What Should You do if Your Credit Card is Stolen or Lost in UAE?

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Your credit cards fall under the category of those beloved items you would always hate to lose. A stolen or a lost credit card can cause a lot of damage, especially in the cases when your credit limit is high or you have a lot of credit available or both. It is important that you are aware of what steps you should take if your credit card in UAE is stolen or lost. Getting your credit damaged at the hands of someone else would probably not be a part of your wish list.

Reporting the Stolen or Lost Credit Card

Taking quick action is the key. First and foremost, you must report the missing credit card to the issuer. Do not waste time, call the issuer as soon as you notice that your card has gone missing.

You can find the contact number of your credit card issuer on the copy of your previous card statement. You can also use the website to report the missing credit card if you have online access for the credit card lost/stolen. It is advised to ensure that you use the official website of the issuer and not some imposter website.

While you call the credit card provider, make sure you have the following information:

  1. The account number or social security number (in case you do not have your account number, the issuer can find your account using the social security number)
  2. Date on which you figured out your credit card is missing
  3. The amount and the date on which you made your last purchase (if you are aware of it)

After reporting about your missing credit card to the issuer, it is recommended that you follow up using a letter mentioning in it that your credit card was stolen or lost. You should also include the above-mentioned information in the letter. This will act as proof that the loss has been reported from your end along with a record of the time of the report, in case this fact ever comes into question.

Protection from Unauthorized Charges

After you have reported the missing credit card in UAE, keep your eyes open for fraudulent transactions. You will not be liable to pay any amount on the unauthorized charges that are made after reporting the loss of the card. It is advised to review your billing statement properly for some months after your card goes missing, so as to catch unauthorized charges (if any) made on your credit card. If any such charges come into your notice, inform your issuer about it immediately.

Avoiding Future Loss

You must take the following actions to prevent your credit card from getting stolen or lost in the future.

  1. Stay aware of the whereabouts of your credit card all the time. Take along with you the ones that you might need and leave the rest in a safe place. Keep checking frequently that your credit cards are still with you.
  2. Carry your credit cards in a purse or a wallet instead of carrying them in your pockets directly. It is easier to slip the cards out of your pockets.
  3. Ensure your credit cards fit properly in the slots of your purse or wallet. If these slots have worn out or become loose, you should start using another wallet with proper slots that can hold your cards safely in place.
  4. If you have kept your credit cards in a bag or wallet, make sure it is closed as well as close to you. Your cards might fall out of your bags or wallets if not closed properly.
  5. Prepare a list of contacts that includes the number and name of your credit card provider. Keep this list secured so that if you ever lose your credit card, it will be easy for you to reach the provider. However, in this digital age, you can easily find online the credit card provider’s number.

In a Nutshell

Credit card theft or loss and unauthorized charges are a nightmare for the cardholders. It might lead to canceling or reissuing of the credit card in UAE. In case of a stolen or lost credit card, immediate action is the key. Make sure you report the missing card on time and keep checking for any fraudulent transaction on your billing statement. You should also take precautions to avoid any such loss in the future.

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