Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in a Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is one of the most preferred low-risk financial investment options. You can invest in fixed deposits with long-term financial goals to gain a good interest amount and increase your savings. However, if you are new to investing, you may end up making a few mistakes. Such mistakes can hamper your ability to make more through your investments.

In this post, we will list down the mistakes that others make while investing in a fixed deposit. You must be aware of these risks so that you make better investment decisions and start earning from your savings.

Common Mistakes Not to Make When Investing in a Fixed Deposit

Here is the list of common mistakes made by multiple investors while investing their savings in a fixed deposit account.

1. Not Performing Thorough Research

People usually do not perform thorough research before they invest in any scheme. Make sure you do not make this mistake and explore all the possible fixed deposit investment options that come with considerable gains. This helps you have in-depth knowledge of the market, the features and benefits of fixed deposits and the different interest rates offered. Once you have compared all your options in terms of benefits and returns, you can make an informed decision by choosing the best fixed deposit scheme to invest in. 

2. Lack of Investment Goals

Investing your funds in a fixed deposit scheme with no initial investment goals can end up disappointing you. Moving further with some goals helps you have a clear image in your mind of what you want to achieve. People could invest in fixed deposits with different goals such as wedding, child’s education, retirement, higher education, vacation and more. You must also have an aim or a cause to develop an effective investment strategy for better returns. 

3. Not Keeping an Eye on Investment

Investing your funds is just the beginning. You must monitor their performance periodically to know the direction they are leading in. This helps you protect your savings from market fluctuations and other precarious scenarios. Make sure you keep a clear record of your fixed deposit returns and pay attention to bank statements and passbook entries of your fixed deposit account.

4. Investing Only in One Fixed Deposit Option

You may end up losing your money if you invest all your money in one fixed deposit scheme. You must consider knowing the benefits of multiple fixed deposit schemes and try to invest in FDs with different terms. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both long-term and short-term fixed deposit schemes. Make sure you explore all your options and choose the ones that come with higher interest rates. 

5. Avoiding Inflation

Not considering the inflation rates of different commodities is one of the most common mistakes that investors make. The fluctuating rates of commodities and services impact the interest rates on various financial resources available in the market. Make sure you study the inflation rates before investing in a fixed deposit scheme to make sure that you get the value of money after the FD tenure. You can also use online FD calculators to evaluate the precise amount of returns on your investments.

6. Not Keeping Aside Insurance

Whether you have invested in one or multiple FDs, you must keep an insurance policy aside. These policies help you secure the financial future of your loved ones in unfortunate events. Another best part about buying an insurance policy is that you always have a backup option, and if anything goes wrong, you need not break your investments. You can use your insurance policy to deal with your financial crisis.

7. Paying in Advance

Some financial institutions ask for different charges or an amount in advance before you make an official investment. Make sure you do your homework before handing over that amount. This will save you from suspicions or fraudulent activities. Moreover, you will be aware of the trending rates, so you will not end up paying more. 


Make sure you keep in mind these pointers so that you do not make these mistakes as others do. Avoiding these mistakes can help you earn more rewards and gain more profits from your fixed deposit investments. 

You can also contact our experts to know more about your investment options and find the best-fit fixed deposit scheme based on your financial needs. Our team will help you learn about various benefits and features of your chosen fixed deposit scheme and enable you to make the right financial decision.

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