UNB Egypt Air Credit Card

About UNB Egypt Air Credit Card

The UNB Egypt Air Credit Card is available in two variants i.e.  UNB Egypt Air Classic  Credit Card & UNB Egypt Air Gold Credit Card. This UNB credit card offers a reward program that enables the card member to earn Egypt Air reward points.

It is basically a co-branded card that enables a frequent flyer to enjoy financial freedom while earning exciting privileges & rewards using the UNB Egypt Air Credit Card.

Features & Benefits of the UNB Egypt Air Credit Card

Following are the key features & benefits of the UNB Egypt Air Credit Card:

  • No Annual Charge: This UNB credit card doesn’t charge annual fee.
  • Balance Transfer: The cardholder can easily transfer their credit card outstanding balance from other bank’s card to the UNB Egypt Air Credit Card. The balance transfer (BT) feature of this UNB card offers a rate of a maximum of 0.69 percent (per month) for tenors up to 36 months (for expatriates) & 48 months (for UAE nationals). Please note that the minimum balance transfer amount should be 2000 AED. Also, UAE Nationals should not be 65+ years old & expats should not be 60+ years old at tenor maturity.
  • 0 Percent Interest on Egypt Air Tickets: The cardholder can enjoy 0 percent interest on Egypt Air tickets for up to six months.
  • Free Emergency Medical Assistance: Member of this card can enjoy complimentary emergency medical assistance in Egypt.
  • Complimentary Online & Mobile Banking: This UNB credit card has an amazing online & mobile banking feature that enables the cardholder to make online transactions and manage their account conveniently.
  • Free SMS Notifications & e-Statements: It offers free e-statement as well as SMS notifications so that the member of this card can check the complete history of their previous transactions.
  • 24x7 Service: This UNB credit card offers round the clock access to Call Centre so that the cardholder can resolve their issues anytime and anywhere in the world.

Rewards & Offers of the UNB Egypt Air Credit Card

The cardholder can earn ‘1 Egypt Air Reward Point’ for every 1 AED spent with the UNB Egypt Air Credit Card.

Eligibility & Charges of the UNB Egypt Air Credit Card

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant must be earning a minimum of 5000 AED per month to be eligible for this UNB credit card.
  • The applicant should be employed at the current employer for a minimum of six months (with confirmation).

Fees & Charges of the UNB Egypt Air Credit Card


Description Charges
Annual Membership Fee NIL
Annual Fee For Supplementary Card (4 Free) 105 AED
Cash Advance (p.m.) Starting from 3.25 percent
Interest Rate On Point Of Sale (p.m.) Starting from 3.19 percent
Late Payment Charge 241.50 AED
Over-Limit Charge
  •             AED - UNB Egypt Air Classic Credit Card
  •            210 AED -  UNB Egypt Air Gold Credit Card
Foreign Transaction Charges 2.99 percent
Charges of Card Replacement 78.75 AED
Duplicate Statement Charge 47.25 AED
Copy Request Charge 68.25 AED
Credit Shield Insurance (p.m.) 0.935 percent
Charges for Payment at exchange houses 5.25 AED per transaction
Charges for AED transaction outside the UAE 2.1 percent
Liability/ No Liability Letter 52.50 AED