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Standard Chartered Bank is the trusted name for the people of Dubai ever since 1958 when the first branch was inaugurated in Sharjah, UAE. Managing finances has become more convenient for the people of the UAE with the help of SC Bank. It has employed more than 80,000 employees across multiple branches. Both Islamic and conventional banking services and products are provided at Standard Chartered Bank. The bank has also been mentioned on Hong Kong and London Stock Exchanges. 

It is also listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange in India. Every customer is offered help and guidance to let them take wise decisions and avail best returns on their hard-earned money. Standard Chartered Bank offers a range of products and services to the public so that it can choose the best banking products for themselves.

Standard Chartered Bank Products
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Best Bank Account Provided by Standard Chartered Bank

Range of Products and Services Offered by the Standard Chartered Bank

Accounts Cards Protection Solution
Mortgages Invest -

Online and Offline Features of Standard Chartered

Online banking has become an integral part of a developing banking sector. As more customers are shifting towards the convenience of online banking products and services, Standard Chartered Bank too is building a better online platform. For most of the tasks, you do not need visit the bank's branch. Also, if you already have a savings or current account or a credit card, you can apply for the online services for free. The features of online services by the Standard Chartered Bank are-

  • Visit the "New to Online Banking" option on the page and create a unique login ID and using your card or account details
  • You can avail of banking services 24x7.
  • There is no need for any special software to use Internet banking on your personal computer.
  • Internet banking is secured with the 2-factor authentication.
  • For security purposes, the login session is terminated on when there is no activity for a while. 
  • You can easily pay for utility bills using your online banking
  • Internet banking can also be availed using the mobile application of Standard Chartered Bank 

 Though online banking is gaining popularity, for some assistance, a branch visit might be required. Also, if you prefer to get the work done through the in reality at the bank branch rather than online banking, you can visit the branch on working days and do the needful. 

An Overview of Standard Chartered Bank – Its Products and Services 

Products of Standard Chartered  Bank
Accounts Current Account Saadiq Current Account
Xtrasaver Account Saadiq Xtrasaver Account
Fixed Deposits Saadiq Term Account
Cards Visa Infinite X Credit Card
Cashback Manhattan Rewards+
Saadiq Murabaha  
Mortgages Mortgage One Account Saadiq Home Finance
Saadiq One Account  
Invest Mutual Funds Wrap Products 
Fixed Income Securities Treasury Solutions
Protection Solutions Global Choice Wealth Accumulation Plan
Futura Wealth Accumulation Plan
Yourlife Yourcare
Motor Insurance Home Insurance
Travel Insurance  

Standard Chartered Bank Products and Services – A detailed look 


When you have an account with Standard Chartered Bank, you get to enjoy numerous benefits such as high withdrawals, easy bill payments, internationally recognised debit and credit cards, and access to transact in a wide range of currencies. With online banking, you can make use of the array of services conveniently 24X7. 

Current Accounts

Current Account

  • Standard Charted Bank offers top-notch current banking solutions.
  • With an SC current accounts, you can enjoy unlimited transactions at any SC ATM or the UAE Switch ATM
  • You can avail the benefit of making transactions in the world’s major currencies using the SC current account membership
  • You get a globally recognised debit card that can be used for shopping and spending money as you wish in any country.

Saadiq Current Account

  • Saddiq current accounts services are Shariah-compliant. 
  • In this account, an independent Shariah Community makes sure that your funds are separated and used according to Shariah. 
  • With a Saddiq current account, you can make transactions in any currency of the world. 

Savings Accounts

Xtrasaver Account

  • An Xtrasaver account lets you enjoy higher interest rates.  You can open this account with a minimum balance of AED 3,000.
  • In the Xtrasaver accounts, you have the freedom to make transactions in both AED and USD. 
  • You also get a contactless debit card that is accepted internationally.

Saadiq Xtrasaver Account

  • This is a bank account for extra savings designed keeping in mind Shariah guidelines.
  • You can get up to 0.6 % per annum of profit with your Saadiq Xtrasaver Account. 
  • Access and manage your account transactions easily with the SC online banking and mobile banking 

Fixed Account

Fixed Deposits

  • You can save more with Standard Chartered Bank's fixed deposit solutions while earning bonuses in the form of interest.
  • The interest you earn can be withdrawn instantly and at any time.
  • The minimum deposit for SC fix deposits is as low as AED 25,000.

Saadiq Term Account

  • Earn competitive returns with Saadiq Term Account without compromising your cultural beliefs.
  • Enjoy profits that can be credited to your account at the time of maturity. 
  • The convenient tenures for this account start from one month to a year.

