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This Standard Chartered Credit Card offers a maximum value back of 7.5 percent on shopping. The card member can avail a host of possibilities as well as exciting privileges on the Shukran Titanium Card. Cardholders  can earn Shukrans while shopping with partner outlets while enjoying Shukrans on the shopping done with non-Shukran partner outlets.

Benefits and Features of Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card

Here’s a rundown on the benefits and features of this Standard Chartered credit card UAE.

Free Lounge Access

Add a pinch of comfort and luxury in your travel with the standard chartered Titanium credit card. The Credit Card members can avail access to over 10 airport lounges in different cities right on a complimentary basis in the middle east.  They just have to present their Shukran Titanium Card at the airport lounge to avail this offer.

Balance Transfer

Card members can pay off their card balance using the Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit card and experience the convenience of paying back in monthly instalments. With the balance transfer facility debtors can clear their outstanding financial obligations by transferring the amounts to their new account and repaying them at lower rates of interest.  Following are the benefits of the balance transfer facility:

  1. It does not need any income-related paperwork.
  2. It offers an attractive rate of interest.

Fixed Payment Plan

The cardholder can avail an instant loan equal to their available credit limit. This SC credit card offers fixed payment plan to its cardholders which enables them to convert their large purchases into equated monthly instalments at a wide range of vendors. The cardholder can repay it later in instalments. This feature allows users to make hefty payments using their credit card which can be later paid by breaking the total amount into small easily payable instalments making it convenient for the buyer to make purchases. The repayment of the loan can be made in simple instalments of a maximum of 48 months. There is no requirement of any document or application form to avail this facility.

0 percent Instalment Plan

The cardholder can opt for a 0% Instalment Plan to pay for their purchases of 1,000 AED and above in six or twelve simple monthly instalments. This feature allows users to make purchases of AED 1000 using their credit card which can be later paid by breaking the total amount into small easily payable instalments making it convenient for the buyer to make purchases. They will have to pay no interest on these instalments, only a minimal processing fee will be charged.

Smart Payment Plan

The cardholder can transfer funds available to the bank account of their choice from their Shukran card, so as to spend freely. It takes only a call or tap to request for this service. The repayments can be made conveniently at low-interest rates. 

Cash Advance

In times of emergency, there is often no better substitute for quickly available cash, and that is exactly what the standard chartered credit card cash advance feature offers. The cardholder can use this Shukran Card for withdrawing cash equal to the available cash limit through any ATM with the logo of MasterCard worldwide. The process takes minutes, and involves minimal paperwork.

Mobile Payments

The current era of digitization has entirely transformed the way people make payments. With the Standard Chartered credit cards users can make digital payments in two ways. They can make use of their credit cards a and use mobile payments. Just by tapping their smartphone on a contactless terminal, the cardholder can make payments using Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and MasterPass.

Credit Shield Insurance

If any unfortunate event occurs in the future, the CSI (Credit Shield Insurance) offers financial security to the cardholder and their family. With credit shield facility, the standard chartered Credit Card member gets an option to get the outstanding balance on their credit card waived off. The benefit can be availed in case of an unforeseen incident of permanent disability and death due to any cause. Credit shield also provides coverage against Loss of Employment. In the case of hospitalization, it provides cash benefit. The credit shield facility is similar to insurance coverage that offers financial protection in case of unforeseen events.

3D Secure

The 3D Secure feature provides an additional authenticity while shopping online through websites having MasterCard Secure Code or Verified by Visa sign. This primarily acts as a security measure that helps to reduce fraudulent transactions and online theft.

Rewards and Offers on Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card

Some rewards and offers on this Standard Chartered Bank UAE Credit Card are as follows.

Earning Shukrans

The card member can earn Shukrans while shopping with partner outlets, The best part about Shukrans is that cardholders get to earn them even while shopping with non-partnered outlets. The rate at which Shukrans are issued is lower for non-partnered outlets and stores.

Instant Rewards

The card member can spend the Shukrans available instantly to purchase home furnishing, apparels, footwear, kidswear, and much more. The cardholder can also redeem the Shukrans earned at any participating Shukran partners. The Shukrans earned can be used at more than 44 brands & 588 stores.

2 Times Fun

The cardholder can avail more than 500 Buy one Get one free, travel and entertainment offers using the MasterCard For You App.

Good Life Privileges

The card member may also avail a variety of exciting privileges that include offers, discounts, easy payment plans, rewards, and more with participating partners through this Shukran Titanium Card.

Fees and Charges on Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card

Fees & charges of this Standard Chartered Credit Card UAE are as follows:

Fees & Charges Amount
Annual Fee on Primary Card 157.50 AED
Annual Fee on Supplementary Cards First two cards: Free, 3rd card onwards: 105 AED
Finance Charges for Retail Transactions 3.25%
Finance Charges for Cash Transactions 3.09%
Over-limit Fees 236.25 AED
Late Payment Fees 241.50 AED

Additional Benefits on Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card  

Written below are some fees & charges of this Standard Chartered Credit Card.

Discount on Careem rides

The cardholder gets a free first Careem ride and can avail a discount of 20 percent on three rides every month.

SC MasterPass

The card member can enjoy a convenient shopping experience through SC MasterPass. It is a digital wallet that stores the details of shipping and card payment.

FAQs on Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card 

Q1: What is the annual membership fee charged on the Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit card?

Ans: The charge for annual membership is AED 157.50.

Q2: How many free supplementary credit cards can a cardholder get with the Standard chartered Shukran Titanium Credit card?

Ans: With the Standard chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card users can get two supplementary credit cards for free.

Q3: How can I Earn Shukran while using the Standard Chartered Shukran Titanium Credit Card?

Ans: In order to earn Shukran while using this credit card , one can simply shop at partnered and non-partnered outlets. When shopping at non-partnered outlets the rate at which Shukran is issued is lower than partnered outlets.

Q4: How can cardholders redeem earned Shukran?

Ans: Cardholders can redeem Shukran while shopping for furniture, footwear, clothing, electronics, etc. at more than 588 stores and 44 brands.

Q5: Is there any late payment fee applicable for the Standard-chartered Shukran Titanium Credit card?

Ans: Yes, late payment fee of AED 241.50 is applicable for the standard chartered titanium credit card.

Reviews & Ratings

4.6/5 (based on 17,000+google icon reviews)

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