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Several credit cards include the Visa Signature name but it’s not clear to many people what makes them different from a standard Visa card. 

Well, visa signature is a tier of credit card which offers exclusive benefits and features above & beyond those offered to card members with standard visa credit cards. 

Moreover, the eligibility criteria required to opt for Visa Signature Credit Cards differ from bank to bank that offers the card. But the majority of the lenders require a good or excellent credit score to get visa signature credit cards. In this article, we will discuss what features and benefits you can avail from visa signature credit cards and determine how to consider these benefits when applying the credit card in UAE

Key Benefits & Features of Visa Signature Credit Cards

A standard visa credit card can offer you the perks such as a replacement of card, rental vehicle insurance, and cash during an emergency. But with the visa signature card, you can avail many extra perks along with these standard perks and privileges. Following are the key benefits offered by visa signature credit cards:

1- Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is a pay per use facility that mainly covers all services which will fix any issue with your vehicle and tow you away to the nearby service station where you can get assistance. It basically includes battery boosting, tire replacement, towing, unlocking service, emergency fuel service, etc.that's reason most people apply the credit card with roadside assistance.

2- Emergency Cash

If in case, your visa signature credit cards are lost/stolen, Visa can arrange to have cash made available to you in nearby location during an emergency. 

3- Card Replacement

Well, the replacement of card during an emergency is offered by all visa credit cards. This benefit basically offers you a replacement card within just a matter of days if, in case, your credit card gets lost/stolen. 

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4- Extended Warranted Facility 

You can purchase any item using your visa signature card and your retailer’s or manufacturer’s warranty will be doubled automatically up to a certain period of time. Usually, the majority of the visa signature credit cards provide this facility of extended warranty for up to 1 year. 

5- Rental Car Insurance

Visa Signature Credit Cards offer the benefit of rental car insurance which offers coverage for theft or vandalism & physical damage of the rental four-wheeler. However, there are some exclusions and restrictions that also apply to this benefit. For instance, you will have to decline the insurance which is offered by the rental car agencies in order to enjoy this benefit. 

6- Travel & Emergency Assistance

Without any doubt, emergency assistance can be very helpful for you in many situations. This 24x7 hotline can provide you assistance with medical and legal referrals, translation facilities, and also deliver items such as replacement tickets and lost luggage not only in the home country but all over the globe. 

7- Lucrative Perks at Luxury Hotels

The Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection is basically a group of participating luxurious hotels and resorts globally which offers its cardholders lucrative perks such as free room upgrades, complimentary Wi-Fi, food & drink coupons, early check-in, and late check-out facility, free breakfast, guarantee of best rates, etc. 

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8- Exclusive Deals on Rental Cars

Card members of visa signature credit cards can also avail best deals on rental cars from the top brands. However, these deals may differ from brand to brand. That is why it is advisable to talk to them whenever you get a car on rent. 

9- Concierge Facility

The concierge facility offered by visa signature credit cards can assist you to plan the essential steps of your trip which include making reservations at a restaurant, purchasing event tickets, and arranging a cab for commuting. Though these services may be chargeable, the help is on a complimentary basis. In a nutshell, you can make the most of your trip by availing the concierge service. 

10- Exclusive Merchant Deals

Card members of visa signature credit cards can avail of special offers and discounts when they do shopping with a few merchants. However, these offers and deals may differ from merchant to merchant and can include deals on movie tickets, rounds of golf, shopping, etc. 

11- Purchase Protection

You can get coverage against financial loss due to theft and accidental damage of items that you have purchased using the visa signature credit card within 90 days from the purchase date. 

12-  Potential Benefits of Visa Signature Credit Cards 

Although visa signature credit cards offer a wide range of standard perks and benefits, some of these visa signature cards may also offer extra perks. You can reach out to individual credit card lenders in order to find out whether they offer these benefits or not:

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13- Travel Insurance

Some of the visa signature credit cards may offer protection for unforeseen events such as trip cancellation or trip delay, loss of baggage, and travel accidents. In order to avail of the benefit of travel insurance, you will need to purchase travel tickets using your visa signature card. 

14- Return Protection

There are a few visa signature credit cards available in the UAE which includes reimbursement for eligible products that a merchant would not allow you to return after a specific period of time. 

15- Price Protection

If available, the benefit of price protection can give you a reimbursement for eligible products or items you purchase using a card which is advertised at low rates. 

Is Visa Signature Credit Card An Ideal Option For Everyone?

The additional benefits of visa signature credit cards can be a great thing to have but that does not mean this card is the right option for everyone. Generally, we simply do not advise people to apply for a card you do not require just to get extra benefits. 

Before selecting a credit card, you must consider how you will use the card instead of how you should utilize visa signature card benefits. Just think that what is the main reason for applying for a card as per your lifestyle choices. Also, do not forget to think about other things whether you are okay with a card that has an annual membership charge. If the visa signature credit card benefits suit your spending habits and lifestyle choices then it is definitely the best deal for you.

Final Words

Visa Signature Credit Cards offer additional perks and privileges beyond those offered to card members of standard visa credit cards. These perks could range from concierge services and exclusive travel offers to purchase protection and extended warranty. Though the value of all these benefits are based on your lifestyle needs, the majority of these facilities could come in handy when you need some emergency assistance. 

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