UNB Titanium Credit Card

About UNB Titanium Credit Card

The UNB Titanium Credit Card is a reward card offered by the Union National Bank. It offers UNBmiles that enable its cardholder to earn cash back while spending with this UNB credit card. In addition to this, it offers exciting travel & lifestyle benefits to its card member, enabling them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Benefits & Features of the UNB Titanium Credit Card

Following are the main benefits & features of the UNB Titanium Credit Card:

Travel Privileges

  • Complimentary Lounge Access: With this UNB credit card, primary as well as a supplementary cardholder can enjoy unlimited complimentary access at over 10 airport lounges. This free privilege can be availed across GCC including Jordan, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, & Egypt.
  • 0 Percent Interest on all Travel Purchases: Member of this card can convert their travel purchases (such as air tickets & hotels) into convenient monthly installments at 0 percent for three months. Best of all, the cardholder is not required to pay any processing fee to avail this privilege.
  • Discount with Careem Rides: With this card, the card member can avail 20% off on three Careem Rides every month. Please note that this discounted offer is valid for booking through ‘Careem Mobile App’

Lifestyle Privileges

  • 50 Percent Value Back on Cinema: With this UNB credit card, the cardholder can avail 50 percent ‘value back’ on Cinema spend worldwide. The cardholder can avail maximum value back up to 125 AED (per month) in the form of UNBmiles on a minimum monthly spend of 1500 AED on this card.
  • Complimentary Auto Registration or Renewal Services: Member of this card can enjoy complimentary auto registration or renewal services annually. Additionally, the cardholder can avail round the clock emergency roadside assistance across the UAE. These free services include accident recovery, minor mechanical assistance, battery boosting, lock service, towing, emergency fuel service, & fixing a flat tire.
  • Balance Transfer: This credit card offers its cardholder balance transfer (BT) facility. Though this, the card member can easily transfer their credit card balance from other bank’s credit card to this card within six months of this card’s issuance date. The cardholder can enjoy installments for up to six months at 0 percent interest rate along with a 2 percent processing fee.
  • Easy Payment Plan (EPP): The cardholder can convert their credit card purchases into easy & convenient monthly installments for up to six months at 0 percent interest rate. Member of this card can convert their purchases across more than 30 well-known brands in famous retail categories including hotels, travel, electronics, jewelry, and more.

Rewards & Offers of the UNB Titanium Credit Card


Category Amount Spend (in AED)

Local Spends 1 1.5
International Spends 1 3

Minimum spend of 500 AED (per month) is required in order to earn UNBmiles.

Joining Bonus: The cardholder can earn 400 AED on a minimum retail spend of 4000 AED within 1st ‘60 days’ from the issuance date of the card. Additionally, member of this card can avail extra 100 AED for any utility bill payment via UNInet within 1st ‘60 days’ from the issuance date of the card.

Note: The cardholder who is under a special pricing program (Titanium Power Card) will not be eligible for signup bonus as well as UNBmiles rewards.

Eligibility Criteria & Charges of UNB Titanium Credit Card

Income Eligibility: 5000 AED per month.

Fees & Charges of the UNB Titanium Credit Card


Description Charges
Annual Membership Fee NIL
Annual Fee For Supplementary Card (4 Free) 105 AED
Cash Advance (p.m.) Starting from 3.25 percent
Interest Rate On Point Of Sale (p.m.) Starting from 3.19 percent
Cash Withdrawal Charges 105 AED or 3.15 percent (whichever is greater)
Late Payment Charge 241.50 AED
Over-Limit Charge 210 AED
Foreign Transaction Charges 2.99 percent
Charges of Card Replacement 78.75 AED
Duplicate Statement Charge 47.25 AED
Copy Request Charge 68.25 AED
Credit Shield Insurance (p.m.) 0.935 percent
Charges for Payment at exchange houses 5.25 AED per transaction
Charges for AED transaction outside the UAE 2.1 percent
Liability/ No Liability Letter 52.50 AED


Additional Benefits

  • Buy one, get one Offers: Member of this UNB credit card can avail hundreds of complimentary buy one, get one offers across dining, spas, and hotels throughout the Middle East & Africa.
  • Discounts: The cardholder can enjoy exciting offers of up to 40 percent discount across top-known brands all over the UAE.