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Motor Fleet Insurance

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What is a Fleet Insurance?

Specially made for commercial vehicles, fleet insurance refers to a type of insurance that covers multiple commercial vehicles under a single plan. It is ideally designed for corporates that have three or more company vehicles. Whether it is the company vans (light commercial vehicles like small vans and Heavy Good Vehicles like lorries) used for transportation of goods or company cars that are driven by the employees for personal use (as allotted by the company) or for work purposes, all registered vehicles of a corporate firm are covered under fleet insurance.

Just like personal vehicles, it is mandatory for commercial vehicles to have insurance in the UAE in order to be ferried around in the country. This makes motor fleet insurance a boon for corporate firms since there are several vehicles involved in a business generally and it can be difficult to keep a track of the insurance formalities individually. This is why fleet insurance is a convenient solution for all vehicle insurance problems of big and small businesses alike.

Features & Benefits of Fleet Insurance

Besides offering the same kinds of benefits that any personal motor insurance plan would, fleet car insurance has a bunch of additional benefits as well which are listed as follows:

  • A fleet policy is a single motor insurance plan that can be used to cover all the vehicles that are registered with the business under the company name be it motorbikes, cars, vans, or even trucks.
  • Depending on the requirement and wishes of the applicant, the vehicles can be insured as a lump-sum, but can also be clubbed in separate groups.
  • Depending on the designated work of the vehicles (transporting goods, personal travel, etc.), a fleet van insurance plan can be changed and curated as per the individual requirement of each vehicle group.
  • Since it is one insurance policy for all vehicles, the premium deadlines, renewals, expiration dates, and every other detail is the same for all vehicles. This means that the business does not have to keep a track of different insurance policies.
  • Any new vehicles purchased after buying fleet insurance in UAE will be added to the plan automatically which means you do not have to buy a new insurance plan.

Types of Fleet Insurance Covers

Third-Party Liability Fleet Insurance

The most common kind of insurance, a third-party liability fleet insurance covers the claims filed in the event of an accident where you are at fault. This includes any authorised driver driving the insured vehicle under motor fleet insurance. The insurance company is liable to cover for the damages caused to the third-party vehicle as well as the third party themselves. However, this insurance plan does not cover the damages caused to your own vehicle(s) because of the accident or the expenses for the treatment of injuries sustained by the driver or the passengers of your car. Being basic in nature, third-party insurance for all kinds of vehicles, fleet, personal or otherwise, is mandatory by law in the UAE.

Comprehensive Fleet Insurance

Offering the best kind of covers for all your vehicles in the fleet, a comprehensive fleet insurance plan provides you an ultimate cover against any kind of damages that your own vehicle incurs by natural calamities (like rain, floods, storms, hail storms, etc.), mad-made disasters (like fire, riots, etc,), theft, the total loss due to accidents or other reasons, normal repair damages caused by an accident with a third-party vehicle and damages incurred during loading and unloading the vehicles. It also covers for third-party claims when you or any of your designated fleet drivers are at fault. There are a few exclusions to comprehensive plans too like nuclear attacks or wars, wilful actions of the driver or the owner, that lead to damage etc.

How to Get Fleet insurance in UAE

Just like any other kind of insurance policy, there are a few requirements that need to be met when applying for a motor fleet insurance plan. The requirements are given below:

  • All vehicles that are to be insured in a fleet insurance policy must be registered under the name of the company or owned by it.
  • The minimum number of vehicles you need to qualify for fleet insurance in UAE is 3.
  • There could be a few companies that require the applicants to have at least 5 or 3 registered vehicles under the name of the company to be eligible for fleet van insurance.
  • You will need a complete list of the vehicles that are to be insured, the trade license of the company, and the registration license of the company.
  • Vehicles that have been leased out to the company can also be included in the fleet insurance policy of the company.
  • Anyone can drive a company vehicle as long as they have a valid UAE driving license. There may be added provisions for drivers with a valid license aged 25 years or less.

Who is Motor Fleet Insurance for?

