Health Insurance in Dubai, UAE

Health Insurance helps you navigate unplanned medical expenses. Apart from being a mandatory requirement, health insurance in Dubai protects you from expensive medical bills and treatments. It helps reduce the financial burden of costly medical treatments and protects you and your family against financial loss due to unexpected health issues. From routine check-ups to major surgeries, choosing the right insurance plan is vital so that it will cover all your medical needs. more

AED 1 million Health cover starting @4/Day
Selecting health insurance for
  • Self Only
  • Both Self and Family
  • Family without Self
  • Domestic Workers
  • Investor
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Insurance is vital for well-being, and before buying health insurance in UAE, everyone should know what health insurance is and why it's essential.

Top Health Insurance Plans in Dubai - 2024

Explore Tailored plans to Safeguard Your Future

Dubai Insurance (NRI Care)
Dubai Insurance (NRI Care)
Sukoon Insurance (Prev. Oman Insurance)
Sukoon Insurance (Prev. Oman Insurance)
Dubai Insurance
Dubai Insurance
Takaful Emarat
Takaful Emarat
Orient Takaful Insurance
Orient Takaful Insurance
Orient Insurance
Orient Insurance
Dubai National Insurance
Dubai National Insurance
The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance generally covers the medical expenses incurred due to an accident or illness in exchange for a premium amount. This type of insurance offers medical coverage for critical illnesses, hospitalization, daycare procedures, etc. Many health plans offer various benefits, including cashless hospitalization and free medical check-ups. 


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Our sole focus is streamlining and enhancing the entire journey of our customers' policy ownership, from purchase to the claims process. With a dedicated team of health insurance claim specialists, we are committed to overcoming challenges, whether dealing with denied claims, expediting pending claims, managing document submissions, or providing assistance around the clock. 

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Key Features of Health Insurance

Here are the prominent features of health insurance UAE -

Key Features Insurance Benefits Offered
Health Insurance Cost Starting at AED 4/Day
Most Selected Coverage Amount AED 1 million
Minimum Entry Age 0 years ( Newborn Baby )
Maximum Entry Age 99 years
Process for Claim Policybazaar UAE Portal & Insurer Portals
Claim procedure Cashless or Reimbursement
Who Should Buy Self, Family, Domestic Workers, Investor
Covered In-Patient Service, Out-Patient Service, Maternity Coverage, Dental Cover
Buy/Renew Process Online
Types of Plans Suitable For
Individual Plan Single adults seeking personal coverage
Family Floater Plan Families wanting inclusive coverage for all family members
Senior Citizens Plan Elderly individuals (usually above 60 years) requiring more frequent medical care
Kids Plan Children and adolescents requiring paediatric care
Group Employees of a company, providing benefits as a group
Critical Illness Those requiring financial protection against serious illnesses like Cancer, Stroke, Kidney failure and many more

Best Health Insurance Plans in Dubai - 2024

Here is the best health insurance plans in Dubai and their features —

Insurance Company

Health Insurance Cover and Network Hospital


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Sukoon Insurance

Cover: AED 5 Million

Network Hospitals: 1500 +

  • DHA Essential Benefits Plans (EBP) plans available
  • Pre-existing disease cover: Up to AED 150,000
  • Maternity cover and Ambulance cover
  • Lab tests

Dubai Insurance Company

Cover: AED 1 Million

Network Hospitals: 1185 +

  • Physiotherapy: Up to 15 sessions per year
  • Alternative medicine: Up to AED 1,600
  • Wide medical network and Worldwide coverage available

Takaful Emarat 

Cover: AED 1 Million

Network Hospitals: 909 +

  • Prescription drug cover: Up to AED 10,000
  • Mortal remains’ repatriation: Up to AED 15,000
  • Dental and gum treatment: 20% coinsurance
  • Diagnostics like X-Ray, CT-Scan, and MRI covered

Orient Takaful

Cover: AED 1 Million

Network Hospitals: 1650 +

  • Individual and group medical insurance
  • Pre-existing disease cover: Up to AED 150,000
  • Psychiatry: Up to AED 10,000

Cigna Insurance

Cover: AED 7.35 Million

Network Hospitals: 1650 +

  • Physiotherapy: Up to 30 visit covered
  • Worldwide coverage available
  • Alternative medicine (Ayurveda, Homeopathy) covered

Salama Insurance

Cover: AED 1 Million

Network Hospitals: 250 +

  • Two types of options — Essential Benefits Plan and Enhanced Benefits Plan
  • Flexible healthcare for families and domestic helpers
  • Medical emergency services available across the country

Watania Takaful (formerly Noor Takaful) 

Cover: NA

Network Hospitals: 1600 +

  • Comprehensive medical insurance plans for individuals and families
  • 1,600+ care centres available
  • Accidental death and personal accidents covered
  • Homeland treatment coverage is included

Daman Health

Cover: AED 500,000

Network Hospitals: 900 +

  • Both individual and business plans available
  • Separate coverage for domestic helpers
  • Psychiatric treatment: Up to AED 10,000 (annually)
  • Alternative medicine covered
  • 20% coinsurance for dental and gum treatment

Al Sagr Insurance

Cover: AED 1 Million

Network Hospitals: 900 +

  • 20+ enhanced Emirates plans for individuals and families
  • 4 different insurance packages: Executive, Standard, Economic, and Essential
  • Worldwide coverage available
  • Global emergency services by Assist America

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Health Insurance

Health insurance covers your medical and hospitalization expenses, in the event of a health emergency. Here are a few reasons why you should have a health insurance plan beyond the mandatory scheme.

