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With the holiday season approaching, most of us have already made a picture of how perfect our vacation will be. Going across the globe to meet new people or friends and to enjoy the new festivities is common; however, it can get expensive when it comes to traveling during the peak holiday season.

The good news is, if you are holding travel credit cards, you may be able to use them to save on your holiday expenses. Hang on and read further to find out how your credit card can save you big time on your travel.

Redeem Credit Card Points for Air Miles or Hotel Stays

If the credit card you are holding is one of the travel credit cards available in the market, it is possible to redeem your points against complimentary or discounted air flights or hotel stays. In order to take full advantage of the best travel credit card rewards program, you should be aware of how to maximize the rewards you earn and how to redeem these rewards wisely. If you are loyal to a particular hotel chain, signing up for such a hotel’s rewards credit card is a good idea as this could help you earn deals on the bookings faster.

It is also advised to opt for travel credit cards that do not have any blackout dates if you want to redeem your rewards during the holiday season. This is because some rewards programs restrict you from traveling during the peak season.

A lot of credit cards out there not only offer rewards in the form of miles or points for travel, but they also provide you with other travel-related perks that could help you save plenty of costs. For instance, someof the top travel credit cards offer you complimentary access to airport lounges. Other cards offer you free WiFi service, or access to attractions, or discounts on taxi rides, or statement credit for airline fees, and many other things depending on the provider.

You should be aware of the process of availing any such perks offered by your credit card before getting on that flight so that you can make the best use of it while you are away.

Make Use of the Insurance Provided By Your Credit Card

When you travel, there are a variety of insurances that you might feel the pressure to purchase. You may be offered trip cancellation insurance in case you cannot travel at the last minute. If you rent a car while you are away, you may be asked to buy car rental insurance in order to cover you against any loss in case anything happens to the car. Buying any such insurance can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary.

Many travel credit cards offer you insurance for your trip inconvenience, rental vehicle, and even for other things such as emergency evacuation in case of any medical issue arising when you are away. Before you go ahead and buy any insurance, you should find out the kind of protection your travel credit cards are offering. If you skip travel insurance and make use of the insurance provided by your credit card provider, you will save the expenses involved. 

In a Nutshell

The holiday season can be an expensive time of the year, and it is not a good idea to pay more for trips than required. By using the best travel credit card in a wise manner, you can cut down your travel costs. This also gives you an extra budget to spend on fun activities with your travel companions and gifts for your loved ones.

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