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Property is undoubtedly among the most expensive and important assets for every individual. Who does not want to keep it safe, secure, and keep away from any kind of damage or loss? 

However, there are certain circumstances that may lead to minor or major damages to your house. Irrespective of whether such scenarios take place in your presence or absence, it is important to ensure the safety of your house.

Several insurance companies offer home insurance in the UAE to cover property damages or losses. This type of insurance provides financial coverage to individuals against associated damages such as fire, or any other natural calamities for both the building and the personal belongings kept inside the house. 

So whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, keep on reading to understand the importance of home insurance in Dubai and the common inclusions and exclusions of such insurance plans in detail.  

What are the Features and Benefits of Home Insurance in UAE?

Wondering whether obtaining home insurance in the UAE is worth it, and how beneficial it is? Refer to the primary reasons below to grasp the importance of home insurance:

  • A home insurance policy covers your property during the times when you are traveling or have plans to stay away from home for a long period.
  • If your property gets damaged due to a third party, home insurance will provide financial compensation and ensure that you do not have to suffer any legal complications.
  • With home insurance, you can conveniently opt for a home loan for required renovations and repairs.
  • Both the landlord and tenant are eligible to obtain a home insurance policy in Dubai and in other emirates of the country.
  • By having home insurance, you can have the necessary financial support for controlling damages and repairs needed for your property.
  • Home insurance in the UAE offers protection to the building structure and other associated elements against risks like loss or damage.
  • Home insurance also covers damages due to vandalism, fire, explosions, riots, natural calamity, theft, and burglary.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Home Insurance in UAE?

Here are the common eligibility criteria for home insurance in Dubai and the UAE —

  • The applicant must be a UAE resident.
  • The property of the applicant must be in the UAE.
  • The applicant’s rental contract must be in his/her name.

Types of Home Insurance in UAE

Primarily, there are four types of home insurance in Dubai and the UAE —  

Home Insurance for Buildings

Every homeowner is eligible to opt for this type of insurance. This type of insurance provides property coverage against physical damages resulting from storms, fire, earthquakes, lightning, and related calamities.

Contents and Personal Belongings

As the name indicates, this type of insurance covers the belongings present inside your house. Some of the items and goods include furniture, kitchen appliances, rugs, carpets, televisions, and more. Apart from these, some insurance companies also offer coverage for pieces of jewellery and electronics.

Tenant’s Liability Insurance

Tenant’s liability insurance offers financial protection to the tenants in scenarios where they are held responsible for damages that occurred in the property they are staying in.

Owner and Occupiers’ Liability Insurance

If you opt for this type of home insurance, you and your family will be covered against any claims made against you.

What are the Common Inclusions of Home Insurance?

Mentioned below are some of the general inclusions offered by UAE-based home insurance companies —

  • Compensation for alternative accommodation
  • Coverage for contents when shifting home within the UAE with a movers and packers company
  • Luxury watches and precious artefacts
  • Coverage for property damages when you are away from your home
  • Domestic helper protection
  • Empty house coverage
  • Damages caused by fire, explosions, and natural calamities
  • Coverage for burglary and theft

What are the General Exclusions of Home Insurance?

Insurance companies in the UAE do not provide coverage for losses and damages to your property under certain circumstances. Listed below are the general exclusions of home insurance — 

  • Damages or loss due to terrorist or war activities             
  • Liabilities occurring due to mechanically-propelled vehicles
  • Loss or damage due to wear and tear
  • Incidents associated with radioactivity

How to File a Claim for Home Insurance?

Filing a claim for home insurance in Dubai and in other emirates is a straightforward process. For your reference, here are the instructions explaining the whole claim process —

  1. Contact your home insurance provider and notify the officials regarding the damages incurred.
  2. Download and fill out the home insurance claim form from the respective website of the provider.
  3. Attach and upload the documents as required by your insurance provider.
  4. Submit the form along with the documents and await a response from your insurance company.
  5. One of the representatives will get in touch with you and further evaluate the damages to your property.
  6. Upon determining the property damages, the assigned person will notify you regarding the compensation associated with the repair. 

Significance of Home Insurance for Tenants

It’s a popular misconception that tenants are also covered under home insurance in the UAE. 

Tenants actually need to opt for separate insurance to cover them against any property damages. This is a significant point — even if a property is covered under home insurance, the policy will not be applicable to tenants. 

So if the respective homeowner is not staying in its property and damage is caused by its tenant, the property owner is not liable to pay the amount associated with the repair.

How to Select the Best Home Insurance in UAE?

Finding the most suitable home insurance in Dubai is pretty easy. On top of that, if you find home insurance online, the process becomes time-efficient. However, certain points that explain how to choose an appropriate insurance plan for your property must be taken into account  —

Map Out Your Requirements

The primary step to search for an ideal home insurance in Dubai is to determine your goals. Jot down the type of coverage you want and your budget. Keep in mind that you should not hamper your regular expenses to pay premiums for your home insurance.

Look for Providers in Your Emirate

There are multiple home insurance companies in the UAE. It is essential to look into the history and performance of each insurer to make an informed decision. In addition to that, you must read all the providers’ guidelines, terms, and conditions. 

Don’t forget to check the different plans they are offering to understand if they align with your goals.

Shortlist Plans from Several Providers

Once you go through all the suitable plans from different insurance companies, shortlist a few plans. Next, assess them thoroughly to select the best one that meets your financial and other criteria. Make sure to look into the inclusions, exclusions, add-ons (if available), guidelines, fine print, and other related information in detail. 

It is pretty important to read the policy wordings carefully to avoid any hassles later and/ or during the claim process.

Check for Plan Premiums

One of the smart moves to find a home insurance policy is to look for a plan that offers maximum coverage at an affordable rate. In addition to that, check if any add-ons or riders are provided by the concerned insurer.

Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide you with real-time feedback regarding the insurance company that you have chosen. By reading the customer reviews, you obtain an in-depth understanding of how swiftly the company functions, its reliability, and trustworthiness. On top of that, you will also know the Claim Settlement Ratio of the provider.

Check for Discounts

Insurance companies offer several types of discounts for both existing and new customers. You must always ask for ongoing offers applicable to your policy. Existing customers may get additional discounts due to their long-term relationship with the provider.