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Find the right Office Insurance plan

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Tokio Marine SME Insurance

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About Tokio Marine SME Insurance

“Think Global, Act Local.” With this ideology, Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance Company have managed to continue its operations in the Emirates from 1976. It has the sponsorship of one of the most successful and largest private business houses across the Lower Gulf area, Al Futtaim Development Services Co. LLC.

The company emphasizes on personal relationship building with their customers. It is committed to offering them with professional management of risk and efficiently handling the claim services.

Tokio Marine SME Insurance includes four categories- Medical, Engineering, Hotel/Restaurant Package, and Tokio Business Package, each full of various attractive features and benefits.

Key Features and Benefits of Different Categories of Tokio Marine SME Insurance

Here is a rundown on the eminent features & benefits of this business insurance by Tokio Marine under different categories.

Tokio Business Package

This protection is designed with the object to secure one’s business extraordinarily with an extensive scope. Hence, one can get the one that actually makes a difference. The following are the benefits offered under this package.

  • Wide insurance coverage at economical and competitive rates.
  • Offers pre-designed products that are suitable for a variety of activities (such as retail outlets, offices, hotels, restaurants) for protecting your business from events that can cause a standstill.
  • The Office Package: Provides coverage for risks that are purely office-based.
  • The Hotel or Restaurant Packages: Restaurants and Indoor food stalls and retailers including coffee houses, cafes, stalls inside a food court, food kiosks, canteens, and hawker centers.
  • The Retail Package: The establishments that are a seller of consumer merchandise like medical products, drugs, souvenirs & gifts, books & stationary, clothing, and more.

Hotel or Restaurant Package

This category involves comprehensive coverage that is specially designed for hotel risks. It combines many insurance covers into a single policy. Such an insurance plan is more suitable for four or five-star hotels.

The following are different covers offered under this package.

  • Stock Deterioration

    The policyholders will be indemnified in case of damage or loss caused to goods by deterioration, contamination, or putrefaction because of fall or rise in the temperature. This can be a consequence of damage or fault in refrigerating machinery, electricity failure, and more.

  • Machinery Breakdown

    The policyholders will be indemnified against unforeseen and sudden damages such as breakdown, accidental damage, collapse, and the explosion of the property insured.

  • Fidelity Guarantee

    They are also indemnified with respect to loss caused due to any act of dishonesty or fraud by any employee of the organization (with the transparent intention of getting an improper financial benefit for themselves or for any other individual intended by them).

  • Money

    The policyholders will get indemnification with respect to money loss (that is, while in transit or within the premises) along with any damage to strongroom, waistcoat, container, or safe that takes place at the time of attempted theft or theft.

  • Workmen’s Compensation

    The insurance coverage is offered according to the provisions of the Federal Labor Law Number 8 of 1980 (chapter VIII) and any following amendments thereto and/or Sharia Principles of the Islamic Law in the UAE.

  • Public Liability

    The policyholders will be indemnified with respect to all sums that they are liable to make payment of legally, costs borne by the claimants, and the expenses arising due to accidental injury or property damage taking place during the tenure of the insurance in connection to the business inside the geographical limits.

  • Business Interruption

    Coverage against the loss related to gross profit as a consequence of a decline in the turnover and any rise in the working cost following the loss covered under the property section. The coverage can be obtained for the maximum duration of the potential interruption to regular business activities.

  • Property ‘All Risks’

    It is an ‘All Risks’ cover that provides coverage to the property (that is, buildings and its contents) from all the accidental damage or loss unless any situation is excluded specifically.


This coverage provides sufficient as well as comprehensive protection from damage or loss with respect to the construction plant, contract works, machinery, and equipment. It also involves third-party claims with respect to bodily injury or property damage occurring in connection with a construction project’s execution. Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance Company have launched innovatively a facility for catering to the issuance of insurance covers for small engineering projects-

  • Construction of small or medium commercial and residential buildings (a maximum of Ground +5 floors)
  • MEP/Interior Fit-out/HVAC works


This is a pre-designed SME Insurance product including a minimum of five employees and a maximum of 100 employees for meeting their healthcare requirements.

Why Choose Tokio Marine SME Insurance Company?

Tokio Marine is a global insurance provider, which has a worldwide network of operations, a business network in 37 countries and 456 cities. It comes with an overseas network of claim agents in 400 cities making it one of the leading insurers in the world.

It offers SME Insurance online, which includes a huge range of products, excellent and quality service, recommendations for risk improvements, dedicated relationships manager, qualified & experienced professional staff, and much more.


Why do I require insurance for my business?

If you start your own business, it means taking up a certain degree of potential risk. As the owner of a business, you will have to protect the value of the assets as well as your manpower that is involved in your business. SME Insurance can help you in recovering when things might go wrong.

What are the minimum and the maximum number of employees involved in the medical variant under this insurance category?

The minimum number of employees is five and the maximum number is 100.

What are the different products involved in the business package?

The different products involved in the Tokio Business Package are the office, retail, and transport or hotel packages.