1. Financial protection from unexpected medical bills

It’s always better to have the right medical/health insurance coverage so that you can protect your finances from costly medical bills.

2. Coverage for a wide range of medical treatments and procedures

Usually, most health insurance policies cover a wide range of medical treatments and procedures. If not planned for, these expenses can drain your savings.

3. Access to better hospitals and healthcare providers

Choosing the right health insurance policy is critical to you having access to the best hospitals and healthcare providers, especially in the case of a medical emergency, when you need the best care and treatment.

4. Coverage for preventative care

Most people do not consider the expenses they are likely to incur for preventive care. A good health insurance policy will ensure you can meet any out-of-pocket expenses, including preventive care without hospitalization.

5. Peace of mind knowing you're covered in case of an emergency

 The best part about having a good health insurance policy is that it helps you focus on recovering faster without having to stress about costly medical bills.


When to Buy Health Insurance Plans in Dubai?

It’s advised you purchase a trusted health insurance policy in UAE, as soon as you move to Dubai. Generally, pre-existing conditions are typically not covered for a certain period after moving to Dubai (usually for 30 to 90 days). However, getting health insurance early ensures you are covered after this waiting period.

Also, if you are planning to start a family, make sure to consider health insurance plans that cover maternity and childcare. 


Things to Know Before Buying a Health Insurance in UAE

Do your research before purchasing medical health insurance policies in Dubai. Consider the following points before making a purchase... 

Types of health insurance plans available in Dubai

Most health insurance plans offer individual, family or group plans. Pick one that fits your requirements.   

 Policy Coverage

Dubai health plans typically cover in-patient care (hospitalization) and out-patient services (OPD) like doctor visits and tests. Maternity coverage may be included, but dental and vision are usually offered as separate plans. So, read the policy offer document carefully, so that you do not miss out on any hidden clauses. 

Factors to consider when choosing a health insurance plan

 Always factor in your age, medical history, budget, and coverage needs, before choosing a health insurance plan. Some health insurance plans have riders and clauses and may not cover all your medical requirements. Hence, it’s vital to consider these factors while selecting a health insurance policy for yourself and your family. 

Review feedback

See what customers have to say about the insurance companies' service and overall experience.  

Know more about the waiting period

Consult the insurance agent about the waiting period for certain medical conditions and treatments. 

Ask about No-Claim Bonus

Enquire about the discounts available for not making medical claims, resulting in more savings. 

Discover more about the claim process

It’s vital to know the procedure to be followed while filing medical insurance claims and receiving reimbursements, especially in the case of emergencies. Also, ask about in-paitent and out-patient health insurance. 

Know All About the In-Patient VS Out-Patient in Health Insurance


Health Insurance Inclusion & Exclusions in Dubai

  • Inclusion

  • Exclusions

Before starting the process to buy health insurance, first understand the key inclusions and exclusions —

  • In-Patient Service - Hospital accommodation, ambulance service, emergency treatment, repatriation costs, and pre-existing conditions 
  • Out-Patient Service - Newborn cover, laboratory tests ( X-ray, CT-Scan, and MRI ), physiotherapy treatment, and more
  • Maternity Coverage - In-patient and out-patient services, complications, miscarriage and legal abortion coverage
  • Pre-Existing and Chronic Conditions - Each provider has its own coverage features and rules for pre-existing and chronic diseases.
  • Vaccines and Preventive Services - Covered as per the schedule of the policy
  • Emergency Cases - Hearing, Vision, Dental and Gum Treatment
  • Physiotherapy Treatment - A certain number of sessions per member are covered by some plans 

While the exclusions of the plans by top Medical insurance companies vary as per the chosen plan, some of the general exclusions are as follows — 

  • Surgical and non-surgical treatment for obesity
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Growth hormone therapy unless medically suggested
  • Services and treatments for contraception, sex transformation, or sterilisation
  • External prosthetic devices and medical treatment
  • Treatments required due to injuries caused by professional sports activities

Eligibility Criteria for Buying Health Insurance in UAE

Mentioned below are the general eligibility criteria for Medical insurance in Dubai (UAE) —

Eligibility Criteria


For Adults

18 years - 99 years

For Dependent Children (applicable to family health insurance)

Birth - 17 years

Pre-Existing Health Condition Waiting Period

Usually 6 months


Medical Insurance VS Health Insurance - Explained!


Health Insurance

Medical Insurance

Scope of Coverage 

It’s a broader term comprising medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, etc. 

Covers hospitalization costs, surgeries, and some specialist consultations. 

What is covered? 

Medical, dental, vision care, outpatient care (depending on plan). 

