What Do the Markings on Gold Mean in the UAE

Gold is one of those colors that is loved universally no matter where you are everybody loves gold. It makes a great fashion accessory and goes perfectly with anything you choose to wear. Gold is considered as a financial investment that can help you to overcome phases of financial instability. Gold is very easy to liquidate which thereby increases its overall value as a financial investment.

UAE has been a hub for jewelry sales globally. The gold rate in Dubai is quite dynamic and changes from time to time. Purchasing jewelry or gold products from the UAE means pure quality products apart from workmanship and extensive variety in design. The government of UAE carries out relentless vigilance that is credible for buyers’ long-standing trust in the industry. The government has a specific agency called (DCLD) that conducts all the mandatory assessments and often visits jewelers unannounced to evaluate their products for purity and gold rates in the UAE.

The purity of gold that is sold in the UAE is ensured by (DCLD) i.e. Dubai central laboratories department through the Bareeq certification. The assessment includes checking sellers’ compliance with the rules and regulations. The officials monitor the stores to ensure adherence to rules. Certification is provided only to the stores that work on fair practices.

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It is important to have a clear and sound understanding of the purity of gold and its products. Gold products are marked with special markers to reveal its purity and constituent alloys. Gold in its purest form is not suitable for making jewelry; therefore, it is mixed with other metals to make it suitable for jewelry making. The purity of gold and its products is measured in karat. The gold rate in UAE depends on the karat rating.

Since gold is alloyed with different types of metals like nickel, silver, copper, and zinc, it is very necessary to be aware of the markings. The markings are as follows-

24k marking

24 karats refers to gold at its purest forms i.e.99.9% pure. The purity is measured based on how many parts of pure gold is mixed with other metals. 24k gold is very soft and strikingly yellow it is not suitable for making jewelry.

18k marking

18k marking is the most common marking on any gold product. 18k gold denotes that your purchase is 75% pure and is the most common level of purity that is available in the market. 18k gold is often market as 750 that represents that 750 parts of gold are used out of the total 1000 parts used in the alloy.

14k marking

14k marking represents that your purchase 58.5 percent gold it is often marked as .585. Although 14k jewelry is not that pure but is ideal to be worn. 14k gold is usually mixed with high concentrations of silver.

10k marking

10k marking means that the ornament contains 42 % of gold it is often marked as .417. 10k gold is lowest in purity and can be sold as gold legally.

HGE Marking

HGE marking means that your purchase is not gold in actual but gold plated; it is the most affordable form of gold products.

In a Nutshell

Apart from all the markings denoting the purity of gold, a lot of jewelers stamp a mark of the country of origin. Markings and certifications help buyers to differentiate between different products. Some countries like India, Afghanistan are known for their incredible metalwork and these markings allow buyers to identify and choose the best products. Karat marking is reliable and provides a complete insight into the purity of gold and its products. It also helps to analyze the gold rate in UAE. With the proper knowledge and understanding of purity, nobody can trick you into scams.