United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 05 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 28 December 2020
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United Arab Bank, also known as UAB, is committed to offering superior customer experience and adopting an innovative banking approach.

The United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card sets you apart wherever you go in the world. It is one of the first vertical cards available in the region. With its unique look, it brings to you exclusive unmatched benefits and privileges.

Highlights of the United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card

  • Free for life
  • UAB Rewards
  • Car Rentals
  • Enhanced Security
  • Global Emergency Assistance

United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card Features

The key features of a UAB Platinum Card are:

Free for life

The United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card does not charge any annual membership fee to its cardholders.

UAB Rewards

Every time you use your card, UAB rewards you. You can earn up to 2.5 UAB Rewards on every $1 spent on your Platinum Card. The accumulated rewards can be redeemed across a variety of services without any blackout dates or extra taxes, such as:

  • Air tickets booking on over 900 airlines from and to anywhere
  • Hotel stays in over 200,000 properties
  • Online at the Infishop amongst over 1,000 electronic and lifestyle products available
  • In over 150 car rentals worldwide

Cash Withdrawl

If you are in the need for immediate financial funds, you can use the cash withdrawal facility provided by UAB that allows you to withdraw up to 50% of your card limit from over 1.8 million ATMs around the world.

Credit Limit Increase

The United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card allows you to temporarily increase your credit card limit for you to spend with ease by extending as per your purchase requirement.

Contactless Payment

You can easily pay as you go with the Contactless feature of the UAB Platinum Card. If the sale terminal has a contactless symbol, you can easily tap your card for the payment.

United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card Benefits

The exclusive benefits offered to the holder of a UAB Platinum Card are:

Travel Benefits

There are various travel benefits offered to the UAB Platinum Cardholder, such as:

  • You have access to the Dragon Pass ‘ Dine & Fly ‘ program with which you can enjoy great deals on airport dinings across the globe
  • Great deals and discounts when you make bookings with hotel.com
  • You have access to exclusive deals and discounts on hotel stays and vacation rentals when you book on Agoda’s website
  • You can enjoy a luxury hotel collection
  • Enjoy YQ meet and assist

Lifestyle Benefits

There are a variety of lifestyle benefits in line for the cardholder, such as:

  • Cinema discounts on VOX Cinemas of up to 50% off when you booking online (applicable on Sunday)
  • Discounts across iFly, Ski Dubai, Magic Planet and Little explorers

Extended Warranty

You can now get the value for your purchases by getting an extended warranty. This United Arab Bank Credit Card doubles the warranty period offered by the original manufacturer on the purchase made with the card.

Purchase Protection

You can shop with ease as the UAB Platinum offers protection against theft, loss or damage of the purchase made with the card.

Global Emergency Assistance

In case of emergency assistance, you can contact the dedicated Global Emergency Assitance helpline number from anywhere in the world.

To Further Conclude

The United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card offers a wide range of benefits varying from travel to lifestyle. It is the pick for someone who likes to have access to exclusive deals in a variety of services while being rewarded every time they use the card.