Credit Cards

Standard Chartered Bank UAE offers a varied collection of credit cards that let you offer promising rewards for expenses. Standard Chartered Bank also offers Shariah-compliant credit cards for you to spend without compromising your beliefs.

  1. Visa Infinite
    • You can receive up to 2% cashback as reward for booking a flight from any airline.
    • You can get a reward point every time you spend in USD in your own country.
  2. X Credit Card
    • The SC’s X credit card allows you to win cashback of up to 10 % for spending and shopping in any currency.
    • You can also get cashback on online purchases and monthly bills in AED.
    • You also get medical and travel cover for up to 90 days while travelling with X Credit Card.
  3. Cashback
    • With Standard Chartered Bank’s Cashback credit card you can get cashback on everything.
    • Get up to 2% cashback on spending in AED and up to 1% cashback for spending in any currency.
    • Cashback credit card enables you to pay with a convenient mobile wallet, that is easily available on both Google Play store and Apple store.
  4. Manhattan Rewards+
    • Manhattan rewards+ make you spend more as it gives rewards for almost everything 
    • For Every transaction in USD, you get one reward point
    • Manhattan Rewards lets you shop using your earned reward points
  5. Saadiq Murabaha
    • This credit card is designed especially keeping the Shariah guidelines in mind,
    • Saadiq Murabaha card comes with no annual fees for the first year,
    • There are no late payment charges, therefore you do not need to worry even if  you forget to make the payments


​Standard Chartered Bank offers home loans and mortgages to help families buy a home. With the help of the Standard Chartered Home Suite Bundle Account, you can get access to the best-in-market home loans and mortgages for your dream home.

  1. Mortgage One Account
    • Mortage One is the smartest loan you will ever come across. 
    • You can save on interest because your bank account is connected to your home loan. The interest is calculated on your current bank account balance. 
    • There is no processing fee for switching from your existing mortgage to SC mortgages. 
    • You can view and manage all your mortgage transactions 24/7 using the SC mobile application
  2. Saadiq Home Finance
    • Saadiq Home finance is centred on the Ijarah (‘rent to own’) concept under the guidance of the Shariah Community. 
    • There are no processing or valuation fees are involved. 
    • The convenient tenure is up to 25 years.
    • You can check all your financial transactions details on the SC mobile application.
  3. Saadiq One Account
    • When you link your bank account to your Saddiq One account, the profit is calculated on the balance difference between your bank account and your home finance account, so you will have to pay a less profit.
    • Saddiq one Account allows you to shorten the finance period by paying more towards fixed rental.
    • You are free to withdraw your Saadiq One profit at any time. 


Standard Chartered UAE enables you with a variety of products to invest in the right place at right time.  You can rely on Standard Chartered Bank UAE for expert guidance to achieve your financial goals. You can invest in:

  1. Mutual Funds
    • Mutual funds offer daily subscriptions and redeem options.
    • Manage your funds meticulously with a team of expert fund managers at Standard Chartered Bank.
    • Start investing in mutual funds with minimum amount of AED 3,673.04.
  2. Wrap Products
    • At Standard Chartered Bank, Wraps products are the best way to invest in a bundle of investment products.
    • Wraps products offer a broad array of sub-products like traditional mutual funds, multi-manager mutual funds, and asset allocation strategies.
    • You can also change your investment preferences whenever you need.
  3. Fixed Income Securities
    • Invest in fixed income securities for a regular stream of income even in the most uncertain times.
    • Reduce the risk of investment with a fixed-income security.
    • There are higher returns as compared to mediocre bank deposits.
  4. Wealth Lending
    • Make the most out of your assets and investments using Standard Chartered Wealth lending
    • You can choose to acquire from the top currencies of the world
    • Pay the money partially or fully, whatever is convenient for you
  5. Treasury Solutions
    • Explore the world of unparalleled transactions in emerging markets and G10 currencies with Standard Charter’s Treasury solutions.
    • You can send money abroad using SC mobile banking or SC online banking.
    • Additionally, you can get live FX rates for any currency anytime with the SC mobile application or website.

