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Most Popular Credit Card in UAE

Rewards and offers credit cards are mainly of two types- cash back cards and travel cards. The former pays you back a certain percentage on the amount you spend on each transaction. The latter offers you miles or points for using your card and every penny spent in travelling; points are easily redeemable for free air tickets, hotel stays and more. There is no one-size-fits-all approach applicable  when choosing between either of these types. It all depends on the way you spend money and the kinds of rewards you cherish the most. Selecting the best rewards card is a matter of personal preference rather than anything else.

Some travel cards are high on flexibility and give you special privilege points you can redeem for any travel purpose-be it any seat on any flight or any desired room in any hotel of your choice. Other cards may work on affiliation model and offer exclusive deals with a particular hotel or airline brand. In that case, their points are only redeemable with that specific brand (although the level of perks is significantly higher than the generally-used cards). Either kind of travel reward card will do when it comes to getting your travel needs sorted out, be it a short, casual trip with friends or family jaunts. It is solely up to you to determine what qualifies as the best rewards credit card in your case.

Spending on most of these cards can help you get a payback either in the form of cash back or points that are easily redeemable at hotels, shops, and airlines among others. If you pay off your dues monthly and are debt free, you are eligible to get rewards from the issuer as a sweet gesture. Reward cards can help you score massive heaps of bonuses, just for doing your everyday transaction. Quite a fancy idea-isn’t it? Everyone loves to get rewarded in return for something as that is human. But unless you are shrewd and alert enough, you will mess it up badly, as there are important loopholes to look out for when it comes to rewards cards.

Besides being an important tool for purchases, rewards credit cards make it easy for the owners to get something valuable in return for frequent usage. Cardholders perceive it as something of utmost importance since they can collect points to earn incentives. Most providers use to offer and reward credit cards to attract new customers while serving their existing customers. The rewards may be in the form of cash backs, air miles and discounts on other special items. People will always be drawn closer to these rewards because of the multitude of benefits. Before you select the best rewards card, you should be well aware of the fact that these rewards are not available for just like that giveaways. Your willingness to spend more often determines your eligibility to earn more reward points.

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If you find yourself habitually carried away by shopping, the rewards credit cards seem the right fit for your needs. Do not be so fixated on shopping that you ignore your expenses. You will only end up getting into more debt if you do not break the pattern of shopping for unnecessary stuff. So before grabbing the best rewards credit card, you should contemplate that whether having it will prove beneficial to you or not. If the credit card allows you to get travel points, you will certainly want to own it if you are a frequent flier.

The cash back in this regard is a form of rebate/discount that is applicable to your balance. The discount is transferred to your balance, either on a monthly or annual basis. Offsetting your outstanding balance from the cashback is also an option worth considering. This way, your outstanding balance gets reduced because of the cashback. Another kind of reward program is known as in-store discounts. Some issuers may offer unique discounts for a minimum spend amount as a reward. The discount offered to the cardholders is easily applicable after buying from their favourite stores with slashed prices. The reward credit card offers special discounts and plenty of points for redemption.

However, you should give careful consideration to not get the rewards card that offers a discount from those stores you do not usually buy. Better yet, you should find other rewards program that best suits your preferences. Since there is a wide range of reward options to choose from, select those that define your needs. Those rewards will prove no point if you do not make the most of your credit card. By this, we mean you have to purchase frequently with your credit card to earn such rewards. However, ensure that you have done competitive research when looking for the best credit card offers in UAE.

Features and Benefits of Rewards & Offers Credit Cards

Most people in the Arab world are searching for an opportunity to get rewards credit cards for receiving several benefits. Such reward cards are similar to any usual credit cards that promise its customer to credit rewards on each purchase of a specific amount say 1 point at 10 AED or 10 points at 100 AED. However, there are other aspects to consider with credit card offers in UAE.

Firstly, you earn a fixed number of points when you use your rewards credit card at a grocery store or for that matter at filling gas station, airline ticket counter, etc. These points get amassed and as they reach up to a specific number ( as per the rules stated by the credit card company), you would be eligible to receive some benefits like movie tickets, dining at select restaurants or free shopping vouchers and more.

Apart from what this credit card offers, there is also a high rate of interest chargeable from the cardholder if he/she does not pay on time. The best thing to do is to pay off as soon as possible. You can get so many incentives like cashback through utilizing your rewards card. There are a plethora of rewards credit cards on offer, but the most popular ones are: 

1. Travel Rewards Credit Card: This option works best for those who are always on the go. With this reward card, every time you buy tickets you earn some points. Besides, you get additional benefits of low APR. There is no hidden charge included in these cards.

2. Fuel/Gas Rewards Credit Card: These credit cards have a tie-up with a gasoline company and allow you to earn several rewards, every time you refill your tank while on the go. These cards also come with the best interest rates and possibly the lowest annual fees.

