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The United Arab Bank Savings Account comes with a host of exclusive benefits and privileges. The savings accounts are interest-bearing accounts.

These accounts provide the account holder with attractive rates of interest at low requirements for minimum balance and round the clock access to their accounts.

Following are the types of savings accounts offered by the United Arab Bank.

  1. UAB Savings Account
  2. UAB Ultra Savings Account

United Arab Bank Savings Account - Features and Benefits

The UAB offers various kinds of bank accounts and a host of exclusive features on these bank accounts. Here are the features and benefits offered by United Arab Bank Savings Account.

UAB Savings Account

This bank account offers attractive rates of interest to the account holder at low requirements for minimum balance. The account holder can access their accounts round the clock through the facility of electronic banking.  Following are the main features of this account.

  • Multiple Currency: This bank account is available in the UAE dirhams, Euros, and other currencies throughout the world.
  • SMS Notifications: The bank sends all the account related updates to the account holder through SMS alerts.
  • Minimum Balance: The account holder has to maintain a minimum monthly average balance worth 3000 dirhams on this savings account.
  • Withdrawal and Deposit: The facility of withdrawal and deposit can be availed at all the branches of UAB on this United Arab Bank Account.
  • E-statement: The account holder can also avail free e-statements on this account every month.
  • E-Banking Services: The account holder can avail the facility of electronic banking, which includes online banking, phone banking, cheque/cash deposit machines, and ATMs.
  • ATM Card: The bank account offers an ATM card free of cost offering access to the account round the clock through around 18 mn ATMs throughout the globe. The ATM Card by UAB is acceptable for making purchases at around 27 mn shopping outlets globally.
  • Interest Earning: The account holder earns interest on the outstanding balance on this United Arab Bank Savings Account.

UAB Ultra Savings Account

This savings bank account offers unlimited withdrawals and high-interest rate, which is paid out monthly. This account does not involve any maintenance charge and has a low fee for account opening. Following are the main features of this account in details.

  • Interest Rate: The bank offers an interest rate up to three percent per annum payable on a monthly basis.
  • Withdrawals: The account holder can enjoy unlimited withdrawals on this savings bank account.
  • Debit Card: The bank offers a free debit card with this United Arab Bank Savings Account.
  • Maintenance Charge: The account holder does not have to pay any maintenance charges on this bank account.
  • Account Opening: The bank charges a low amount from the account holder for opening this account.
  • Relationship Manager: If the account holder has a balance above 400,000 dirhams, they can enjoy a lot of Sadara benefits along with a full-time relationship manager.

UAB Islamic Savings Account

This Islamic bank account offers banking solutions that help in keeping the account holder’s funds raising in the Sharia way. The account works on the basis of the Sharia principles to meet the Islamic financial requirements of the customers. Following are the main features of this account.

  • Quick Account Opening: The bank provides easy and quick processing on this UAB Savings Bank Account.
  • Cash Control: This bank savings account has the module for controlling cash.
  • Sharia Compliance: This account offers banking solutions in compliance with the Sharia principles, which help the account holder in growing their funds in the Sharia manner.
  • Profit Distribution: The profit on this account is paid on a periodical basis as per the Mudaraba concept. According to this Mudaraba contract, the profit distribution is done in quarterly cycles.
  • E-Banking Services: The account holder can avail the facility of electronic banking, which includes online banking, phone banking, and ATMs.
  • Statement: The bank offers a complimentary account statement on this account every month.
  • Multiple Currency: This bank account is available in the various major currencies throughout the world.
  • Individual or Joint: This UAB Savings Account can be opened as both a joint account and individual savings account.
  • Debit Card: The bank offers a free debit card acceptable globally with this Islamic bank account.
  • Profit Earning: The account holder enjoys competitive profit rates on this account that helps them in saving more money.

Eligibility Criteria to Open a UAB Savings Account in UAE

The applicant has to fulfill certain eligibility criteria for opening a bank account in the UAE. Here are a few of these eligibility requirements that the applicant has to fulfill for United Arab Bank Savings Account Opening.