Any registered business in the UAE is qualified to have fleet insurance given that it meets the individual requirements set by the insurance providers. All that you need is a set of valid documents to get the insurance. So, if you are an established or budding business settled in the UAE or an individual with any number of registered vehicles which are either owned, hired, or leased out to others then, fleet insurance is for you. Needless to say, the nature of your company is not of concern when you opt for fleet insurance.

Best Fleet Insurance Providers in UAE

Insurance Companies Fleet Insurance Products
  • Comprehensive Fleet Insurance
AXA Insurance
  • Plans for small businesses (less than 10 vehicles in the fleet)
  • Own Damage Cover
  • Third-Party Cover
  • Add-on extension covers
  • Comprehensive single plan for Large Businesses (more than 10 vehicles in the fleet
Noor Takaful
  • Fleet insurance for Corporates
  • Fleet insurance for SMEs
Tokio Marine
  •  For Corporates
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Roadside-Assistance Plan
WATANIA Insurance
  • Comprehensive Fleet Insurance Covers
  • Third-Party Liability Fleet Insurance Covers
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Third-Party Plan
Qatar Insurance Company - QIC
  • Comprehensive Covers
  • Third Party Covers
  • Optional Covers (Depreciation, Roadside Assistance, Off-Road, etc.)

What is covered under motor fleet insurance?

  • Any type of fleet insurance policy would cover all basic types of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks, buses, etc.
  • Damages to the third-party vehicle and medical expenses in the event of an injury or death where the insured vehicle driver is at fault
  • Damage caused to the insured vehicles due to an accident or collision with third-party
  • Damages caused by overturning of the vehicle
  • Damages caused by fire, vandalism, and other kinds of man-made disasters
  • Complete loss of the vehicle due to an accident or theft
  • Personal accident cover for licensed drivers of the company vehicles as well as the passengers
  • Damages caused by natural calamities accidents like storms and floods
  • Damages to car locks, windows, and windscreens
  • Add on services like roadside assistance, towing services, etc.

What is not covered in motor fleet insurance?

  • Damages caused by the negligence of the driver or the person concerned
  • Mechanical issues of the vehicles and other kinds of consequential loss such as engine breakdown (if not covered by add-on services)
  • Damages incurred to the vehicle when used or involved in unlawful activities
  • Damages caused when driven by a driver with an invalid license

How to claim fleet insurance in UAE Online & Offline?

The claim process of fleet insurance in UAE is as simple as filling a claim for any other kind of motor insurance policy. If the vehicle(s) happens to meet an accident (of any kind), be prompt and follow the given steps to make sure that your vehicle(s) is taken care of immediately:

Filing the Claim

  • Contact the insurance agent/broker or visit the website of your insurance provider and find the claim filing portal. 
  • Download the claim form from the website or obtain it from the broker.
  • Attach the report with a duly filled claim form with the required documents (mentioned below). The form is to be signed and filled by the insured.
  • Submit all the documents in the nearest branch of your insurance provider or on the online claim portal of the insurer’s website.

Required documents

  • A detailed report explaining the events of the accident.
  • A list that contains license plate number and registration details of the vehicle(s) involved in the accident.
  • A list of the people involved aka the drivers and passengers, along with a form of identification for the drivers – a copy of the driver’s license.
  • Original copy of the police report filed at the time of the accident.

Important things to Consider Regarding Motor Fleet Insurance

  • Number and types of vehicles so that you can ideally group them. If there are multiple vehicles of each kind, then an “any vehicle” fleet insurance can be a good fit for you.
  • The maximum cap limit on the vehicles to be insured. Many providers set an upper limit.
  • The condition and age of your vehicles are also very important. Older vehicles with a few pre-existing damages tend to attract higher premiums.

What is the procedure to renew fleet insurance?

Renewing your fleet insurance is a child’s play if you know the right steps involved and the documents that you will require. The offline way to do it is by calling the insurance broker or the company and visiting the branch to submit the documents as asked by the broker or the representative. You can also try logging in to your account on the website of your insurance company and renew the policy from there. Locate the renewal portal and enter the required details like policy number, name of the holder, etc. Verify the required documents and make payment to renew. Following are the documents that you will need:

  • Duly filed and signed claim form
  • Copy of motor registration cards
  • Driving license of the driver who was driving at the time of accident
  • FIR in case of third party death or injury or property damage

What to do when one of your vehicles have an accident?

