Supplementary Credit Card - What is it and How it Works?

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Has it ever happened to you that your family member and you need the credit card at the same time, or a family member is going out of town for some days and you want to give them your credit card but you cannot because you need it too? There might have been times when you are at someplace with your credit card while your family member needs it. To avoid such situations, the bank offers you supplementary credit cards, also known as add-on cards. 

What is a Supplementary Credit Card?

As the name suggests, it is an additional card provided by the bank on your existing credit card. The supplementary credit card works like the original credit card and can be used for online and offline expenditures. It allows you to share the benefits of your credit card with family members. A supplementary credit card is also beneficial if you are frequently away from family. You can apply for the supplementary credit card for your family members above the age of 12 or as per the terms and conditions attached to the card. A supplementary credit card can be issued by a bank for your house help as well. The bank permits you to request more than 1 supplementary credit card. The limit on the number of cards varies from one bank to another. 

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How does Supplementary Credit Card work in UAE?

The working of supplementary credit cards in the UAE is similar to that of credit cards. As a primary cardholder, you can add an authorized user such as a family member or a friend to your credit account. The bank will then issue an additional card in the name of the authorized user with a unique credit card number and details but the account will be managed by you. The authorized user can make purchases through the credit card which will be reflected in the credit card bill addressed to you. You can share this card with your parents, spouse, or child allowing them to spend without asking you for money regularly. 

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Will, it cost extra?

While a few banks in the UAE charge a fairly low joining fee to issue a supplementary credit card, most of the banks provide this service for zero joining fee. Besides, you will not require paying any additional annual fee or maintenance charges on your card. Also, your annual fee on a primary credit card will not be affected by this in any way.

Benefits of Supplementary Credit Card in UAE

Some banks in UAE offer the same benefits on your additional card as your primary credit card while others might offer fewer features. However, there are several banks that provide some added benefits to supplementary credit cards as well. Some assured benefits that come along with supplementary card are:

Monitoring Usage for Supplementary Credit Card

Since the expenditure of supplementary credit cards is included in your primary credit card bill, you can keep a track of expenditure on the card. If you are issuing a card for your child, it might be necessary to monitor their usage every time the card is swiped. With an easy monitoring option, you can keep an eye on each transaction. 

Freedom for your loved ones 

Providing a supplementary credit card to your parents, spouse, or child allows them to spend money on their needs without asking you for it again and again. Besides, this can be a good method to make your children independent and smart spenders.

Fixing Credit Limit in UAE

The credit limit on your supplementary credit card is borrowed from your primary credit account. Your credit limit is divided into two cards. The bank gives you the authority to decide how much of your credit limit you want to spare for your add-on card. This means that you will have absolute control over your additional card as well.

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Eligibility and Applying for Supplementary Credit Card

There is no additional credit card eligibility requirement in UAE for a supplementary credit card. You are eligible for a supplement credit card if you already possess a credit card from the same bank or have signed up for one. Usually, at the time of signing up for a credit card in the UAE, the bank may ask you if you want to add a supplementary card or authorize a user credit card. In case the bank did not ask or you did not choose that option, here is how you can apply for a supplementary credit card in UAE:

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  1. You can apply for the card offline by visiting your nearest branch with your credit card number, residential proof, and ID proof, supplementary card applicant’s ID proof, and address proof.
  2. Visit your bank’s website or app and apply for a supplementary credit card.
  3. You can also visit to apply for it.

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Precautions of Supplement Credit Card

While a supplementary credit card is a good way of distributing the finances among your family members and giving them the freedom to spend, there are some factors you need to be wary of before applying for it:

  • It goes without saying that you should only issue supplementary credit cards for those you can completely trust with money.
  • In case of careless spending by the authorized user, you may not be able to repay the bank on time which will hamper your credit score.
  • The credit limit on your primary card will be reduced since it will be shared with a supplementary credit card.

If used carefully, a supplementary credit card can help you in tracking your financial expenditure and share money with your family. 


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