Savings Account Name Eligibility
UAB Savings Account
  • Residence: Both residents & non-resident individuals are eligible (including minors)
  • Minimum Average Monthly Balance: 3,000 dirhams
  • Only for individuals
UAB Ultra Savings Account
  • Nationality: Available for expats and UAE Nationals both
  • Only for individuals
  • Minimum Opening Account Required: 3,000 dirhams
UAB Islamic Savings Account
  • N/A

How to Open a United Arab Bank Savings Account?

The procedure for opening any bank account with the UAB is as easy as it can get. The applicant looking forward to open the account may use the below-mentioned channels to for open a UAB Savings Account.

Phone Banking

The applicant can call on the customer care number of the bank for putting forward their bank account opening request.

Online Banking

The bank has a user-friendly & secure net banking portal using which the applicant can avail the option of opening a suitable bank account.

Mobile Banking

The UAB has a mobile banking app that can easily be downloaded from the App Store on iOS devices and Google Play store on Android devices. The applicant may get their accounts open through the UAB mobile application.

Branch Visit

If none of these digital banking platform suits the applicant, they can visit the nearest branch of the bank with suitable documents for getting a United Arab Bank Savings Account open.

How to Close a UAB Savings Account?

For closing any bank account, the account holder will have to transfer all the existing account balance to another bank account in their name.

If there is no balance in the account, it will be closed after the closure request has been put forward. If there is some balance in the account, then it will be closed only after the balance has been transferred to another account.

The bank charges an account closure charge of 100 dirhams from the account holder for closing a UAB Savings Account.

United Arab Bank Savings Account FAQs

Q1: Can I open a bank account with United Arab Bank in any currency other than UAE dirhams?

Ans: Yes, you can open your bank account in various currencies other than the UAE dirhams including US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros, GBP currencies, and more. Other currency options can be availed on special request. The Ultra Savings Account is available only in AED.

Q2: Do I get a cheque book on the savings account?

Ans: No, the bank does not issue any cheque book on the savings account.

Q3: When does the bank charge ledger fees?

Ans: You will have to pay a ledger fee of 25 dirhams when you fail to maintain the minimum average monthly balance on your United Arab Bank Savings Account. There is no need to maintain any minimum monthly balance on the Ultra Savings account, hence there is no ledger fee charged.  

Q4: Can a company open a savings account with UAB?

Ans: No, companies are not eligible for opening any savings account with UAB. The savings accounts are only eligible for individuals (including minors in case of the simple savings account).

Q5: How is the interest calculated on the savings account by this bank?

Ans: The UAB accrues & calculates the interest based on the monthly minimum account balance. The interest is applicable on the half-yearly basis in the months of June & December. If the interest to be paid is lower than AED 10, then you won’t receive any interest on the UAB Savings Account.

Q6: How are Ultra Savings Account and Normal Savings Account different from each other?

Ans: The Ultra Savings Account is the account, which offers tiered rates of interest linked to your account balance. While in case of normal UAB savings account the interest payment is done at a common rate for all balances. This savings account promotes saving for earning higher interest.

Q7: Am I allowed to convert my normal existing savings bank account into an Ultra Savings Account?

Ans: No, you cannot make any such conversion amongst these accounts. You will have to open a new UAB Account. The account holder who already has a United Arab Bank Savings Account will have to sign a form along with latest contact details.

Q8: Am I allowed to open more than one Ultra Savings Account?

Ans: No, you can only open one Ultra Savings account under one name. However, you have the option of opening another account with some other person jointly.

Q9: What are the interest rate offered on this bank account?

Ans: Following the rates of interest offered on UAB Ultra Savings Account.

Balance Range (in dirhams) Interest Rate (percent per annum)
0 to less than 100,000 2.00
100,000 to less than 500,000 3.00
500,000 to less than one million 2.75
One million to less than 5 million 2.00
5 million to less than 10 million 1.75
More than 10 million 1.50

 (Updated on July 11, 2019)

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