3. Air Miles Credit Card: Make the most of your flying experience with an air mile credit card and get rewards and best discounts on your next flight. Most of the rewards credit card issuers either compute using percentage-based or points-based model. The credit card member gets a percentage of cash back on the purchases made in the percentage based model. The point-based method includes the number of points earned on every purchase and these points are redeemable.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits of rewards cards for travellers is the redemption of collected points for discounted or free travel. And it is not only just flights but you can also use the rewards for hiring cars, accessing airport lounge, securing accommodation and what not.

A reward card like city bank credit card offers ThankYou� Points for helping you make the most of your shopping experiences. The card allows you to earn points for the places you go and the things you do and everything in between. There are no fees for the first year and from the second year onwards, the fee gets waived unless the annual expense is below AED 9000 (terms and conditions apply).

Interestingly, rewards cards also come with an array of covers to protect your purchase- including extended warranty, purchase a security to name a few. That means when you are splurging on a purchase, your purchases are more secure than ever.

But that’s not the end. There are plenty of other cool freebies and perks that are available with a rewards card. For instance, you can get a concierge service that will help you book tickets for an event or restaurant.

Similarly, if you are a movie lover, you must be looking out for some offers on the cost of your tickets. But you can avail movie ticket offers on credit cards in UAE as many credit cards will offer you the best discounts on movie tickets.

If you have an ideal AECB credit score, your credit card is eligible for fantastic rewards and attractive benefits. But many consumers often confuse rewards with benefits. To make this point clear, both the benefits and rewards are offered by different financial institutions. In that case, do not be surprised if your city bank credit card offers rewards and benefits come from Mastercard. If we talk about payment networks, players like VISA and Mastercard handle the processing part of card transactions. Networks may also offer several benefits like price protection, rental car insurance and warranty coverage and they are not the ones issuing your card. Issuers are banks like Citi or CBD.

These issuers are responsible for coming up with rewards rate, interest rate and other financial services. And if you get, let’s say, 2% rewards on your card, it is because your bank says so.

When it comes to finding the best Mastercard offers in UAE, you should know that Mastercard has different card levels: Gold, Titanium, World, World Elite, and Priceless. The higher up you go in the level, the better the benefits it has in terms of perks, discounts and protections. While your bank takes care of the rewards you will earn with your every purchase, the Mastercard offers perk independent of the amount you spend each year.

  • Platinum Mastercard- Premium cardholders can make the most of Mastercard offers in UAE with remarkable benefits and convenient services that have worldwide acceptance. You can add more value to your experiences with this type of card.
  • Titanium Mastercard- A lifestyle full of privileges, benefits and protection awaits you. This card is ideal for those customers who like to explore a world of convenience with the utmost ease.
  • Gold Mastercard- If you ask -what this Mastercard offers in UAE? The answer to this question would be- it offers ample options to use your card for a daily purchase, be it at stores, online and places where cash doesn’t work.
  • World Mastercard- An ideal card that gives you access to a multitude of benefits related to travel, insurance, and lifestyle. Choose this card to upgrade your lifestyle the way you want.
  • World Elite Mastercard- This card offers you robust purchasing power and loads of features and benefits. Be it travel, lifestyle and insurance benefits, you deserve the best in life.
  • Priceless- Priceless by Mastercard is a unique program that puts more emphasis on top-notch experiences than things. Through its four unique programs, cardholders can experience something they have never experienced before.
  • Rewards & Offers Credit Cards Eligibility- Your monthly income speaks volume about your eligibility as it is the most important criterion to be used by your issuer in determining your eligibility. In addition to that, there are a handful of factors that decide whether or not you are eligible for a particular card.

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Things to Consider when you are applying for the credit card

When you apply for a credit card you should consider what type of reward programs the issuer offers. It is mostly the case that major credit card providers offer at least a card with such privileges. These privileges can either be available in the form of cash back rewards or gift cards. Many issuers also offer frequent flyer miles as a reward. You can choose the type of reward that matters the most to you and assists your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware of the important stuff that can help them take advantage of their reward programs without missing out on important details. Listed below are some points to bring some clarity in the thought process.Choose a reward credit card that supports the lifestyle you choose. For example, if you are a frequent flier, an air mile reward program may come in handy. If you want to revamp your abode, there are a few credit cards that offer home improvement points.Start making it a point to use your rewards card to pay for things that you usually pay cash /another card for. One suitable example of this is using the card to pay for your fuel at a fuel station. A majority of consumers either use a debit card or pay cash but they lose out on points they could otherwise earn.

Think of all the timely obligations-car insurance, property taxes, electric bills, and homeowners insurance to name a few. You can pay most of these expenses using your credit card and earn all the extra points each month. Those are just some ideas on how to utilize your card irrespective of which rewards and offers credit card you choose. You can make these tips work for you without getting in any kind of financial trouble by using your credit card for monthly purchases and then paying off the dues every month. This way, your reward points are accumulating.

