Top 5 Travel Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Trip Plan

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Each one of us dreams of going on our dream vacation but what would make this dream even better is that if we could do it without spending a huge fortune. If we could take a jungle safari in Africa, hike across the Hawaiian mountains and explore the Grand Canyon in the United states but also save money while doing it, life would be perfect!


Our travel goals keep us driven towards working hard and saving more. One way to save is to get more out of your travel credit cards. Encash the travel miles and rewards on your travel credit cards to save on hotel and flight bookings. Hence, in order to gather those souvenirs from across the globe while travelling as cheaply as possible, one needs to ace their negotiation skills, be a little more flexible as well as explore the internet to find websites that can enable you to save some cash apart from utilizing the benefits of your travel credit cards.

Read on to find some of the most useful tips that’ll save you money on your next vacation:

1. Early bookings:

Avid travelers across the globe vouch for making booking for your trip on a Sunday, six to ten weeks prior to your travel plans using your travel credit cards to save big bucks. This is a neat hack since many travel agencies adjust their plans and their prices during this time and you can grab the best offers by making bookings at this blessed hour. So, the age-old saying- “the early bird gets the worm,” does stand true!

2. Track prices using notifications:

Lodging and flying are two of the most expensive parts of making travel plans. Finding a cheap hotel or a cheap flight and sometimes require the master skills of a stock trader. It requires extensive research but not to worry because it is indeed possible! All you have to do is find out which are the season when the tickets are the cheapest. This way you can easily get a bargain. Furthermore, choose to get email notifications from your favourite airlines and hotels to keep a track of the prices and strike gold every time the prices go down using your travel credit cards.

3. Avoid airport currency exchanges:

Another way to save a lot of money while travelling abroad is to avoid using the currency exchange counter at the airport. Airports are infamous for making an exuberant amount of money from their exchanges due to the extremely high markup. So the ideal case scenario is to plan ahead and exchange the currency back home using your travel credit cards in advance. If you have some time, it is even better to explore the exchange rates online to buy the currency you need when it's the cheapest.

4. Explore multiple booking websites:

In order to get the best deals while making reservations, it is advisable to explore multiple websites rather than sticking to just one booking website since they already have all your relevant information saved. Look around before you make your final decision.

Here’s another related hack that most people aren’t aware of. Among the most effective and easiest ways to get a cheap deal on flight tickets is to always search using the incognito mode of your browser. Additionally, one can even set the country of origin to a developing nation while still keeping the prices in your preferred currency. Doing so will make sure that you  get the cheapest possible tickets that you can book using your travel credit cards.

5. Capitalize on travel credit cards:

Lastly but certainly the most important hack to travelling cheap lies in the plastic card in your wallet. Along with making the most of the flight deals and being flexible towards your travel expectations, using the numerous rewards that accompany your travel credit cards is the best travel tip anyone can give you. 

Travel credit cards enable the cardholder to earn rewards even on mundane everyday purchases like filling the fuel tank, buying groceries etc. These rewards can be further redeemed when you book flights or hotels on your next trip. As long as you are disciplined in your repayment schedule, your credit card rewards can be a useful tool in getting the travel junky within you the best deals!


The Bottom Line

Recent social media trends have awakened the travel enthusiast in all of us, setting major travel goals in each of our bucket lists. However, this goal often remains just a dream for many due to the costs associated with travelling. Use the above-mentioned tips and tricks to get the best price and enjoy a revitalizing vacation. Travel credit cards act as another boon in disguise to such individuals who wish to go around the globe living their lives to the fullest!


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