6 Things to Consider When Buying Group Insurance Plan

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Group health insurance in the UAE is not just an option- it's mandatory.


Echoing the country's commitment to health and well-being, this law ensures that you, as an employee, have easy access to medical care.

Given the essential nature of group insurance plan in UAE, it’s important for employers to consider certain factors carefully before making a choice. This diligence helps in opting for the necessary benefits while steering clear of superfluous ones. 


So if you are looking to buy group insurance online, knowing what to watch out for can be a game changer. To guide you through this process, we have compiled a list of six key considerations.

Let’s begin!

How to Select the Best Group Insurance Plan?

Keep the following factors in mind while selecting a group insurance plan in UAE:

  • Continuity is Key: Choose a Plan that Offers Renewability

It’s essential to choose a group health insurance plan that offers coverage continuity. You should go with a plan that covers employees comprehensively. In addition, it should provide coverage without interruption as employees shift between life stages or job positions. 

The benefits of group insurance with continuity are many. 

For employees, it provides ongoing access to healthcare. This reduces stress related to potential coverage gaps that could lead to unaffordable medical bills. 

For organisations, continuous coverage promotes a stable work environment, as employees feel more secure and valued. This, in turn, enhances job satisfaction and loyalty. 

🗣️ What Do the Stats Say? 

Employees with continuous health coverage are likely to be healthier and more productive. For instance, a report from the World Health Organization highlighted that consistent access to healthcare services could reduce absenteeism by up to 27%.

  • Beyond the Policy: Evaluate Insurers on Performance Metrics

Once you have selected a potential insurer, dig deeper into their track record. 

For a clearer picture of their reliability and service quality, investigate your chosen insurer’s claim settlement ratio, policyholder reviews, and responsiveness. It ensures that if and when medical needs arise, the insurer will handle claims efficiently and fairly. 

This aspect of selecting a group insurance provider directly affects employee satisfaction and trust in their employer's choices.

  • Engage and Assess: Take Advantage of Employee Insights and Insurance Data

Before selecting a group insurance plan in UAE, you should gather feedback from employees to understand their health needs and preferences. 

Asking a few questions upfront can reveal what features are most valued by your workforce. It can be lower copays, broader specialist coverage, or more comprehensive mental health services. 

Additionally, you can use the company's previous insurance data to identify trends and common claims. It helps in selecting a plan that addresses the specific needs of your employees. This approach not only ensures that the plan covers relevant health issues but also optimises the cost-effectiveness of the insurance. 

Customising health plans to fit varied needs can also result in higher satisfaction rates and better utilisation of the benefits of group insurance. For instance, if data shows high usage of maternity services, you can include better maternity coverage to improve overall employee morale and retention.

  • Comparative Insights: Explore Options with Multi-quote Platforms

Using platforms like Policybazaar.ae to buy group insurance online helps businesses receive and compare multiple insurance quotes easily. This comparison is absolutely non-negotiable as it helps in identifying the most cost-effective plan that doesn't compromise on necessary coverages. 

By reviewing various options, you can have an idea of the market and select a plan that best fits your budget and your employees’ healthcare needs. The main advantage here is the transparency and the breadth of options available — it can also lead to significant savings and more tailored benefits packages. 

Globally, organisations that engage in comprehensive insurance comparisons find plans that offer more value for the same cost. It further highlights the reasons to opt for group insurance through informed choices.

  • Comprehensive Coverage:  Get an Adequate Sum Insured

Choosing the right sum insured under a group insurance plan in UAE is important. It confirms that all employees have sufficient financial protection against health issues without incurring out-of-pocket expenses that could strain their finances. 

An adequate sum insured should cover a range of medical services from routine check-ups to critical illness care. The right sum assured helps in realising the benefits of group insurance, as employees can access high-quality healthcare without hesitation. 

  • Proactive Health Management: Introduce Wellness Programs

Integrating wellness programs or organising health check-ups as part of the group insurance plan in UAE goes beyond conventional health coverage — it actively contributes to preventing illnesses before they occur. 

Regular health screenings and wellness programs can detect health issues early, reduce the cost of treatments, and increase the effectiveness of interventions. This proactive approach maximises the benefits of group insurance Dubai and fosters a culture of health and wellness within the organisation. 

Employers offering these proactive health measures often see a reduction in sick leaves and a boost in productivity as employees are healthier and more engaged at work.


Wrapping Up Your Group Health Insurance Strategy

By implementing these six strategies, obtaining a group insurance plan in UAE becomes more than just a routine task- it transforms into a strategic initiative that benefits both employees and the business. 

When you know how to select best group insurance plan effectively, you not only enhance employee satisfaction but also align the benefits with your organisational goals. This thoughtful approach will enhance employee satisfaction and drive your organisation towards its broader goals- reinforcing the collective health and success of your workforce!