Top 5 Credit Cards with Cinema Offers in UAE

By Kapil Dwivedi
  | Published: 31 May 2019 | Last Updated On: 09 September 2021

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Movie tickets take a good part of your salary when you are a movie lover. Every time there is a new movie the cinema, you feel like you have to see it. After all, purchasing tickets has become simple due to the availability of free credit cards in UAE. But this seemingly innocent hobby of yours is starting to strain your pockets. You are dolling out hefty sum just to watch a 120 minutes, approximately, performance.

That’s why, to curb the expenditure, you can use the promotions and offers by the credit cards. Most of the credit card offer ‘buy one get one free’ while purchasing movie tickets. Therefore, below is the list of top five credit cards that offers you the best cinema discounts. The list of the best credit card offers for cinema will be put according to the particular theatres in the UAE.

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VOX Cinemas

  • NAJM Credit cards- NAJM credit card is one of the best in term of cinema offers in VOX cinemas. When you use your NAJM credit card at VOX cinemas to purchase a movie ticket, you get the second one free without any terms and conditions.
  • ADCB Touch Points Credit Card- When you use ADCB touch points credit card to buy movie ticket at VOX cinemas through VOX cinemas mobile app or the website com, you get the second ticket completely free.
  • HSBC Credit Cards- Anytime you buy a movie ticket using HSBC credit cards in VOX cinemas, you get the second one absolutely free.
  • Simplylife Family Credit Card- Simplylife family credit card offer 50% off on movie tickets when you use Simplylife family credit card to buy tickets at VOX cinemas. It should be noted that the ticket should be purchased through the VOX cinemas mobile app or through the website at com for the discount to be effective.
  • Citibank Credit Cards- Citibank credit cards offers the same ‘buy one get one free’ movie tickets in VOX cinemas.

NOVO Cinema

  • Simplylife Family Credit card- Spend more than AED 1500 using the Simplylife family credit card and get 2 movie tickets free every month. These free tickets can be availed anywhere in NOVO cinemas throughout UAE.

Reel Cinemas

  • Emirates Credit Cards- Swiping your Emirates NBD visa infinite, Signature and Master card world credit cards will get you ‘buy one get one’ offers on movie tickets in Reel cinemas. This offer has a monthly limit of 3 free tickets across standard plus 2D and 3D, MX4D, platinum suites 2D and 3D and Dolby plus.
  • Standard Chartered Credit Cards-Standard chartered offers the ‘buy one get one’ movie tickets. Reel cinemas offer a maximum of 4 free movie tickets every month with the swiping of Standard chartered credit cards. There are terms and conditions applied too. Although 4 free tickets are offered every month, maximum of 3 free tickets can be used per movie session. Also, a maximum of 8 tickets (4 free) can be purchased per card per month.
  • HSBC credit cards- HSBC black credit card holders offer a maximum of 4 free movie tickets every month. The movie tickets can be used in MX4D, Screen X, Standard 2D, Standard Plus 2D, Standard 3D, Standard Plus 3D, Platinum Suites 2D, Platinum Suites 3D, Dolby ATMOS. The merchant also supplies the customer with a free movie ticket with the same value. The HSBC premier credit card offers 2 free movie tickets every month. These free tickets can be used in Standard 2D, Standard Plus 2D, Standard 3D, Standard Plus 3D. Also, the merchant will offer a free movie ticket of the same value to the cardholder. While the HSBC advance credit card offers 2 free movie tickets every months. These tickets can be used in Standard 2D, Standard Plus 2D, standard 3D. The customers with this credit card will also receive a free movie ticket from the merchant itself.

NOTE: This offer is valid till 30 July, 2019 on mobile app and online only.

  • Citibank Credit Cards- The credit cards that are eligible for the offers are Citi prestige and Emirates-Citibank Ultima. The free tickets can be used in four locations of the Reel cinemas. These locations are Dubai Marina Mall, the Dubai Mall, the Springs souk and the Al Ghurair Centre. These locations offer discounts in food and beverages too. The free movie tickets can be used in Standard and Standard Plus 2D and 3D, Platinum suites 2D, Platinum suites 3D, Screen X, Dolby Plus and MX4D. The ‘buy one get one’ offers will be applicable on the first two movie tickets of the calendar month only. The offer will be available on mobile app, Digi kiosk and website bookings only, while the offer on food and drinks will be at the Digi kiosk directly.

NOTE: Citibank can revoke the offer anytime without any prior notice.

Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

Top 5 Credit Cards with Cinema Offers in UAE

Bank Credit Card Name Annual Fee (AED) Minimum Salary (AED) View Quotes
Emirates Islamic Bank Emirates Islamic Bank Etihad Guest Platinum 199 8000
FAB FAB Cashback Card 315 5000
Citibank Citibank Citi Prestige Card 1500 30000
CBD CBD Super Saver 420 8000
Standard Chartered Standard Chartered Bank Manhattan Platinum 525 8000

In Conclusion

Frequently check the promotions and discounts to enjoy your hobby without any pressure on your wallet. Before buying a movie ticket, check the website of the theaters for any available offer. Keeping a tab on the website will help you save some money too while enjoying your movie. You can also compare best credit cards in UAE to find out which free credit cards in UAE offer best offers on cinemas.


Which credit card is the best for movie tickets?

Some of the best credit cards in the UAE for movie tickets are:

  • Najm Credit Cards
  • ADCB Touchpoint credit card
  • HSBC credit card
  • HDFC credit card
  • CitiBank credit card
  • Simply life credit card
  • Emirates NBD Visa Infinite credit card
  • Mashreq NOVO Credit card
  • Standard Chartered credit card
How can I get a discount on the VOX cinema?

Credit card providers such as Najm, ADCB, HSBC, CitiBank, and Simply life Family Credit Card offer ‘Buy 1 get 1’ schemes or cash backs or discounts. To avail of these offers, purchase VOX cinema tickets using your credit card and receive benefits. Besides, some credit cards also provide 2 free VOX cinema free tickets monthly on minimum monthly spending. You can use these offers to get discounts or free VOX cinema movie tickets.


How much does a movie ticket cost in Dubai?

Usually, an adult movie ticket costs AED 55, and a children’s movie ticket cost AED 35 in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

How can I get a free movie ticket in the UAE?

Some credit cards offer you monthly free movie tickets on making a minimum purchase using your credit card. You can search among the aforementioned credit card providers to find the most suitable credit card to get free movie tickets in the UAE.