United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card

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The United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card is the first vertical credit card available in the whole region. Not only does this UAB credit card look unique & different but also it offers unique benefits and exciting privileges to its cardholder that other cards simply can’t match.

Features & Benefits of the United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card

United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card offers some of the best benefits and features that enable its cardholder to make the most of their card:

  • Easy Payment Plan (EPP): This UAB credit card enables its card member to convert their credit card purchase in monthly installments at 0 percent interest rate for six months. Please note that the processing fee of AED 50 or 3 percent (which is greater) will apply. However, the card member can also avail EPP plan for tenors of 9 & 12 months at 1% monthly interest rates.
  • Loan on Phone: This credit card offers the Loan on Phone (LOP) facility in the UAE at a 0 percent interest rate for six months.
  • Balance Transfer (BT): BT enables its cardholder to transfer their credit card balance from other bank’s credit card to the United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card.
  • Cash Advance: Member of this UAB credit card can withdraw instant cash of up to 50 percent of their available credit limit from more than 1.8 Million ATMs globally.
  • Credit Limit Increment: The cardholder can increase their credit limit temporarily to extend their purchase requirement & spending with the utmost ease.
  • Payment Options: The card member can make their credit card bill payment through any of the given below payment channel:
    • Through online banking
    • Through UAB branches
    • Through AI Ansari Exchange
    • Through ATM or CCDM

Rewards & Offers of the United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card

For every US $1 spent on the United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card,2 UAB Rewards’ can be earned. The card member can easily redeem their UAB rewards for

  • Flights on 900+ airlines & 200,000 hotels across the world.
  • More than 1000 lifestyle & electronic items available at the Infishop (online).
  • Car rentals for 150 destinations worldwide.

*Please note that redemptions of all UAB Rewards are inclusive of taxes and member of this card can redeem their UAB Rewards online from anywhere in the world.

*With the United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card, the cardholder can avail 30,000 UAB Rewards.

Fees & Charges of the United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card

Following are the fees & charges of the United Arab Bank Platinum Credit Card:

Description Conventional Islamic
Retail Monthly Rate 2.99% NA
Cash Advance Charge 3% with 100 AED (minimum) 100 AED
Annual Membership Fee Free for 1st year
Annual Fee from 2nd year onwards 750 AED NA
Supplementary Card Charges Free
Card Replacement Fee (lost or damaged) 75 AED
Over Limit Fee 199 AED
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Amendment Charges of Credit Card limit 50 AED
Credit Shield Insurance (CSI) Fee 0.89 percent of the outstanding amount
Duplicate Statement Charge 45 AED
Copy of Sales Voucher Fee 65 AED
Currency Conversion Charge 3%
Returned Cheque Charge 100 AED
Issuer Markup Charge 2.5%
Balance Transfer Processing Charge 300 AED or 3% 100 AED
Easy Cash Processing Charge 200 AED or 2% NA
Foreign Transaction Markup Charges 2.5%
Processing Charge on Installment Plan 50 AED NA
Other Charges (charges of card delivery, statement, change in payment due date, courier charges, etc.)  25 AED
Maximum Grace-Free Days (in case of full payment on or before the payment due date) 55 days
Minimum Due Payment On Balance 5%

*The applicant can apply for a Free for life UAB Platinum Credit Card. This offer is valid till 30th, June 2019.

*The annual membership fee for one year will be reversed on spending 10000 AED in a year.