Buying Insurance Online: The Myth and the Truth

A topic that can make almost every man run for his money. And we mean, literally! People would rather run around to meet their agents, submit their documents, or get their claims documented than just pick up their mobile devices and buy insurance online. The reason is a deep-seated fear of doing it the wrong way. 

The Policy Project’s latest episode is for all those people who are still unsure of the authenticity, the process, or the overall choice of buying insurance online. If you identify as one of “those people”, this episode will give you some incredible insights and help you steer clear of all the fraudulent activities that can lead to a bad online buying experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. The TRUTH about buying insurance online in UAE
  2. Strategies to avoid scams and fraudulent activities
  3. An in-depth conversation about choosing the right policy
  4. Steps involved in buying a suitable policy online
  5. Comparison between buying an insurance policy online vs offline (price/personalisation of services/communication)

And more…

Purchasing insurance online is a cost-effective method built for our convenience. Don’t let the doubts and the myths keep you from taking advantage of this impeccable service. This podcast episode is sure to equip you with the best information about the much-dreaded topic in a highly interactive way. Listen to it, now!