Protection Solutions

  1. Global Choice
    • The global choice is a savings policy drafted to help you achieve your financial goals with regular and simple savings.
    • It comes with an access to a variety of funds worthy of investment. 
    • You can  safeguard your family’s future with a waiver premium add-on.
  2. Wealth Accumulation Plan
    • Watch your money grow with Standard Chartered Bank’s Wealth accumulation plan.
    • Choose a pace at which you want to invest and invest in a fund that suits your risk appetite. 
    • This is a single premium plan, with the option to add more premium at any time.
  3. Futura
    • Standard Chartered Bank offers a flexible life protection plan to assure you financial security even in unfavourable circumstances. 
    • This plan allows you to add or remove the benefits based on your needs.
    • You can adapt your premiums as per the evolving circumstances. 
    • You can choose to pay the premiums in either USD, AED, GBP, or EUR.
  4. International Term Assurance
    • Standard Charterer Bank's ITA plan protects your family after you, by providing a lump sum amount in case of critical illness, disability, or even untimely death.
    • It is a comprehensive level term insurance plan that comes with waiver premiums add-on.
    • You can choose flexible term plans starting five years to 35 years.
  5. Yourlife
    • This is an instant health insurance that covers for critical illness. It can be purchased through the SC mobile application.
    • In just a couple of clicks, you can get a cover of AED 600,000 immediately.
    • The registration is hassle-free and requires no medical test. 
  6. Yourcare
    • This instant health insurance covers a broad spectrum of critical illnesses. 
    • You can customise your health insurance plan and add up to 10 critical illnesses for coverage.
    • Choose from a flexible range of coverages and term plans.
    • You can get coverage up to AED 1000,000 immediately with your SC Application.
  7. Motor Insurance
    • With Standard Chartered Bank, you can get a comprehensive motor insurance policy with customised coverage for your car’s specific needs. 
    • 24/7 assistance for you to make a claim or partial recovery whenever needed.
    • With Invoice insurance, There is no need to worry about the loss of your new car.
  8. Home Insurance
    • Standard Chartered Bank's building and content loans assure you that your home is protected from unforeseen events.
    • Get flexible coverage, you can also add special add-ons according to your needs. 
    • Get your building and its content covered instantly by using SC mobile app.
  9. Travel Insurance
    • This comprehensive travel insurance allows you to enjoy your holidays without any stress. 
    • You can get coverage for up to AED 1,01,008.46 in Personal Accident and up to AED 36,73,035 in case of medical emergencies. 
    • There is extensive coverage for you and your family, liability and travel arrangements.

Standard Chartered Bank - Awards and Achievements 

Year Awards Award By
2021 Best Liquidity and Investments Solution The Asset Awards
2021 Best Renminbi Bank The Asset Awards
2020 Best Global Bank in the Middle East  Mea Finance Awards
2020 Best Transaction Banking Mea Finance Awards

Standard Chartered  Bank Customer Contact Info

Official Website 
Email ID 
Personal Banking  UAE - 600 5222 88 (24 hours) International - +971 600 5222 88 (24 hours) 
Priority Banking UAE- 800 4949 (24 hours) International - +971 4 403 9639 (24 hours) 
Company Address  Sharjah Branch Shop No. 1 & 2, Belrasheed Building Buhaira Cornish, Al Sour Area Khalidiya Branch Prestige Tower, Ground Floor, W-10/C-10 Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi, UAE Jebel Ali Branch The Galleries Bldg in Downtown Jebel Ali


Q1. Who can apply for Standard Chartered Bank's online banking facilities?

Ans: Any individual who holds any of the products mentioned below, can register themselves for online banking.

  1. Credit Card
  2. Current Account
  3. Savings Account
Q2. On how many devices can I register my Standard Chartered mobile app?

Ans: As a safety feature, you would be able to register only on one device. As soon as you register on a new device, the previous device will get de-registered automatically.

Q3. How can I locate a Standard Chartered Bank near me?

Ans: To locate a “Standard Chartered Bank near me” you can go to the ATM/ Bank locator on the website. On the search tab, enter your locality and the address, phone number; and working hours of the branch/ ATM will be displayed.

Q4. How do I register myself for the Standard Chartered e-statement?

Ans: If you are an existing customer, you can register yourself via the self-service e-statement module in the section “Online banking”. If you want, you can also call your bank branch or by calling at 600 5222 88.

Q5. What is the process of applying for a mortgage loan from Standard Chartered Bank?

Ans: Visit the bank website or get in touch with your Relationship Manager to know about Standard Chartered mortgage loans. You can visit our Loan section to get the best mortgage loans instantly.

Q6. How can I register my bill payees to my Standard Chartered Account?

Ans: When you register a regular payee, you can save yourself from the hassle of adding them to your bill details every time. To register a bill payee, you need to visit the Standard Chartered Bank website, go to Online Banking and click ‘Payments’.  Click on Add Bill Payee and enter the required details. Generally, within two working days, the biller will appear under Bill Payments of your account.