Shopping Online? Here are 9 Ways of Saving Money on It!

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Are you Addicted to Shopping Online?

If yes, then would it not be amazing to make fewer payments for the shopping cart you have just filled up with excitement?

Any shopping is incomplete without haggling. Being able to negotiate a good bargain successfully is the ultimate pleasure for shopaholics.

Online shopping has in a way taken away this pleasure of putting your haggling skills on show. However, there still exist a lot of other clever ways for bringing down the rates of your desired products.

You may be in for a surprise on learning about the innovative and creative tricks used by shoppers these days for paying less on shopping online. For instance, the easiest way of saving money while shopping online is by availing credit card offers.

Do you wish to try some of these tricks? Mentioned-below are some clever ways for saving your hard-earned dirhams while filling up your online shopping cart next time.

Leaving the Products in the Shopping Cart

You must have heard a lot of people around you saying that only those who wait, get the good things. It’s time you memorize this because this is what you have to practice in order to make this method successful.

Leaving the items you desire to buy in your shopping cart indicates the seller that you have an interest in purchasing the product; however, are unable to decide for whatever reason.

In such a situation, the retailer may coax you to complete your purchase by informing you about a reduction in price or sending you a discount code through the mail after around 2-3 days.

Subscribing to the Newsletters

Make a list of the major shopping sites that you use quite regularly. You can sign up for the weekly or monthly newsletters of these websites. Through this, you may stay updated about all the seasonal offers, information about upcoming sales, and discounts on stock clearance.

Moreover, the retailers may also send coupon codes to you regularly, which can be stored and redeemed whenever you plan to shop the next time.

You must keep in mind that you do not sign up for a lot of different newsletters, otherwise, you may get stuck with a lot of spams.

You can probably set up a different email ID for these newsletters specifically for preventing your regular or official email account from getting cluttered. This way you can also keep a track of fresh deals conveniently.

Using the Other Email Account for Availing First-Time Discounts

This trick could be a sneaky one!

Majority of the sites offer amazing introductory cashback or discounts to the customers. You have an option of enjoying this introductory offer more than one time. All you have to do is sign up using different e-mail accounts.

Every time you sign up using a new e-mail address, you will become eligible for a huge discount or handsome cashback on the first purchase you make.

Staying Cautious of the Dynamic Pricing

The retailers can turn out to be manipulative in terms of the product prices based on the demand of the item, your location, and even the hour of the day. This price fluctuation could prove to be a negative aspect for you when it is more than what it actually should have been.

The best trick for beating this strategy is clearing your cookies on a regular basis and using incognito mode for browsing. This will be helpful especially while booking hotels or purchasing flight tickets online.

Tapping into Mobile Wallets and Bank Offers

The retailers have a tie-up with various banks as well as payment portals for offering exclusive cashback and discounts to the customers of those banks.

Always make sure you lookout for a cashback or good deal that is linked to your debit or credit cards. There are various credit card offers in UAE that can be availed by the users while shopping online.

You also have the option of ditching conventional payment methods like credit or debit card and use e-wallets for payments. The latter option of payment is more convenient, faster, and offers a world of amazing deals.

Trying to Look for the Options of Free Delivery

The shipping or delivery charges can cause an increase in the total cost of a product significantly. Hence, you must look for a free option for delivery wherever possible.

You must check the list of various sellers and look for the one who offers the best rates along with a free option for delivery.

Some of the sites offer priority and free delivery only if you reach a specific purchase value or are a member.

Scanning Coupon Sites for Valid Promo Codes

You will come across various coupon sites within the UAE that feature new and exclusive deals almost every day. These websites offer promo codes and discount coupons. You can redeem these coupons or codes on the brands of your choice.

You should try your luck on these websites before making a purchase. Who knows, you may end up finding an amazing deal!

Shopping at the Suitable Time

If you are able to plan your shopping at the right time, instead of purchasing things at the peak time when the rates are at their highest, you will end up saving a good amount of money with almost no hard-work.

If possible you can plan your shopping around the festive season when the online sales come up. You may find good bargains during this time.

Stopping Brand Loyalty

If you have been purchasing the same toiletries and foods repeatedly, then it is time to stop yourself and check if there are less costly alternatives for the same.

If you have made two to three swaps for every shopping trip, you have the option of testing things out. You might be surprised on finding that you have cheaper alternatives available. These items are just as good as the ones you have been purchasing, if not better.

The Bottom Line!

We all love to save our money wherever possible, and shopping online is no exception.

No matter you embrace the convenience of online shopping or make use of it sparingly, you would surely like to enjoy a bargain whenever possible.

If you were wondering on how to save funds while purchasing online, then the above-mentioned smart tricks are the best for you to try out. The easiest way of saving on online shopping is by using the credit card offers available.

Let’s hope these tips help you in grabbing the best deals whenever you have to shop online the next time. Good luck!   

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