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Most Popular Credit Card in UAE
When it comes to applying for a credit card in the UAE, no search is complete without at the very least, a cursory glance at the exciting and captivating card benefits being offered. While it is not wise for one to solely base their search for the best credit card offers in the UAE on such benefits, certain card benefits do have the power to turn heads and change minds.

In no particular order, here are some of the most sought after card benefits that customers can’t help but fantasize about when applying for a credit card in the UAE:

Cash Back

Aptly named, the cash back benefit functions as a highly effective tool for cardholders to save, by offering a certain percentage of the transaction amount back to the cardholder. Some of the best credit card offers in the UAE even include enormous double-digit cash back percentages on daily expenses such as grocery shopping. Applicants should keep in mind when applying for a credit card in the UAE that cash back deals are typically restricted by the category of purchase and monthly caps.
Example: Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card
What it Offers: 10% cashback on grocery shopping, school expenses and utility bill payments.

Air Miles

For frequent travellers, having an air miles earning card is an absolute necessity. The best credit card offers in the UAE not only allow the cardholder to earn air miles for every purchase made with the card, but also provide thousands of bonus miles as part of their welcome gifts and anniversary gifts. Furthermore, partnerships such as the ‘one world alliance’ even allow cardholders to transfer earned miles to dozens of other partnered airlines.
Example: Emirates Islamic Skywards Infinite Credit Card
What it Offers: Up to as many as 2 Skywards Miles for every US $1 spent with the card.

Grocery Discounts

Day to day expenses can be expertly managed and even eradicated to a great degree with store-partnered credit cards. Customers looking to apply for a credit card in the UAE that helps them save on one particular convenience store should seriously consider store-partnered cards over cash back ones, as they offer much bigger discounts and more lenient monthly restrictions. The downside of such a card is that it is most useful in specific situations only, such as when shopping in the same store.
Example: ADCB LuLu Platinum Card
What it Offers: Up to 5 LuLuPoints for every AED 1 spent across any LuLu store in the UAE.

Road Transport Benefits

Certain cards take it upon themselves to make local travel within the UAE as convenient and pocket-friendly as possible. The best credit cards offered in the UAE for local travel can function as both a credit card and an NOL card as well. Such cards allow the customer to access local transport, to save on fuel expenses and to utilize the card’s credit limit for larger purchases.
Example: Emirates Islamic RTA Card
What it Offers: 10% cash back on RTA and fuel expenses. Dual functionality as a credit card and NOL card, allowing cardholders to charge NOL and Salik accounts directly through the card.

Lifestyle Benefits

One cannot apply for a credit card in the UAE without running into some form of lifestyle benefit. And some cards turn their focus entirely to lifestyle benefits, offering cardholders limitless opportunities to experience the numerous events and attractions that UAE has to offer. Lifestyle benefits may present themselves in the form of movie tickets, golfing, dining, spa and massage treatments and much more.
Example: Citibank Citi Prestige Card
What it Offers: Complimentary golf access, free movie tickets, international concierge services and discounts on casual and fine dining.

Travel & Tourism

These cards combine lifestyle and travel benefits to offer unparalleled touring experiences. From complimentary multi-trip travel insurance to free stays at luxury hotels and apartments around the globe, the best credit card offers in the UAE allow customers to live and travel like a king anywhere in the world.
Example: ADIB Edge Card
What it Offers: Rewards points that can be redeemed for flight tickets, hotel bookings and retail shopping. Roadside assistance, luxury hotel discounts, airport lounge access and multi-trip travel insurance is also offered.

Rewards Programs

Customers that cannot find their preferred choice of card benefits may instead opt for a rewards credit card for greater variety and flexibility in redemption. Usually, cardholders are automatically enrolled in the rewards program from the moment they successfully apply for the credit card in the UAE. Rewards programs offer the cardholder loyalty points which can be redeemed for annual fee waivers, retail purchases, cash back and a lot more.
Example: CBD Titanium MasterCard
What it Offers: This card enrols the cardholder into the CBD Rewards program. Cardholders can redeem their CBD rewards for airline tickets, tour packages, online shopping and donations to charity. Cardholders may also transfer the points to either Emirates Skywards Miles or Etihad Guest Miles loyalty programs.

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