Samba Financial Group Personal Loan

The Samba Financial Group traces its origins back to 1980, where a decree by the Saudi Arabian government led to the acquisition of numerous Citibank branches in Saudi Arabia lead to the creation of the Samba Financial Group.

The Samba personal loan is available in many variants, the most popular of which is the Samba personal finance installment loan. This Samba Bank personal loan can be availed of without a salary transfer or guarantor, making it one of the fastest and easiest Samba personal finance products to apply for.

Samba Personal Loan Interest Rate

The Samba Dubai personal loan offers quick and convenient access to short term capital.  On the other hand samba personal loan without salary transfer are offered on reducing interest rate of 9%. 

Features & Benefits of the Samba Personal Loan

Category Samba personal loan (Salary Transfer) Samba Personal Loan (Non salary Transfer)

Salary Transfer



Early Settlement

Yes, 1% of the settlement amount





Free Credit Card



Free Personalized Cheque Book



Free Insurance



Introductory Offers



Phone Banking



The Samba personal finance services are as versatile as they are vast. Some of the most celebrated Samba personal loan features and benefits have been detailed below:

Loan Amount

Samba personal loans in Dubai offer a maximum amount of up to AED 125,000. This Samba Bank personal loan can be requested without having to make a salary transfer or provide a guarantor.


Loan holders can repay their Samba Bank Dubai personal loan amount as low profit rate monthly installments for up to 48 months.

Customer Care

The Samba personal loan customer care staff is adept at resolving queries and quickly addressing complaints. Applicants can contact the Samba personal finance support at 800-55000.


Applicants are not required to submit any collateral to avail of the Samba personal finance, However; the applicant’s income will affect eligibility and the maximum obtainable Samba personal loan amount.


Samba personal loan holders are offered an incomparable life insurance policy by the name of Credit Life Insurance. The policy offers protection to family members of the applicant in the case of an unforeseen accident resulting in the death of the customer. 

Samba Dubai Personal Loan Eligibility & Documentation 

Category Max. Loan Amount Tenor Minimum Salary Interest Rate

Salary Transfer Personal Loan

AED 600000

48 months

AED 5000


Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loan

AED 125000

48 months

AED 10000


 *Disclaimer: Interest rates are subject to change 

A Samba personal loan in Dubai requires applicants to meet the following eligibility criteria: 


The Samba Dubai personal loan requires applicants to have employment at any of the Samba-approved UAE employers. Note that unconfirmed employees may be asked to show 6 months of experience as well.

Minimum Salary

Samba personal finance services are offered to applicants that meet the minimum income requirement of AED 10,000 per month in case of non-salary transfer type loans. In case of salary transfer type personal loans the minimum salary requirement is AED 5000.

Other Criteria

Requirements for a Samba personal loan may also include age restrictions and credit score eligibility as per the judgment of the Samba Financial Group.

The required list of documents to avail of a Samba Bank personal loan is listed below: 

  1. A valid Emirates
  2. Passport of the Samba personal loan
  3. Residence Visa (For expatriate applicants only).
  4. Post-dated cheques for the monthly Samba personal finance obligation 


Q.1.  Is there a way to calculate my Samba Dubai personal loan? 

Ans: While there is no specific Samba personal loan calculator, applicants can make use of an online personal loan calculator for an estimate of their Samba personal finance monthly obligation. All that is required to make these calculations is the Samba personal loan amount, the Samba Dubai personal loan tenor and the Samba personal loan interest rate.

Q.2.  What is the processing fee for a Samba personal loan? 

Ans: The Samba personal loan in Dubai charges a processing fee of 1% of the total borrowed amount. The Samba personal loan processing fee is also restricted to a range of AED 500 and AED 2,500.

Q.3.  What are the charges on the Samba personal loan Credit Life Insurance policy? 

Ans: The Credit Life Insurance is available for a one-time charge of 1.5% of the total Samba personal loan amount.

Q.4.  What are the late payment charges for Samba personal finance products? 

Ans: Any missed or delayed Samba personal finance payment will incur a late fee of AED 200. This is charged per instance of delayed payments. Delayed payments may not only disqualify customers from availing of future Samba personal loans but also negatively impact the customer’s credit score, preventing them from availing of loans and credit cards from any agency in the UAE.


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