Inpatient care, surgeries, emergency room visits. 


Offers a wider range of coverage options depending on individual needs. 

Primarily covers costs associated with hospital stays and major medical events. 


You get access to a wider network of clinics and hospitals. 

You get access to a limited network of clinics and hospitals. 

Preventive care Mostly covers preventive care services. May not cover preventive care expenses for vaccinations and checkups.
Cost Costs are lower for premiums as coverage is limited. Costs are higher for premiums as it offers comprehensive coverage.

Documents Required to Renew or Buy Health/Medical Insurance in UAE

Here is a checklist of the documents commonly required for buying Medical insurance in UAE —

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Original passport
  • Original residence visa (applicable to expatriates) 

Note: The concerned insurance provider may require additional documents as per its requirements.


Health Insurance TPA - Third Party Administrator in UAE

How to Renew Health Insurance Policies in Dubai ?

With, you can buy and even quickly renew medical insurance plans online. If you purchased from our platform, simply follow these steps —

  1. Log into your account.
  2. On the dashboard, a list of your insurance plans will appear.
  3. Locate and select your health insurance plan that has to be renewed.
  4. Choose the option to renew the policy and review it.
  5. Make customisations, if required, and follow the prompted steps to proceed with the renewal process.

Note: Once renewed, the policy details will be sent to your registered email ID.

If you got your plan from another platform, you can fill up the lead form in the health insurance section of One of our representatives will connect with you and guide you through the renewal process.


How to File a Medical Insurance Claim in Dubai?

In the UAE, policyholders can make both cashless and reimbursement claims. Mentioned below are the general steps for both types of claims —

Cashless Claims

  1.   Go through the list of network hospitals mentioned in your policy document.
  2.   Select your preferred hospital and get in touch with its insurance help desk.
  3.   Provide your policy details and fill in the pre-authorisation form.
  4. Upon submitting the form and other details, your claim process will be initiated and the hospital bills will be directly settled between your insurance company and the hospital.

Reimbursement Claims

  1.   Notify your provider regarding the medical treatment that you want to avail of.
  2.   After the treatment from your desired hospital, settle the medical bills and collect other documents such as prescriptions, medical reports, and so on.
  3.   Download the claim form for your healthcare insurance Dubai from your provider’s website and fill it out correctly.
  4.   Submit the form and other required documents to your provider as prompted.
  5.     The concerned insurance company will evaluate your form and reimburse your bill amount.

FAQ about Health Insurance in UAE

  • Health Insurance
  • Claim
  • Coverage
Q1 - Will my health insurance remain active if my Emirates ID expires?
Ans - Yes, your medical insurance in UAE, including medical insurance in Dubai, will remain active even if your Emirates ID expires. Also, companies like Daman Health Insurance and ADNIC Health Insurance offer coverage irrespective of your Emirates ID status.
Q2 - Can I buy more than 1 Medical insurance in UAE?
Ans - No, you generally can buy up to one medical insurance policy in the UAE. Having multiple health insurance policies could result in complications in claims and coverage. Sticking to one reliable provider like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance is advisable.
Q3 - Can I cancel my Medical insurance at any time?
Ans - Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. Whether you have medical insurance in Dubai or health insurance in the UAE, you can cancel your policy according to your requirements with renowned providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance.
Q4 - Is it possible to switch to a new health insurer at any time?
Ans - Yes, it is possible to switch to a new health insurer in the UAE at any time. So, whether you are considering medical insurance in Dubai or health insurance in the UAE, providers like Daman Health Insurance and ADNIC Health Insurance allow seamless transitions between insurers for better services and coverage. However, do not simply switch to the cheapest health insurance in Dubai, pick one that meets your health requirements.
Q1 - What documents are required for a Medical insurance reimbursement claim?
Ans - Good health insurance firms in Dubai will require you to submit various documents, including medical bills, diagnostic reports, prescriptions, and invoices from healthcare providers. These documents are essential for processing claims with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance.
Q2 - How long does it take to settle a reimbursement claim?
Ans - The reimbursement claim time varies depending on factors like the complexity of the claim and the insurance provider's processing time. Usually, processing and settling reimbursement claims with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance can take a few days to a few weeks. The best health insurance firms in Dubai are also the ones who settle claims quickly and efficiently.
Q3 - In which circumstances can insurance companies deny claim requests?
Ans - Insurance companies can deny claim requests under various circumstances, including if the treatment isn't covered under the policy, if there are discrepancies in the provided information, or if the claim falls outside the policy's terms and conditions. Understanding your policy details is crucial to avoid claim denials with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance.
Q1 - How can I add more coverage to my basic standard health insurance plan?
Ans - You can enhance your basic standard plan by choosing additional coverage options offered by providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance. These options may include coverage for dental care, maternity benefits, or extended hospital stays.
Q2 - Does UAE health insurance cover all diseases?
Ans - Health insurance usually covers a wide range of medical conditions and diseases, but coverage may vary depending on the policy's terms and conditions. It's essential to review your policy details with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance to understand the extent of coverage for different diseases and conditions.

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