Using your reward credit cards is a great option to enhance your quality of life without any extra cost. You should also read the terms and conditions of your credit card program because some purchases might not be eligible for reward points.

How to get the most from your rewards card?

If you also acknowledge the importance and benefits of your rewards card, then you should put extra effort to make the most of its perks to outweigh the costs with the benefits. To make sure that you max out your card potential, consider these points:

  • Always be on the lookout for sign-up bonuses: You can snag a fat stack of points just by signing up, so you should better watch out for the sign-up bonus. Some sign-up bonus reward cards offer up to 10,000 points in a jiffy.
  • Boost your reward points by shopping at the best places and splurging on big items using your card. You can earn some good points every time you do the transaction in partner stores.
  • Also, know the fine print like the expiry dates on these reward points and caps on points, if any so you do not lose account of your hard-earned points. If there is a monthly or annual cap, ensure that your spending pattern spreads evenly throughout the month-this will help you earn point son every purchase.
  • And be mindful of expiry dates, if any, not only to avail the timely benefits of those points but also to keep an eye on the points that are building up for a good reward is hardly some points away.
  • Always be consistent with paying your bills on a monthly basis. This is a good habit to maintain regardless of the credit card you use. Moreover, you should clear your balance before you run out of your interest-free days each month.
  • Pay your bill in full each month. This is a good habit to have no matter what credit card you use, but it’s especially important to clear your balance before your interest-free days run out each month when you are about to face sky-rocketed rate of rewards card interest.

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What points to look out for?

  • The features that come with a card are what drives your attention toward it when searching for the new credit card in the marketplace. You must get attracted to several credit cards that offer different rewards and rate of interests. Reward cards that boast of 0 % APR are what those with good credit are entitled to get. 
  • A card that better defines your lifestyle must also be taken into consideration. There are a plethora of offers to choose from since it is a highly competitive market. You can often find the market flooded with a variety of reward cards due to their rising popularity. However, with great options come the ease of comparing hundreds of offers and finding the best of the lot.
  • Air miles rewards come as a boon to those who travel every so often. Every Dirham spent on these credit cards will accumulate as point or miles. These can, later on, be used for activities beyond flying such as car rentals and cruises. Vacations and business trips become easy breezy due to the ease with these cards provide discounts. 
  • A reward credit card that comes with a cashback feature seems worth opting for if you are consistent with your payments on a month to month basis. The cash rewards provided by these cards can accrue up to a significant amount at the end of each year; all you should keep doing is keep on purchasing something.
  • You should consider getting a reward credit card if you quite fancy the idea of getting rewards for credit card purchases. Select cards with low APR and high reward incentives as they seem a great option for maintaining your budget and saving a lot of money.

How to Find the Best Rewards Credit Card?

If you want to find the best card, keep these points in consideration

  1. Choose a card that fulfils your current needs
  2. Focus on what specifically each individual bank credit card can do that will help define your needs
  3. Individuals who give special consideration to cash back should opt for a rewards card that offers cash money in return
  4. Should you be on the lookout for more bonus point for travel purpose, get a bonus miles card
  5. Whether or not you want a gift card for the qualified expense, whatever be the reason, you will find a suitable rewards credit card designed for you.

Top UAE Banks with Rewards & Offers Credit Cards

Here are the choices for best-suited rewards credit cards-

Citibank Credit Card Offers in the UAE

Firstly, Citi rewards credit card is a unique rewards program designed keeping in mind your spending habits. It offers Citi ThankYou Rewards Program that comes with a host of benefits as you earn and redeem at the same time.

As a Citi cardholder, you will automatically be eligible for the Citi ThankYou� Rewards Program with which you will be entitled to earn and redeem points for a host of amazing redemption options which have been created keeping your needs in mind.The card allows you to earn 1 ThankYou bonus point for every 1 dollar spent in UAE Dirham. Whether you prefer dining out at a select restaurant, or sipping a cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop, use this card to your heart’s content.

  • While staying abroad on hotels, you can earn 1.5 ThankYou bonus points for every 1 dollar spent in foreign currency. Increase your points as you spend more in foreign currency.
  • Additionally, with accelerated ThankYou bonus points, you get 10 points for every 1 dollar spent on bookings at
  • You can certainly make the most of what Citibank credit card offers in the UAE.

CBD Credit Cards

  • Secondly, there is nothing better than using CBD credit cards to managing your finances efficiently and getting rewarded at the same time.
  • Get the best interest rate for credit card purchases along with many benefits like Skywards Miles, loyalty points, zero annual fees and more.
  • You can save and earn more with Attijari Rewards Program.
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