It can be confusing and frightening when you suddenly happen to have an accident. However, pace yourself, do not panic, and following the below-given steps to take control of the situation:

  • Immediately call your insurance provider to inform them about the concerned accident. Since most covers have roadside assistance as a benefit of the plan, the company will assist you in taking care of the damaged vehicle and transporting it.
  • Keep a record of the events of the accident with a clear list of the names and identification of everyone involved as well as the damaged vehicle(s).
  • The license plate number of the damaged vehicle(s) along with other registration-related information will be required to verify the insurance coverage.
  • Call 999, the emergency helpline number of UAE. Police will visit the accident site and file a complaint after assessing the situation. Keep a copy of this report for yourself.
  • Most importantly, be crystal clear, honest, and transparent with your insurance provider when explaining the events of the accidents.

FAQs on Fleet Insurance

Are No Claim Bonuses applicable on fleet insurance policies?

No claim discounts and bonuses are generally not applicable on fleet insurance plans offered by the insurance providers. However, you can verify with the provider that you choose to be sure of it.

Does fleet insurance include vehicle breakdown as a basic benefit?

As a basic benefit of a fleet insurance plan (third party liability or comprehensive), breakdown cover is not included as a part of the plan. However, most comprehensive fleet insurance plans come with add-on services of including breakdown coverage as a part of your insurance plan while customising it.

What vehicles are not insured in fleet insurance?

Any vehicles that are not registered under the name of the company, director of the company, or insured by a separate motor insurance cover cannot be included as a part of a fleet car insurance cover.

Can only businesses opt for fleet insurance?

No, fleet insurance can be opted for by individuals as well as businesses but that depends on the services of the insurance providers concerned. All you need is the required number of vehicles, and you can easily get fleet insurance for them. However, this may be subject to the fact of whether your insurance provider offers that service.

Can I add a personal vehicle to fleet insurance?

Most insurance companies allow the directors of the companies registering for fleet insurance to add personal use vehicles as a part of the fleet insurance. Run it by the provider to make sure that they offer the said service.

If I drive other vehicles, will be covered by fleet insurance?

Personal accident covers or any other covers related to the drivers are only applicable to you when you are driving the vehicle covered under the concerned fleet policy. You will not be covered for injuries or losses by fleet car insurance if you meet an accident driving another vehicle since the insurance is for the vehicles and not the drivers.

What is the period for which a fleet van insurance policy is issued?

Just like any other kind of insurance, fleet insurance plans can be issued for the period of 12 months.

What does the sunset clause mean in terms of fleet insurance policy?

A number of insurance providers offer a grace period where the policyholder can apply for a claim against their fleet insurance plans even when the policy has already expired. This extended period and practice are known as the sunset clause.

Can I change my fleet insurance policy in the middle of the tenure?

Yes, you can change the type of your fleet insurance cover at any time during the tenure period of the policy. It includes upgrading the insurance policy from third-party to comprehensive or vice versa, adding additional benefits and covers, etc.

How can I cancel my fleet insurance policy?

Cancelling a fleet car insurance policy is as easy as performing any other action related to the insurance plan. You can simply contact your insurance broker to initiate the process, call the customer service department of the insurance company to get help in kick start, or visit the online website to find more.

Can fleet insurance policy be renewed online?

If your insurance provider has an online portal for renewals, you can easily renew your fleet insurance online or even using a mobile application without a problem.

How to claim third-party fleet insurance?

The claim process for any kind of fleet insurance is the same. Third-party claims where your or your driver is at fault are generally made by the insurance companies or legal representative of the third party. In a case where the third party is at fault, inform your insurance provider about the situation. The company will apply for the claim on your behalf here.

Is there any kind of vehicles that can be excluded from a fleet insurance policy?

Although, most fleet car insurance companies cover all kinds of vehicles that are a part of your business some of them can be seen as an exclusion. For example, vehicles with very high market value like super jeeps, luxury cars, and vintage cars. You may have to opt for a separate fleet or individual insurance for this group of vehicles depending on the policies of your insurance provider.