Money-Saving Facts About Self-Driving Cars You Probably Didn’t Know!

Picture this - you are driving your car freely without the worry of speeding tickets, traffic rules violations, and more. Sounds like a dream come true, right? With self-driving cars, you actually don’t have to worry about it anymore!

These cars are AI-driven cars that are taking the automobile sector by a roar. Well, artificial intelligence (AI) itself has taken over different industries and is changing their working dynamics 360 degrees. Coming back to AI-driven cars though, they are vouched for their enhanced safety features, increased mobility, and taking you through less congested routes.

What if we tell you that even though these cars are a bit expensive, they are a worthy investment? What if you can make huge savings by driving a self-driving car in the UAE? Don’t believe us? Here we present some insightful facts about how you can save with self-driving cars. So fasten up your seatbelts and gear up for the information below -

When you drive a self-driving car, your fuel efficiency increases - If there are multiple driverless cars on the road, they communicate with each other and eliminate the requirement to slow down and stop at every conjunction. All these cars work as a unit on the highway, ensuring a quick drive and moving closer together to avoid wind resistance. 

A self-driving car also helps in saving fuel by effectively figuring out the parking lots in advance as less fuel is wasted driving around looking for a parking space. 

Saves you from getting speeding tickets or other traffic fines - With a driverless car, you no more have to stress about having to pay for driving too slow or too fast and traffic violations. This is because your driverless car will ensure at-par driving and abide by the UAE traffic laws for you. 

Reduction in insurance premium rate - Given that a car insurance plan is mandatory in the UAE and the private ones are quite expensive, a driverless car is a boon. As per an insurance start-up named MetroMile, self-driving cars can save you, the car owner, an average of USD 1,000 (around AED 3,672) per annum on insurance premiums - a  major saving without a doubt!

If driverless cars manage to live up to the boost and reduce accident rates, you as a car owner would just have to pay a premium for theft, fire, or natural disasters. 

You no longer require more than one car per family - Most of the family own several cars but they do not use them at the same time. A self-driving car with a “return to home” mode eliminates the need to buy a second car as the first one would drive back to take another family member where they have to go.

There are a lot of expectations placed around driverless cars not only in terms of saving the environment but also for saving money. These money-saving facts about driverless insurance have been hyped extensively.  However, even if a third of them turn into reality, travelling by car would become even more affordable and convenient, not to mention that it would also take the automobile industry by a roar!