Visa Signature Credit Card Vs Visa Infinite Credit Card - Which One is Better?

By Pratima Singh
  | Published: 28 May 2021

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Each credit card comes with its own set of features and benefits based on the credit card lender that offers the card. But there may be some extra perks based on the payment network that the credit card belongs to as well. For instance, if you own a Visa credit card, if it is a part of the Visa Infinite and Visa Signature collection, as a card member, you will get a wide range of additional perks and privileges. 

Visa signature credit cards offer additional features and benefits beyond what you would find with a traditional visa card and Visa Infinite credit card is a higher tier than that. But please note that, even if you own a Visa signature or visa infinite credit cards, it does not automatically mean that you will avail of every benefit that is available on the card; because it ultimately depends on the credit card lender. So, check with your bank or lender to know about the complete benefits and the exact terms and conditions. 

In this article, we have listed out the key benefits of visa infinite & visa signature credit cards so that you can differentiate which one is better for you. 

Key Features & Benefits of Visa Signature Credit Cards

Visa signature credit cards come with a wide range of extra features and benefits. Following are some of the salient features and benefits offered by visa signature cards:

1- Roadside Assistance Facility

Car breakdown can happen anytime anywhere and during a roadside emergency, the vehicle owner feels helpless in terms of getting his/her vehicle repaired to get it moving. Thankfully, visa signature credit cards come with the benefit of round the clock roadside assistance. A 24x7 emergency support is offered in an unforeseen event of any electrical or mechanical breakdown or traffic accident of the car. This facility provides the customer with hassle-free service during car breakdown. Credit Card with Roadside assistance includes a wide range of services right from tire replacement and battery boosting to towing, emergency fuel service, and unlocking service. 

2- Rental Car Insurance

Visa signature credit cards provide the perk of rental car insurance that provides coverage for physical damage and vandalism or theft of the rental car. But please note that there are certain exclusions apply to the rental car insurance benefit. For example, you’ll have to decline the car insurance provided by the rental car companies to avail of this privilege. 

3- Emergency Cash

Visa can arrange cash to be available at a nearby location during a financial emergency within just a matter of hours of the bank’s approval. 

4- Emergency Card Replacement

You can get assistance for reporting a lost/stolen credit card, getting a replacement card within only 3-5 working days. 

5- Extended Warranty 

You can buy any item or product using visa signature credit cards and your manufacturer’s or retailer’s warranty will automatically be doubled for a maximum of one year on eligible items you buy. 

6- Purchase Protection

You can get coverage for items or products that are damaged or stolen due to covered circumstances for the initial 3 months you own  them. 

7- Baggage Delay

If your checked baggage is misdirected or delayed for over 4 hours, you can get reimbursement for necessities you buy up to $300.

8- Lost Baggage Reimbursement

If, in case, your luggage is lost/stolen, you may get reimbursement for your checked luggage, provided you have booked your airline ticket using a visa signature credit card. 

9- Delayed Trip Reimbursement

If your trip is delayed for over 12 hours from a covered incident then you can get reimbursement up to $300.

10- Travel & Emergency Assistance Facilities

When you travel anywhere throughout the world, you will have round the clock access to multilingual representatives who can sort out all of your queries and provide a referral to several services right from medical referral assistance and lost luggage assistance to an emergency transportation facility. 

11- Concierge Facility

The concierge facility provided by visa signature credit cards can help you to plan the important steps of your travel that include several things such as purchasing event tickets, making reservations at a restaurant,  and arranging a cab for transportation. You might have to pay for all these services but the assistance is free. Henceforth, you can enjoy the trip in a hassle-free manner. 

12- Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection

The visa signature luxury hotel collection is a group of participating luxurious resorts and hotels across the globe that offers the members of visa signature credit cards exclusive benefits like free Wi-Fi, complimentary room upgrades, food & drink vouchers, early check-in, and late check-out facility, complimentary breakfast, etc. 

13- Exclusive Merchant Offers & Deals

Cardholders of visa signature credit cards can enjoy exclusive deals when they shop with a few merchants. But please note that these deals and offers may vary from one merchant to another and can include deals on golf rounds, shopping, movie tickets, etc.

Other Bank of Visa Signature Credit Cards in UAE

Some Visa Signature Credit Cards in UAE
ADIB Etisalat Visa Signature Card CBD One Starter VISA Signature Credit Card
CBD VISA Signature Credit Card CBD Smiles Visa Signature Credit Card
CBD VIP Visa Signature Credit Card CBD One Plus VISA Signature Credit Card
CBD One Visa Signature Credit Card  

Key Features & Benefits of Visa Infinite Credit Cards

Visa Infinite credit cards are the highest tier you can opt for and comes with all of the benefits from visa signature credit cards. The majority of the visa infinite benefits provide a higher level of protection when compared to the visa signature credit card benefits. Just have a look at the key features and benefits of a visa infinite card:

1- Airport Lounge Access

Card members of visa infinite credit cards can enjoy VIP access to more than 1200 luxurious airport lounges globally with a priority pass. However, card members of visa signature credit cards can only avail access to a maximum of 850 airport lounges. 

2- Trip Delay Reimbursement

This benefit offered on visa infinite credit card is supplemental coverage (that means it will offer the coverage for whatever other reimbursement don’t) a maximum of $500 per ticket if, in case, your trip is delayed for more than 6 hours. 

3- Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection

In addition to the perks offered for visa signature card members, an additional Visa infinite benefit include a food voucher worth $75 or a $100 credit to utilize a spa visit, a guarantee of best rates, etc. 

Other Bank of Visa Infinite Credit Cards in UAE

Some Visa Infinite Credit Cards in UAE
FAB Infinite Credit Card CBD VISA Infinite Credit Card
Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card United Arab Bank Visa Infinite Credit Card
Emirates NBD Visa Infinite Credit Card  


Now that you know the different perks and privileges you can avail of the two-tier of visa credit cards i.e. visa signature credit cards and visa infinite credit cards. So, you can choose a card that suits your spending habits and lifestyle pattern the most. Since the terms vary by card to card, you can also contact the credit card lenders in order to verify which benefits they provide before you apply for a desirable card. 



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