5 Ways to Get Rewarded for Paying Your Credit Card Bills

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We are all familiar with the rewards and offers credit cards can provide. You can redeem these reward points to buy a plane ticket or rack-up these points to pay for your groceries. These rewards and offers credit cards give can often be redeemed for cashback, certain discounts or to buy essentials as well as luxury products depending on the rewards programme offered by your credit cards issuing company.

Usually these reward points are given when you make purchases using your credit card, earning points on each and every purchase you make depending on your provider. But have you ever considered that you can even bag huge rewards by simply paying your credit card bills? Want to know how? 

Here are a few ways you can enjoy exhilarating rewards and offers credit cards often have in store for you in the form of concessions and cashbacks among many other perks:

Payment using Debit Cards: Use the conventional method of paying your credit card bills via debit cards to earn rewards. The savings account in your bank or the debit card provided by your bank also enables you to earn points that can be redeemed as statement credit or retrieved for rewards. Some banks also offer reward points if you use net banking for paying the bills. These bills are classified as utility bill payments and the rewards you earn making transactions using your bank account or debit card is much more than any other alternative or even the rewards and offers credit cards impart.

Some cards even offer bonus rewards like giving a large number of reward points as a welcome offer while at the same time providing rewards when you cross milestones like making payments worth a certain amount, or spending in restaurants or in foreign countries. If this isn’t enough to entice you, they also offer the option to earn reward points each time you swipe your card.

Payment using CRED: This bill payments app by Freecharge gives its customers umpteen rewards for paying bills using the CRED app. This astounding app allows you to earn cashback along with several gift vouchers and exclusive discount codes for paying your credit card bill. It’s wide range of rewards system gives the customers the option of doing so much more by just paying your credit card bill. For instance, you can win movie tickets or discount on food delivery apps among several other benefits when you pay the credit card bill using the CRED’s payment platform. The app has an inexhaustible range of rewards and the customers get the option of choosing the one that best meets their requirements when they pay for their credit card bill. 

The CRED app also shows its customers their credit score and at the same time allows them to check their credit report, making life hassle free. The option of CRED Protect is another amazing feature for credit card users that enables them to het automatic credit card payment reminders that alerts the users thus, enabling them to enjoy all the rewards and offers credit cards provide. The CRED app also alerts its users about the hidden charges applicable on their credit card, making it a wholesome app every credit card user must have.

Payment through Paytm: This e-commerce payment service has a separate cashback section, especially dedicated to offering its customers multiple ways of earning cashback whether it is for ordering dinner, or paying for your Uber ride or recharging your metro card among many more. As soon as you activate the various offers, you will instantly earn cashback for several different offers. It will also activate the notifications that inform you about the daily, monthly or even weekly offers available. Paying your credit card bill is one such offer. Paytm allows you to earn a hefty amount as cashback if you pay your consecutive credit card bill using the payments app. These offers change regularly but rest assured, the Paytm rewards on paying credit card bills are just as exciting as the rewards and offers credit cards give when you make purchases. 

Payment using PhonePe: Being one of India’s leading payments app, PhonePe recently came up with a cashback scheme that makes the rewards and offers credit cards provide, so much more appealing. The payments app allows you to pay your credit card bill using the app itself, earning the customers an exciting scratch card. The minimum transaction of a certain amount can win you almost double the amount as cashback. The app offers many other exciting offers on the basis of the transactions you make. All credit card bills, including Rupay, and American Express can be paid using the PhonePe app. Earn a little extra even by paying your bills, using this payments app.

Double Dip: In order to get the maximum benefits out of paying your credit card bill, you can also club two options together. For instance, you can on hand use CRED to pay your credit card bill while getting movie tickets for the latest blockbuster movie. On the other hand, you can reap the benefits of using your debit card to make the transaction thereby, earning reward points.

Credit cards have many benefits but the fact that you can earn rewards even while paying your bills makes them extra fruitful and just as appealing as the rewards and offers credit cards themselves offer. 

Here are some tips to make the best use of your reward points:

  • Keep an eye on the constantly changing rewards and offers credit cards offer, as well as the rewards for paying bills
  • Cross-check these rewards across different platforms so that you can choose the one that offers the highest rewards
  • Keep in mind the expiry date for redeeming your rewards
  • Make sure you credit card does not charge for redemption of reward points
  • Keep in mind that you won’t be able to redeem your rewards in case of late payment, expiry of reward points or failure to reach the minimum payment limit on your credit card

In a Nutshell

The manifold benefits of having a credit card need no introduction. The numerous rewards and offers credit cards bring into your life make them so irresistible. Use them wisely and take the advantage of the several ways you can gain simply by owning a credit card like earn benefits from your monthly payments, or cash-in the collected reward points. Credit cards offer the customers a great deal of flexibility and convenience while also preventing you from carry wads of cash around. But what makes this deal even sweeter is that you can even earn profits by merely paying your credit card bills on time!

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