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As a Local Bank in the UAE, CBI Bank started its business in the year 1991. It has based its headquarter in Dubai. The Commercial Bank International is regulated by the UAE’s Central Bank and the SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority).

A major part of the Commercial Bank International is owned by the shareholders from the UAE. It is also on the list of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and has incorporated with Ras Al Khaimah.

 The work ethic followed by Commercial Bank International involves passion, respect, integrity, community, and efficiency.

Types of CBI Bank Accounts in UAE

CBI Saving Account

CBI Business Account

CBI Fixed Deposit Account

Savings Account

There are five types of Savings Account with the CBI. These Accounts are-

  • 3% eSaver Account
  • Mabrook Savings Account
  • Aspire Savings Account
  • Savings Account
  • CBI Saver Account

The minimum amount required to open a CBI Savings Account depends on the type of Savings Account.

Current Account

The current account of the CBI can be accessed via internet banking, Phone Banking or ATMs. It is flexible and convenient.

Fixed Deposit Account

The CBI fixed deposit account offers competitive interest rates and flexible tenor. The maximum tenor can go up to 61 months.

CBI Bank Accounts - Features & Benefits

The features and benefits of the CBI bank accounts are listed below

Savings Account
  • Minimum requirements for the opening balance
  • Monthly balance maintenance requirement
  • Interest for savings
  • Free Debit Card
  • Joint Account holders and Children can open a Savings Account too
  • Availability of Accounts in Major Currencies
  • Internet and Phone Banking
  • Free Accounts Statements
Current Account
  • First Cheque Book is free
  • Free Debit Card
  • Availability of Accounts in Major Currencies
  • Overdraft Facility
  • Free Accounts Statements
  • Internet and Phone Banking
Fixed Deposit Account
  • Up to 4% interest
  • Up to 61 months tenor
  • Account opening in major currencies
  • Overdraft facility is secure
  • Monthly or Annual credit of interest
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Documents Required to Open CBI Bank Accounts in UAE

The documents required to open an account with the CBI are as follows:

  • The Passport of the Applicant
  • Visa for Expats
  • Emirates Identity card of the UAE nationals
  • Address Proof

How to Open CBI Bank Accounts in the UAE

To open an account with the CBI, the applicants can apply via any of the following ways:

  • Visit any of the nearest branches of the bank
  • Internet Banking
  • Phone Banking (600544440 for UAE residents and +971 4 503 9000 for non-residents of UAE)

CBI Bank Accounts FAQs

Q1: What is the maximum interest that I can earn with eSaver Account?

Ans: With the eSaver Account, you can earn up to 3% in interest.

Q2: Is there any withdrawal limit with the eSaver Account?

Ans: Yes, there is a limit on withdrawals with the eSaver Account. You can withdraw only one time in a month.

Q3: What are the eligibility criteria to open a Mabrook Account?

Ans: To open a Mabrook Account, you should be a resident of the UAE.

Q4: What is the required Opening Balance for the Mabrook Account?

Ans: To open a CBI Mabrook Account, you will need to have a minimum opening balance of AED 10,000.

Q5: What are the minimum deposit requirements with the Aspire Savings Account?

Ans: To open an account of Aspire Savings Account, you will need a minimum deposit of AED 10,000.

Q6: What is the minimum balance required (to be maintained) to earn interest with the Saver Account?

Ans: To earn interest with the Saver Account, you will need to maintain a minimum of AED 10,000 every month. With this amount, you can earn an interest of 0.50% per annum.

Q7: What is the highest interest I can earn with the Saver Account? What is the amount required to earn that interest?

Ans: The highest interest you can earn with the Saver Account is 1.75% per annum. You can earn that interest with a minimum amount of AED 3 million.

Q8: Do I need to maintain a monthly balance with the CBI Current Account?

Ans: yes, you will have to maintain a monthly balance of AED 3000 for the CBI Current Account. If you fail to maintain the monthly balance, you will be fined AED 25 for every failed month.

Q9: Does the CBI Current Account provide Overdraft Facility?

Ans: Yes, the Overdraft Facility is available with the CBI Current Account. However, the customer has to be eligible for the Overdraft Facility.

Q10: Is it possible to apply for a CBI Fixed Deposit Account without any CBI Current Account or CBI Savings Account?

Ans: No, to open a Fixed Deposit with the CBI, you should be an existing customer of the Commercial Bank International.

Q11: What is the highest amount of loan I can apply for with the CBI Personal Banking?

Ans: With CBI Personal Banking, you can apply for the maximum loan amount of AED 2 million.

Q12: What is the highest amount of loan I can apply for with the CBI First- Priority Banking?

Ans: With CBI First - Priority Banking, you can apply for the home loan above AED 2 million.

Q13: What are the services offered by the facility of CBI Online Banking?

Ans: The services provided by the facility of CBI Online Banking are as follows:

  • Account statements provided 24X7
  • Issues regarding Cheque Books
  • Transfer of multi-currency funds
  • Online transfers
  • Placements of Fixed Deposits
  • Manager’s Cheque or Demand draft request
  • Salary payments are automated
  • The facility of Trade Finance

Q14: What are the highlights of CBI internet banking services?

Ans: The highlights of the CBI internet banking services are as follows:

  • Available 24 X 7
  • The authorization of the transactions involves 2 factor- security token of RSA and static password
  • The System can Set Up comprehensible Authorization Matrix
  • Notifications alert for any activity in the account

Q15: What are the features of the CBI Call Deposit Account?

Ans: The features of the CBI Call Deposit Account include:

  • Offers a Current Account’s flexibility and convenience combined with a Fixed Deposit’s earning potential
  • Interest is calculated daily
  • Free access to the funds
  • Minimum balance to be maintained is AED 50,000 every month