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Standard Chartered Mutual Fund is one of the most profitable and biggest Asset Management Companies operating currently in the UAE. It offers a wide range of schemes from debt to equity that has been bestowing investors with good returns over a long investment horizon. Since the inception of its first scheme, Standard Chartered Mutual Funds UAE just focused on attaining one key objective – to generate consistent performance across all categories.

Key Features of Online SC Mutual Funds

  • Numerous Mutual Funds Scheme: There is a wide range of high-quality Standard Chartered Online Mutual Funds. One can do quick research by fund name, asset class, fund house, fund category, and the currency or choose from a list of shortlisted mutual funds that suit his/her investment requirements from FUND Select.
  • Purchase & Sell SC Mutual Funds: Investors can purchase or sell SC Mutual funds and get a notification immediately once their transactions are completed successfully in a few clicks.
  • Portfolio Review: Investors can review their portfolio and get the information of their fund as well as performance data with fact sheets, trend charts, historical prices, and some other indicators.
  • Investment in Mutual Funds: One can directly invest in an SC mutual fund with a lump sum amount or choose to invest in fixed amounts regularly with a Smart Savings Plan stating from a minimum as US$ 200 in any currency of his/her choice.

Why Buy Mutual Funds through Standard Chartered Online Banking?

There are plenty of reasons that why one should purchase online SC Mutual Funds UAE and some of them are as follows:


One of the key advantages of investing in SC Mutual Funds UAE is that investors can achieve diversification across asset classes or geographic with a single investment, based on the objection of fund investment. 

Managed by Professionals

Another big benefit of SC Mutual Funds is that they are managed by a skillful fund manager or a team of managers on the behalf of investors. In addition to this, investors can get advice from professional fund managers to invest in SC Mutual Funds UAE. Experts will assist investors with the best option to match their risk profile and financial goals.


Online SC Mutual Funds provide the advantage of low trading costs to its potential investors. They can invest a minimum of USD 1000 or through a smart savings plan by which anyone can easily plan to invest in SC Mutual Funds UAE and expect good returns from it.


Most of the SC Mutual funds furnish daily subscriptions and redemptions. Thus, investors can redeem open-ended investments in order to get the current value of mutual fund units.

Top Mutual Funds through Standard Chartered Online Banking

There is a myriad of mutual fund schemes under Standard Chartered Mutual Funds UAE. The majority of the mutual fund schemes are highly rated, furnishing good returns over the years. Investors can select from the small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, and much more as per their investment goals.

How to Invest in Online SC Mutual Funds?

Investing in Standard Chartered Mutual Funds UAE is quite easy and simple. All you need to download the SC mobile app to invest directly in online mutual funds.

How to Check the Performance of Standard Chartered Mutual Funds UAE?

The performance of SC mutual funds can be determined by the returns offered by it to its potential investors over a period of time. Thus, investors can easily check the returns online & be aware of the current performance of their SC mutual fund schemes.