How Are Gold Prices Valuated in the UAE?

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Gold is considered as a very crucial monetary asset in all over the world. People in the UAE reckon this precious metal as a symbol of status as well as wealth. In fact, they are emotionally attached to it since this yellow metal has been utilized as a status symbol in occasions and weddings and also it adds religious sentiments.

People consider buying this precious metal despite the gold rate in UAE since buying gold is a time honored tradition in the country. In addition to this, it is amongst the favored form of investment since investing in gold is perceived as a safe investment that helps the investor to recover from financial crunches in bad times.

But have you ever wondered how are gold prices valuated in the UAE? For all those people who are curious to know this, here we have mentioned some important factors that determine the gold price in UAE.

5 Important Factors Affecting Gold Rates in the UAE

Though there are several factors that affect the gold rate in UAE. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1.      Demand & Supply

When the demand for yellow metal increases, the rate of gold also increases. Gold is one commodity that is in demand continuously. But the supply of new gold is not constant and it keeps on changing from time to time. Meaning that, we all have to manage with the current quantity of gold in the market. As a result, gold rates can change significantly if the demand & supply equation changes and they are major factors when it comes to assessing gold prices in the UAE.

2.      Us Dollar

Gold prices majorly depend on how the US Dollar (USD) performs, with gold rates inversely proportional to US dollar rates. Actually this relationship arises from the fact that the yellow metal is an internationally traded commodity & the USD is preferred currency internationally. Any sort of change within the US is bound to have a significant effect on gold rates whether directly or indirectly. Thus, the gold rate in UAE largely impacted by the international markets.

3.      Inflation

As gold rates are directly connected to inflation, most of the people in the UAE prefer to invest in the yellow metal. When inflation rises, the value of a currency drops down. In such situations, people prefer to hold some money in terms of yellow metal i.e. gold. When inflation remains high for a long span of time, yellow metal works as a hedge against the inflationary conditions. Since the currency’s value keeps on changing, gold’s value is considered high in the long run.

4.      The Jewelry Markets

The jewelry market plays a pivotal role in affecting gold rates. In the UAE, a huge amount of gold bought is used in the form of gold jewelry and ornaments. And the jewelry market in the UAE especially in Dubai is vast and is fueled by several festivals and sentiments. Majority of the people choose festival seasons for purchasing yellow metal, keeping a view of an auspicious occasion. Therefore, gold rates become high during festival seasons because of high demand.

5.      Fluctuating Interest Rates

The interest rates on bank deposits and financial instruments also play an important role in assessing the gold price. Increases rate of interest implies that people will sell their gold in order to put their money to better use. A low-interest rate translates to more cash in the individual’s hand, and more capability of purchasing gold.

To Sum Up

Gold rates can go up & down any time since it keeps on fluctuating on a daily basis. All the aforementioned factors are some of the key factors that majorly affect the gold rate in UAE.

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