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Terms & Conditions - Participation, Eligibility & Winner Selection

1. Participation in the draw is contingent upon:

  1. the purchase of any insurance policy, including Individual Health Insurance, Individual Car Insurance, Individual Life, or Individual Term Insurance.
  2. The first premium paid amount of the insurance policy bought should be AED 500 or more
  3. Only purchases meeting this criterion render customers eligible for entry into the draw.

2. Upon completing the qualifying purchase, a draw ticket will be electronically dispatched to the customer's provided email address, as entered during the insurance policy acquisition process. The users Customer ID (Unique User ID generated by will be the lottery / raffle number.

3. The draw will occur weekly on Saturdays, encompassing policies acquired within the preceding week (Saturday to Friday).

Policies Bought Between Date of Draw
5 Feb'24 - 9 Feb'24 10-Feb-24
10 Feb'24 - 16 Feb'24 17-Feb-24
17 Feb'24 - 23 Feb'24 24-Feb-24
24 Feb'24 - 1 Mar'24 02-Mar-24
2 Mar'24 - 8 Mar'24 09-Mar-24

4. Each week, one Apple iPhone 15 (128 GB) will be awarded as the grand prize. All eligible entries will be included in the draw, and the winner will be determined through a randomized selection process

5. Additionally, a daily prize of an AED 1,000 voucher will be presented. All eligible entries, except for the weekly Apple iPhone 15 winner, will be considered for this prize. The winner of the Apple iPhone 15 will be drawn first

6. The distribution of rewards is as follows:

  1. Apple iPhone 15 (128 GB) to be awarded weekly.
  2. The first Apple iPhone 15 winner will be announced on February 10, 2024, followed by subsequent winners on February 17, 2024, February 24, 2024, March 2, 2024, and March 9, 2024.
  3. Daily winners of shopping vouchers worth AED 1,000 will be declared starting from February 5, 2024, until March 8, 2024. They would be announced in the same draw as the Apple iPhone 15 draw on Saturdays.
  4. Customers who cancel their policy before the draw will forfeit eligibility for participation.
  5. No prize can be exchanged for its value in cash

7. Insurance Bookings done via Cars 24, POSP Channel and offline are excluded from the eligibility of the draw.

8. To qualify for entry into the draw promotion, customers must purchase the policy exclusively via the official website

9. Incase of multiple payments done under one health insurance policy, they all will be considered as one.