impact.

Health insurance is a must-have in today’s age. Nobody wants to lose an important member due to being unable to afford to provide the best treatment available.

With the rising cost of health policies, it is becoming important to buy health coverage as soon as possible before health issues such as blood pressure and diabetes hit you because the probability of availing a health cover gets lower and the costs increase.

10 Tips to Keep In Mind While Buying Health Cover

Tip #1 – You must be holding an individual health insurance plan even if your company provides you one of the group corporate covers for health. There could be a chance that such a corporate cover will come to an end once you retire or leave your job and the employer may also withdraw this benefit or leave your beneficiaries out of this cover.

Tip #2 – Make sure to choose the right amount for the sum assured on your health insurance plan. While selecting the same, you need to keep in mind the costs today. Your cover amount should vary for factors such as how big or small the city you are living in is. Also, remember to increase your health cover from time to time to meet your ongoing needs.

Tip #3 – It is good to get early protection. You should opt for a health coverage policy as early as possible in your life, definitely before you reach the benchmark of 40 years. As the chances of you making a claim early in your life are quite unlikely, you can take advantage of the no claims bonus and then add up to the original cover every year you do not file any claims.

Tip #4 – You should try to opt for a health insurance plan that offers you lifetime renewability. The main aim is to have a health policy, especially at older ages when you may have ailments. This protection is only possible if the policy you hold offers you such renewability.

Tip #5 – Make sure not to buy a policy that has a claim loading. If you ever face a critical illness that requires a longer-term for a cure then with a claim adding up to your premiums may become unaffordable after a while. So it is best not to fall into such a trap.

Tip #6 – You should buy a health insurance plan that allows you to top up or has a restore limit in case you fully utilize your assurance amount. This will help in acting as a cash buffer in case of any unforeseen medical emergency that might be quite expensive to handle such as cancer, etc.

Tip #7 – Always purchase your health insurance plan via a reputed insurance broker or platform that will be fully able to help you when you need to file a claim. Keep in mind that if you are ever in the future fighting against any illness or meet with an accident or have a heart attack, you will not be in a position to file a claim yourself or fighting with the insurance provider in case your claim gets rejected without any valid justification.

Tip #8 – Never ever hide or alter your information on the application form. If you have any ailment you should be mentioning it. Get yourself a health insurance plan that provides sufficient cover for the ailment. Many plans today cover pre-existing diseases also, look for them but do not lie.

Tip #9 – Most of the policies in the market have a waiting period for any pre-existing ailments. Find out the waiting period for the plan that you have shortlisted. It can usually range between 2-5 years depending on the insurance provider. It is also best to opt for a company that has a shorter waiting period.

Tip #10 – Try to opt for a plan that either has no or minimal sub-limit. Be wary of plans that offer a limit on the room rate. You are not in the position to decide the category of the room if you or any of your family members are carried to a hospital during an emergency. So, keep a lookout for sub-limits i.e., the limit your insurer specifies for an expense and any amount above the limit needs to be borne by you.

Make sure you follow the rules mentioned above and then opt for a health insurance plan that suits your needs and the needs of your loved ones the best.

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