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The traffic rules and management system in the UAE is one of the strictest ones out there. Even the smallest violation of traffic law can land you in significant trouble and will result in a fine or confiscation of license. The black point system is the one that deals with the norms and rules set to ensure traffic safety in the country. The black point system in Dubai & UAE were initially introduced to ensure minimal road accidents and mishaps along with reduced traffic violations. Let’s understand how the black point system works, how it can affect you as a driver in the UAE and how you can reduce Black Points in the UAE on your license.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

What is Black Point System in UAE?

Think of Black Points in the UAE as penalty points that are added to your license if you violate traffic rules in the UAE. Every traffic rule in the UAE has been allotted a pre-decided number of black points already. This means that every violation will add black points to your license automatically. The maximum number of black points allowed in UAE are 24. If you have 24 black points on your license, it can be confiscated for 3 months to a year. Your license gets released in 3 months for the first 24-point penalty. The second penalty sees a confiscation of 6 months and the third time the suspension time is raised to a year. You can get your license only after taking a few mandatory tests about safe driving, prescribed by the RTA.

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Do Black Points UAE Stay Forever?

No, every year your license record is refreshed and black points are removed. So, as soon as the new year arrives, your license will be as good as new with zero black points, to begin with. Black Points in UAE are also set to the initial score of zero after license confiscation and release. Once you complete the prescribed courses for safe and responsible driving. However, even with less than 24 black points on your license in abu dhabi and dubai, you will have to pay hefty fines. Every time a black point is added, you get fined.

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How to Reduce Black Points in the UAE?

There are several ways one can go about reducing black points in the UAE. Given following are some of the top-preferred ones:

Awareness Classes for Black Point Holders

The traffic authorities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the emirates organize awareness classes to help the people in reducing black points in the UAE. Dubai police offer special driving courses to reduce black points. A course to reduce 8 black points costs around AED 200. There are several courses available with the authorities. You can choose the awareness courses as per the number of black points you have on your license.

Black Points Transfer System

If you think that the black points you have earned on your license recently were due to someone else’s fault, you can get them transferred. You simply need to reach out to Dubai police on their toll-free helpline number and raise a request for the same. The helpline can also be used for resolving any other black points-related concern as well.

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Social Media Programs

Some northern emirates such as Ras Al Khaimah have started a new initiative that increases traffic awareness through social media. You can take part in this awareness program and get your Black Points in the UAE reduced. You simply need to share traffic rule awareness videos via your social media handles and application to be a participant in this program. This program aims to create awareness for a larger group of people in a shorter period.

Safe Driving Courses

Dubai police arrange several safe driving courses for the black point offenders to attend. There are typically three types of programs available in these courses segregated based on the number of black points one has on their license. The courses can be chosen as per the number of black points you have on your license.

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Redemption Programs

Dubai police and the governing authorities from the rest of the emirates announce special discounts and redemption offers on some specific occasions. Festivals like Eid or occasions like the month of Ramadan get these special discounts on the levied fines on traffic rule violations and the redemption of Black Points in the UAE.

When Should I Consider Reducing Black Points in the UAE?

Ideally, you should consider reducing your black points right away, even when you only have 4 black points on your license. However, it is acceptable in the UAE for people with even 23 black points to drive. But know that you will be walking, or in this case driving, on very thin ice. If you have 23 black points already, consider trying one of the ways to reduce the points.

Why Should I Reduce Black Points Right Away?

You may be thinking that if it is legal to drive with a few black points, what’s the need to attend seminars and classes just to get back to zero. The important thing that every car owner should know here is that black points directly affect your car insurance prices. If you gain black points in your license, you are seen as an irresponsible driver which is a risk for the car insurance company to insure. Car insurance companies tend to offer a higher premium to vehicles and owners that are considered high-risk customers. This simply means the more black points you have on your license, the higher your car insurance premium will get. Similarly, maintain a no-black-points streak will help you get significant discounts on your car insurance premiums in UAE. So, no matter how many black points you have as of the moment, consider bringing them to zero as soon as you can.

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The system of black points in the UAE is designed to ensure traffic safety and security for all. However, not knowing how to get your black points settled can make driving a bit hard in the UAE. To make sure that you are on top of your driving and road safety game, always try and resolve your black points as soon as you get them. If it is because of a lack of a valid car insurance plan, get yours renewed, if it is due to a traffic law violation, take a safe driving seminar, etc. In short, be prompt and reduce the black points on your license before they reach a higher, more complicated number.

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