World Sleep Day: Scheduled Bedtimes Times Proven to be Effective for Optimal Rest

World Sleep Day: Scheduled Bedtimes Times Proven to be Effective for Optimal Rest

Ever found yourself feeling sluggish, unfocused, and unmotivated? You may not be surprised to learn that it could be due to a lack of quality sleep. Sleep has lasting effects on our health and that is why a sleep schedule is one of the essential ways to ensure overall well-being. If you've ever gone days without adequate sleep, you’d know how draining it is to simply get through the day. You tend to feel like a zombie, struggling to stay alert and focused, and this is all while your immune system is taking the deprivation hit.

World Sleep Day, observed on 17th March is an important event to remind us of the sleep health benefits and deprivation associated risks. The day serves as a great opportunity to raise awareness about the prevalence of sleep disorders along with prevention and management of these ailments. This year, World Sleep Day is all about putting your health first and taking time to prioritise your sleep.

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What happens when you work on little to no sleep? 

Sleep is considered one of the most important factors for overall well-being and obviously a lack of it can adversely impact your health. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to increased risk of depression, heart diseases, and stroke. It is also associated with weight gain, as a sleep deprived body not only craves for more for snacks, it also widens the feeding window, thus creating room for consumption of extra calories.  

Sleep is a cornerstone of wellness - it affects your mood, energy levels, and even your physical health simply because our bodies are designed to perform different functions during the day and night. The quality of your sleep also impacts your cognitive abilities, needless to mention that good sleep aids in clear thinking and better decision making. Adequate sleep also contributes greatly in your emotional well-being. It gives you the opportunity to relax, recharge, and process your emotions. So if you want to stay healthy and happy, make sure you're getting enough shut-eye!

On this World Sleep Day, we wish you the sweetest of dreams and the best of naps. Grab your favourite sleep mask, curl up in your comfy PJs, and drift off to a dreamland.