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Age as they say is just a number. However, as women reach their mid-thirties, being financially prudent is necessary, prompting individuals in this age group to prioritize their financial goals.

Financial experts and accomplished women within the community have time and again reiterated that having at least 6 months of one salary for sudden exigencies is an absolute must. As life happens be it with changes in marital status, job loss, supporting children and aging parents or even dealing with health issues or medical emergencies the need for having a financial corpus cannot be gainsaid.

Also, unforeseen events like a divorce or the loss of a spouse can result in depleted income and increased burden of expenses.

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Retail Therapy Thwarts Your Savings Goals

Women tend to get enticed by malls and the sales and discounts that are offered there. Also, online shopping leads to many impulsive purchases. Budgeting doesn’t imply not enjoying the good things in life. But putting aside at least 20 per cent of your income towards savings is advisable. The best time to start saving is right now if you haven’t begun already. Also, different financial instruments and a side hustle as a second income among many others could be ways to create a fund and cut spending habits.

Developing better financial habits and discipline requires starting with small steps and gradually integrating them into your daily routine. There is no instant solution for improving financial habits; it’s a continuous process that demands deliberate effort and consistent action over time.

Monetize your Skills Through a Side GIG

Women have the opportunity to translate their passions into profitable ventures, as doing so will enable them to find both satisfaction and financial freedom.

Today women can leverage the potential of social media and marketing channels and rake in moolah by being a photographer, vlogger, painter, networker, or even showcasing culinary skills. The possibilities are limitless.

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Take an Active Interest in Personal Finances

Strengthen your financial acumen by delving into your financial standing, encompassing debts, income, investments, and savings. Don't entrust financial decisions solely to men; take initiative, strategize, and plan to bolster your confidence and assert your independence. It is crucial to grasp the concepts of money and learn how to leverage it to your advantage.

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