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The total population of the UAE comprises 90% of expats who move in with the motive of improving the overall quality of their lives and make more than what they’re making in their native country. Expats residing in the UAE experience a unique blend of different cultures and traditions from eastern and western parts of the world. 

Little more than a couple of decades ago people were quite skeptical about moving and working in the UAE. However, in the current scenario, a rapid increase in the number of expats has been observed due to the emergence of UAE as a global business. The economic boom in the UAE has created tons of jobs for all classes of professionals whose experience is extremely valued later. 

If you are one of those expats living and enjoying a tax-free lavish lifestyle in the UAE you have dozens of opportunities to travel, explore, earn, save and invest to build a corpus. Unlike the UAE nationals, expats have a time restriction to get their finances in the right spot, therefore expats should emphasize finance management in the UAE. Successful finance management starts with gaining a firm understanding of investment, returns and long term goals of an individual. This article will help you to understand the basics of finance management in UAE which will help you to make better financial decisions. 

What is finance management?

Finance management in UAE is the process of efficiently planning and executing investments with the objective of generating and accumulating wealth. Finance management is not just limited to pension or retirement funds it is supposed to cover every aspect of your financial journey from repaying debts to building a corpus. 

As a process finance management involves several integrated processes such as getting a will, insurance, and financial security for phases of financial hardships, etc. Finance management in UAE involves educating and guiding investors by expert financial advisors, it is a process that lasts for a lifetime. As you continue to travel on the path of your career opportunities and challenges arise, finance management in UAE maximizes your returns on investments and provides financial security. 

At the intrinsic level, finance management in UAE refers to forecasting the flow of cash. Financial advisors estimate the timing and volume of inward and outward cash flow over a specific period. Forecasting cash flow improves financial decisions which eventually lead to better results for your investments as an expat in the UAE. 

Finance management in UAE begins with cash flow forecasting followed by cash flow planning. Expatriate investors should emphasize on breaking down their total income into smaller fragments to optimize the process of financial management in UAE.

Finance Management in UAE for Investments and Retirement

Choosing the right investment vehicle offshore improvises your financial portfolio and adds diversity to it. Financial advisors help expatriate investors to choose the right investment vehicle and maintain a well-structured, diverse investment portfolio. 

To make sure you have built a corpus it is recommended expats should plan and invest in off-shore tools. The market is filled with a variety of investment vehicles like bonds, stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits, ELSS, SIPs, etc. Expat investors can go for a collective investment plan which gives access to a wide range of securities. Collective investment plans work by pooling your funds with funds from other investors which leads to the formation of mutual funds. 

Expat investors can indulge in finance management in UAE by investing in bonds that are provided by several life insurance companies. Furthermore, offshore pension fund investments are an excellent way to invest a small fragment of your earning to ensure financial security and peace of mind during the twilight years. 

Expat investors should opt for finance management in UAE to plan a safe and secure retirement. The first step towards retirement planning via finance management in UAE is to assess how much you will exactly need to spend the rest of your life peacefully. Once you are ready with the approximate amount you’ll be needing you can plan and execute investments to reach your financial goals.

Components of Finance Management in UAE

  1. Life insurance

Life insurance is an integral part of your financial portfolio especially for expatriates because life insurance plans and services often vary in different jurisdictions. Life insurance safeguards your loved ones in case of the demise of the sole breadwinner of the family. 

  1. Retirement planning

Most of us do not pay attention to retirement planning unless retirement is very close. Finance management in UAE lays emphasis on early planning for retirement so that investors have ample time to build a corpus. 

  1. Foreign Exchange

Fluctuations and swings in foreign exchange rates affect most of the expats. The foreign exchange allows expat investors to make transactions in multiple currencies. Finance management in UAE ensures that you are getting competitive rates on all foreign currency exchanges. 

  1. Personal protection

Most of the expats in the UAE are either self-employed or work on a contract basis. In such a scenario it is crucial to ensure adequate protection in case of any unfortunate event. Personal protection is an inseparable part of financial management and planning in the UAE. 

  1. Estate planning and Wills

Safeguarding your precious assets and drafting a will is an essential part of the finance management in the UAE. Protecting your wishes and making sure that your loved ones receive every bit of what they’re supposed to receive can be accomplished by correct finance management and planning in the UAE. 


UAE has been ranked as one of the best career destinations globally. Emigrants should start planning and managing their financial liabilities even before they get to the UAE officially. Finance management accelerates the pace with which an investor accomplishes their long and short term goals. Moreover, it improves the quality of financial decisions since finance management involves rigorous analysis and assessment to maximize returns and minimize risks. Finance management allows expat investors to live their lives fullest during and after the economically productive years of their life.

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