UAB Personal Loan


United Arab Bank (UAB), formed in 1975, operates out of numerous branches in the UAE and offers astute commercial banking solutions. Shortly after its inception, UAB launched its premium banking and retail banking options aimed at a bigger range of economic segments. Amongst the bank’s many innovative services, the UAB personal loan is one that is renowned for its generous loan amount.

UAB personal loans are offered for two segments of customers, for UAE nationals and for expats. A UAB personal loan in the UAE guarantees immediate funding and additional benefits to those that qualify. Luckily, the process to apply for a UAB personal loan is quick and highly convenient.

UAB Personal Loan Features & Benefits

Listed below are some of the best UAB personal loan features and benefits currently offered:

Loan Amount

The UAB personal loan is offered in two categories. Both UAE nationals and expats may apply for a UAB personal loan of up to AED 2 million. Emiratis are offered UAB personal loans for up to 20 times their salary.


UAB personal loans offer repayment periods of up to 48 months and a revolving credit facility, which allows the loan holder to repay their outstanding UAB personal loan in any number instalments within the stipulated tenor.

Easy Apply

It is extremely easy to apply for a UAB personal loan via the online form. The process requires very little documentation and boasts of minimal time for approval as well.


The UAB personal loan deferment option lets customers delay payment for an instalment. This can be availed for a fixed number of times every year as set by UAB.

Top-Up Loans

A top-up UAB personal loan allows loan holders to avail of additional financial support during their running loan. Top-up loans are usually offered to customers that have met a certain number of payments for their active UAB personal loan.

Debt Consolidation

UAB allows loan holders to accumulate all their existing loans into the UAB personal loan in the UAE. It is easier for customers to manage and repay one loan rather than juggling multiple instalments every month.


Applicants that successfully apply for a UAB personal loan are rewarded with a credit card that is fee-free for the first year. The UAB credit card offers an additional line of credit, which loan holders may utilize as short term capital.

UAB Personal Loan Eligibility & Documentation

To avail of the very best UAB personal loan features, applicants will have to meet all of the following criteria:


While all UAB personal loan applicants are required to be at least 21 years of age, UAE national can apply for the loan up till the age of 65 years. The maximum age of eligibility for expatriates is 60 years.


Applicants must have employment at an organization that is on the UAB personal loan list of approved companies.


The minimum salary applicants should have for a UAB personal loan is AED 7,500 monthly.

Salary Transfer

A UAB personal loan can only be availed of with salary transfers. Loan holders will be provided with a UAB account, in which the employee’s monthly salary amount is transferred. Salary transfers need to be approved by the employer.

Readers may apply for a  UAB personal loan through an online form, and with the following documents:

  1. ID Proof - Emirates ID, Passport and UAE Residence Visa (for Expats).
  2. Bank Statement - Latest 3 months or 6 months as informed.
  3. Salary Transfer Certificate.

UAB Personal Loan Interest Rates

The UAB personal loan interest rates are one of the lowest in the market and are charged on the reducing balance amount. Details of the UAB personal loans in the UAE are as follows:

UAB Personal Loan
Category Max. Loan Amount Tenor Interest Rate Type of Interest
For UAE Nationals AED 2 Million Max 48 months Starts at 5.25% Reducing
For Expats AED 2 Million Max 48 months Starts at 5.25% Reducing

(Updated: May 2019)


Q.1. Is the loan available for new UAE residents?

Ans: UAB personal loans can be availed of by new UAE residents. UAB will require confirmation of employment from the applicant’s employer and a salary transfer certificate as well.

Q.2. Are there any security deposits required?

Ans: The UAB personal loan does not require any form of security deposit or collateral

Q.3. What type of account does the UAB personal loan offer?

Ans: Loan holders receive a free current account with their UAB personal loan. Applicants will be required to transfer their salary into this account.

Q.4. Is there a restriction on the smallest UAB personal loan size?

Ans: Yes, the UAB personal loans start from as little as AED 15,000.

Q.5. What are the loan deferment restrictions?

Ans: Members of a UAB personal loans may defer or delay their instalment payments for up to two times every year.

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