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Holding active bike insurance or two-wheeler insurance policy at all times is mandatory for vehicle owners in the UAE.

Two-Wheeler insurance or a bike insurance policy offers coverage against any damages caused to the bike and/or the riders due to an unfortunate event such as a road accident, natural disaster or theft or loss of the vehicle. It provides coverage against any third-party liabilities that may arise due to injuries to one or more individuals involved in the accident.

It is imperative for one to hold bike insurance or two-wheeler insurance and renew it on a timely basis because, without an insurance cover, the financial implications of an accident can cause a heavy burden on his/her savings.

Types of Bike Insurance

There are three common types of two-wheeler insurance policies:

Third-Party Liability

As an addition under the Unified Motor Insurance Policy in the UAE, a third-party liability cover is the minimum level of cover that is mandatory by law in order to ride a two-wheeler on public roads. Such a policy covers the costs of damage, injury or loss to the aggrieved third party arising during the use of the policyholder’s vehicle. A third-party cover does not provide protection against damage to the insured vehicle.

Fleet Bike Insurance

Also commonly known as multi-bike insurance, fleet bike insurance is mainly beneficial for business owners that are managing delivery and courier services. Under this insurance policy, the motorcycle fleet is insured under one single policy without any wastage of time, stress or money. Fleet bike cover also provides the policyholder with the flexibility to add or remove vehicles during the tenure of the policy, whenever convenient.

Comprehensive Insurance

A comprehensive two-wheeler cover provides all-rounder coverage and is the highest level of the all-inclusive policy that is available in the market for bike owners. Under this policy, the policyholder is covered against any damage or injury caused during an accident, accrued third party liability during an accident, overturning, burglary, external explosion, and other malicious acts, unless specifically excluded. Such an insurance policy even pays out in case of own-fault situations.

The insurance market, especially for two-wheelers has changed drastically due to the emergence of new competition. The motorbike insurance companies in today’s age offer the customer a wide range of benefits to ensure that they stick with them for a long time.Buying bike insurance is hassle-free especially with the emergence of online platforms. Some of the key benefits are:

Diversified Coverage

The applicant can choose the level of coverage he/she wants. There are three levels of coverage policies available in the UAE – third party liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, and fleet bike insurance.

Instant  Policy

Unlike before, these days, with the emergence of technology and faster financial facilities, a digitally signed insurance policy is instantly issued to the policyholder.

Additional Covers

There are additional covers that can be added to the base policy that is offered to the policyholder at a slightly extra premium.

Simple Transfer of No Claim Bonus

An NCB or No Claim Bonus transfer is offered by the bike insurance companies if the policyholder purchases a new vehicle. The NCB is offered to the owner of the vehicle and not the vehicle. 
This bonus is offered as a reward for safe driving practices and for not making a policy claim the previous year(s).

Easy Purchase and Bike Insurance Renewal Online

The motorbike insurance companies provide the policyholder online purchase or renewal of the insurance policy through their websites. 

How to Choose the Best Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Availing the best motorcycle insurance is as easy as buying other essentials. In the prevailing market’s competition, many motorbike insurance companies have come up with policies at competitive rates. With the availability of insurance aggregators, it has become easy to compare motorcycle insurance Dubai and in other Emirates countries and obtain the best deal.

The following tips can help a consumer get the best deal for motorcycle insurance in UAE:

Understanding Needs and Expectations

When an investor is clear about what he/she wants, it becomes easy to analyze if a plan’s coverage is sufficient for the two-wheeler.

Reputation and Reliability of Insurance Provider

The financial backgrounds of motorbike insurance companies play a key role when it comes to ensuring the best bike insurance in the UAE. An insurance provider with a good reputation in the market will make sure timely settlement of claims without any hassle.

Comparison of Plans

An investor should not pick the first policy quote they come across. Instead, he/she should compare the two-wheeler insurance policies available in the UAE market and pick the one that fulfills the investor’s needs at the best cost.

Evaluation of Coverage

One should always analyze the cover offered by the motorbike insurance companies and make sure they meet the expectations. If inadequate coverage is bought it may lead to future financial hassles.

Additional Covers with Bike Insurance

Many of the motorbike insurance companies in the market allow the consumer to choose from a wide range of additional covers on top of the base policy. Here is an extensive list of such policies, however, they vary from provider to provider.

Agency Repair Cover

This additional cover protects the investor against the damage repairs of his/her two-wheeler at the authorized workshop in case of an accident. There are certain restrictions on the period within which this add-on can be availed. Generally, it is two years from the registration of the motorbike as new.

Fire and Theft Cover

This cover applies to the damage or loss of the insured vehicle due to an accidental fire including explosions and lightning as well as in case of theft or attempted theft.

24 Hour Accident & Breakdown Recovery Cover

With this additional cover, the insurance policy can include 24-hour accident recovery, flat tyre replacement, towing services, vehicle jumpstart assistance in the scenario of a dead battery, and emergency fuel delivery.

Cover for Loss of Personal Items

This add-on covers for damage or loss of personal items stowed in the insured two-wheeler including protective gear and helmet due to an accident, fire or theft. For such a claim, it is mandatory to file a police report.

Geographical Extention Cover

The two-wheeler insurance policies issued in the UAE are generally valid only within the national borders. This additional coverage provides the insured vehicle coverage that extends the territorial limits of the base policy in order to include other regions.

Gap Cover

The insurance provider pays out the policyholder only in case of a total loss. The value of payout can be lower than the outstanding amount of the bank loan. This add-on helps to settle the extra amount.

Cover Against Civil Disorder and Perils of Nature

This optional cover protects the insured two-wheeler against damage or loss caused because of the convulsions of nature such as earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods, sandstorms along with civil commotions like strikes and riots.

What is covered under bike insurance?

The insurance cover can be customized by opting for the add-ons on top of the base policy. Generally, two-wheeler insurance covers the costs related to liability claims, legal fees, death or bodily injury, property damage, depending on the limits of the policy opted.

How is the premium calculated?

The worth and the type of bike insured determine the premium charges for the policy. It also takes into consideration some factors of the rider such as age, experience, claims history, etc.

Is the premium charged higher for sports and luxury bikes?

Since the risk of accident and theft is higher with luxury and sports bikes, it is slightly more expensive to insure them as compared to a regular bike.

What level of coverage do I need?

The style of bike and your usage plan determines the level of insurance you should opt for.